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10 Best Bluetooth Speaker Brands for 2023

Planning a party is on one side of the table, but making it a great party and taking it to the next level is something else. And let’s be honest, a party without some music and moves is boring.

Well, it doesn’t have to be if you got a speaker that gives you a party vibe back to back?

Bluetooth speakers stream music from your device. It doesn’t require a WiFi or cellular connection as a speaker only needs short radio waves which are provided by Bluetooth. We can connect to Android, Apple, or any other smartphone and laptop.

Bluetooth speakers are affordable. They work well with the atmosphere of a house or a small party. If you require loud music simply connect your device with the speaker and you’re good to go!

These speakers come in all sizes to accommodate the user. They are wireless and require no hassle in terms of connection. With a wattage of 150-500, a Bluetooth speaker would give us enhanced sound quality and audible frequency. It also has a lower cost compared to most of the wired speakers available.

Types of Bluetooth Speakers

There are several types of Bluetooth speakers. One of them is Bluetooth speakers for cars that are designed to suit the atmosphere of the car. The inbuilt technology of these speakers allows the user to pair their contact list with it. This way the users can manage calls hands-free. The voice command feature in the car can also be used to accept or decline calls. It allows users to browse through the contact list and make calls while driving.

Another kind of Bluetooth speaker is a portable one. These Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes. They are affordable, easy to use, and fulfill all requirements of a user. They come in vibrant colors which complement the style of the user. They are easy to install and have less complicated procedures as they are wireless.

Nowadays Bluetooth speakers have great features such as splash-resistant, dust-resistant, and shock-resistant. This way the users can carry music everywhere they go!

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Speaker?

With a plethora of options available in the market choosing one speaker is a difficult task. There are speakers of different shapes and sizes. They have unique specializations. Before choosing a speaker it is recommended to list out qualities that are most desirable in a speaker.

Latest Bluetooth Version Installed:

For starters, it is important to select a speaker with the latest version of Bluetooth installed. This has a major role to play as it determines the wireless freedom of the speaker and the connected device.

Battery Life of Speaker:

Some speakers offer 5-hour battery life while some last as long as 12 hours. However, choosing a long battery life is always convenient as it frees users from the hassle of constant charging.

Advanced Abilities:

Most speakers only stream music but there are also speakers which provide advanced abilities like microphones, voice control, etc. There is also an option of streaming music on two speakers of the same brand simultaneously. This feature lets the user pair two speakers with one device which results in louder sound in stereo mode.

With these basic guidelines, it is easier to narrow down the choices of speakers and choose the one that is completely compatible with our needs.

10 Best Reliable Bluetooth Speaker Brands

Now let’s have a look at the top 10 Bluetooth speaker brands that are the best and most reliable.

1. Boat Stone 180 5W Bluetooth Speaker

Boat Stone 180 5W Bluetooth SpeakerBoat Stone 180 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker by Boat, an emerging brand in electronics. The best feature of this speaker is its manageable size which fits anywhere. But do not let that fool you!

The speaker provides 5W sound quality which is top-notch and impressive. With a charging time of only 1.5 hours, the speaker can play non-stop for up to 10 hours! Amazing isn’t it! Just the kind of device required for a full-on weekend party. There would be zero worries about spilling drinks on the speaker as it is also water-resistant and dust-resistant.

Boat Stone 180 gives instant connectivity with the help of Bluetooth. Connect 2 Boat Stone 180 speakers and turn the tide with blasting music. The quality of music would remain the same regardless of the dual connection via Bluetooth or AUX. With integrated control and a lightweight design, this speaker is a must-buy!

2. Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Mi Portable Bluetooth SpeakerThis Mi portable Bluetooth speaker is definitely a must-have. It comes in a shade of black and blue and is known to give 16 W high-quality music. It is waterproof which means your pool party will not get spoiled if your clumsy BFF throws it in the pool. After full charging, it gives 13 hours of playtime.

