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Baralacha Pass – History, How to Reach & Best Nearby Places

Baralacha Pass or Baralacha La is a high mountain pass that you can witness from the Leh-Manali highway and the Zanskar range. Think of it as a bridge between the Leh district of Ladakh and the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh. One of the reasons why you should visit the Pass is the Bhaga river that creates some stunning scenery when flowing down.

It also lets you enjoy several crossroads, such as Ladakh, Zanskar, Spiti, Lahaul, and more on the way. If you are fascinated by the majestic mountains, this destination is pleasing to the eyes and refreshing for the soul. The Pass is about 8 km long and quite comfortable for trekkers. The Chandratal lake is located nearby and reachable by foot.

If all this has piqued your interest, read on. We give you every bit of information you require to plan a wholesome trip to Baralacha pass. So, let’s begin.

What is the History of Baralacha Pass?

Baralacha Pass has a legend associated with it that talks about the love between Chandra and Bhaga. The former was the daughter of the moon and the latter was the son of the sun. Both thought about climbing the Baralacha La Pass together as it was a part of their rituals for an eternal marriage. Chandra found her way to Baralacha pass from Tandi, which has a traveling distance of 115 km. Chandra was quick to reach the destination but Bhaga, on the other hand, reached Tandi after a struggle. Chandra and Bhaga met each other in Tandi and got married.

That’s why we think that traveling to Baralacha Pass is a great choice for honeymooners or any love birds. However, the place offers some great entertainment to everyone, no matter if you are with friends, on a business trip, solo trip, or with family.

When Can We Visit Baralacha Pass?

We recommend you to visit Baralacha Darra between April to October. At this time of the year, the snow melts on the road that making it easy for travelers to walk through. Also, the weather is pleasant. If you want to witness the snowfall, then winter can be the ideal time. But during winter, most of the roads are closed or inaccessible due to heavy snowfall.

The Leh-Manali National Highway has an altitude of 16,040 feet. When you are traveling during the summer season, the road will be easily accessible and safe to travel. But in the winter month, you might also witness heavy snowfall. Hence, the Pass is sometimes closed as the road becomes deadly for travelers.

Travel Tips for Visiting Baralacha Pass

The distance between the Manali road Baralacha La is 190.4 km. Because of the high altitude, it takes about 6 hours to travel between the two cities. But if you travel from Leh to Baralacha, it is going to take 7 hours and 30 minutes to cross 281.8 km. We would like you to check out our traveling tips before planning a trip to Baralacha Pass.

  • Bring your identity cards (valid) if you are an Indian. This includes passports, Adhar cards, voter cards, etc.
  • Don’t forget to consider the weather condition before planning the trip
  • The Pass can be closed on Tuesdays. So before you go, ensure that you know whether it is open or not on that given day
  • Plan your trip early in the day so that you can enjoy your entire day
  • Carry your own foods like dry fruits, energy bars, drinks, etc. with you because the Pass does not offer any food stalls

Once you know these traveling tips, it’s important to know about the place in more detail.

What to Do in Pass?

Baralacha is a coveted tourist spot that attracts an influx of tourists for the most part of the year. But among many places in the city, there are some particular spots that you can’t miss:

1. Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is perhaps Manali’s most attractive tourist spot that has an altitude of 13,054 ft. The summit stays under the snow most of the time and the beautiful green mountains, valleys, snow-capped peaks, water crossings, etc., are its neighbors.

2. Bhaga River

Bhaga River creates the Jispa city on its bank and the sight that you get to witness while traveling from the river is splendid indeed.

3. Deepak Tal

Deepak Tal is another lake that you will find on your journey from Jispa to Baralacha La. The area surrounding the lake is perfect for camping and relaxing with your friends.

4. Suraj Tal

Suraj Tal is situated at the top of the Baralacha La Pass and is the main source of the Bhaga River but stays under the snow most of the time.

Legends of Baralacha Pass

Legends of Baralacha PassThe love of Chandra and Bhaga is mentioned in well-known folklore about the Baralacha La. Chandra was said to be the Moon’s daughter, while Bhaga was the Sun god’s son, according to legend. They both agreed to run in the opposite direction after climbing the Baralacha pass to perform the rites of their everlasting union. Chandra, who was bright and active, found her way easily and arrived in Tandi after a 115-kilometer journey. Bhaga, on the other hand, failed to get to Tandi, but eventually made it after a 60-kilometer trek. Tandi became the location where the two couples finally met, and it was here that the heavenly marriage rites were conducted, and the couple was celebrated.

Baralacha Pass is Famous for

Baralacha Pass is Famous for-The main draw of Baralacha Pass, one of Ladakh’s most popular mountain passes, is the breathtaking scenery that awaits you. The whole area appears remote and ancient, and there is fresh snow falling anywhere you look, even in June!

The Suryataal Lake, also known as the Surajtal Lake, is another famous attraction at Baralacha Pass. It is India’s third-largest lake and the world’s 21st highest. It’s an incredible sight to see, surrounded by brown mountains and snow-capped tops. The lake is also part of the Zingzingbar-Suraj Tal-Baralacha Pass trek, which includes trekking for 3 kilometers along the River Bhaga, crossing a bridge to reach the North Bank, and then ascending a steep path to the Suraj Tal Lake.

Best Time to Visit Baralacha Pass

Best Time to Visit Baralacha PassFrom April to October is the perfect time to come and enjoy the trip across the Baralacha La. The snow melts during these months, and the Baralacha La is considered healthy for visitors to ride and enjoy the scenery.

How to Reach Baralacha Pass

How to Reach Baralacha PassBy road: It is accessible by road from both Manali and Leh. It will take around 6-7 hours to get there from Manali and about 10 hours from Leh.

By air: Air services from Delhi can be used to get to Manali or Leh. To get to Baralacha La, one must travel 190.4 kilometers from Manali. This journey would take about 6 hours. To get to the pass from Leh, you’ll need to fly 281.8 kilometers.

By train: Manali can also be reached by rail, but due to the high altitude of the region, train services to Leh have yet to be developed.

Do travelers need a permit to visit Baralacha Pass

Do travelers need a permit to visit Baralacha PassYes, in order to visit Baralacha Pass, Indian citizens must bring authentic photo identification cards as well as attested photocopies of documents proving their nationalities, such as passports, Aadhaar cards, and voter ID cards. Foreign nationals must have their visas and passports on them. All of the documents mentioned above can be used to show your nationality and gain access to the pass. If foreign national wishes to enter the pass, they must bring their passports and visas with them.

Tips Do travelers need a permit to visit Baralacha Pass

Tips Do travelers need a permit to visit Baralacha PassUse extra caution because the pass is shrouded with snow, and the road is treacherous due to abrupt turns and rainy conditions. Dress warmly because the place can get chilly due to the chilly winds that blow in this high-altitude zone. Stop running on the stretch until 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. if you expect to ride in the evening. Consider stopping at a local place. There are no restaurants at the pass, and the only places to eat are the campgrounds. Tibetan cuisines such as soup, pasta, and momos are the most popular dishes served here.


Among the different passes in India, Baralacha stands out. It is a beautiful place to visit, but its temperature might displease you even in the summer. During summer, the temperature of Baralacha is around 10°C and can drop a few degrees at night. But if you visit in winter, which you shouldn’t, the temperature will be -25°C or lower.

The high-altitude mountains around the pass are covered in snow most of the time. So, most of the lakes and rivers here, including Suraj Tal stay frozen during the winter season. And only shows its true blue color during summer. But amidst all the cold air and snow, you will still find some warm places to stay the night. The tourist spot offers some affordable hotel accommodations and places to eat.

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