It comes with a firm build and anti-slip pads attached to it. There is also an option of a built-in microphone with voice assistance support. The speaker has Normal and Bass modes. Users can switch it as they prefer. With Bluetooth version 5.0 this speaker offers a connection that has better range and stability. It is convenient, hands-free, and easy to carry!

3. Sony SRS- XB 23 Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth speaker

Sony SRS- XB 23 Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth speakerThis 12-inch Sony speaker comes with a specialty given to Bass sounds. It provides extra bass which plays a deep sound perfect for bass lovers. This speaker has a long battery life of 12 hours! Users can conveniently listen to music all day. It has an inbuilt microphone which has good sound quality — perfect for answering calls hands-free. It also has an IP67 waterproof construction. It is also salt waterproof! Ever heard of that one?

This speaker is completely suitable for outdoor activities because it is also shockproof and dustproof. So next time you go camping you can finally listen to some music under the stars. It is compact and very lightweight. It might also fit in your water bottle case! No worries! You can select your favorite playlist and control the speaker from the Sony app. If not you can also attach a USB and keep listening!

4. JBL Go!

JBL GoThe JBL GO Bluetooth speaker delivers quality sound wherever it goes. The GO is a fully-featured speaker solution. Music can be streamed from smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. It is fueled by a battery pack with up to 5 hours of playback time.

It also includes a noise-canceling feature that allows the user to immerse in music without external distractions. Upon charging for 1.5 hours it can play music for up to 5 hours.

The device is wireless and hands-free which allows the user to answer calls without turning off the speaker. The JBL GO comes in 8 colors. It is eye-catchy and complements the style of the user very well. It also has a strap attached to it so that it can be worn like a sling bag. Now you can have music everywhere with you. Who said style and music do not go hand in hand? JBL GO defies those claims and it is an ideal choice for all music enthusiasts

5. Croma 5W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Croma 5W Portable Bluetooth SpeakerThe Croma 5W mono speaker provides amiable sound quality. This speaker specializes in providing clarity. There is a special feature that allows the users to connect two same speakers for louder sound. This function is known as the TWS function. Like the JBL GO this speaker also has an attached strap which is helpful in carrying the speaker.

The speaker is as small as 6.5 cm which makes it easier to manage and carry around. This Croma Kube which has 5 watts audio output has a rectangular shape. It also has a fabric enclosure and a decent battery life of 7 hours. However, the battery life may differ if the volume is loudly used for long hours.

It can be connected with Bluetooth, USB, and AUX. It can also be connected to an external music source such as MP3 Player.

Ever known what a TF card is? Me neither. But for people who use TF cards, this speaker is a bonus. The Croma Kube can play saved music from your TF card (up to 32GB) and offers a True wireless stereo feature that helps you connect two Croma Kubes for an enhanced music experience!

6. Mivi Play 5W Bluetooth Speaker

Mivi Play 5W Bluetooth SpeakerIt is affordable, it is wireless and it comes in a series of vibrant colors. Undoubtedly it is the Mivi 5w Bluetooth speaker! It is a full-range tabletop speaker with high-definition sound quality. It is small in size but has a strong bass. With the generous 12-hour playback after full charge, this portable speaker has all the qualities any music lover would ask for!

This speaker is the perfect travel partner with minimal size and a sturdy build. This speaker is splash- and dust-resistant making it easy to maintain. It has strong connectivity as it contains an advanced Bluetooth connection. This feature guarantees your music to be uninterrupted always.

7. Bose Home 300

Bose Home 300The Bose Home 300 has a compact design and a powerful bass which gives it a premium look. It can also be personalized on the Bose Music app. The speaker can be controlled through the app, voice, or touch.

It has superb voice pick-up technology which has a six-mic array underneath it. That means users would be saved from repeating commands a thousand times.

The Bose Music app lets you browse music apps like Spotify to choose the perfect song! It also keeps track of your favorites. The best part here is that this speaker has Alexa inbuilt! You can use voice commands for setting the volume or changing tracks!

8. Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker

Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo SpeakerWith powerful sound and deep bass, this is the dream speaker for party-goers! The Logitech X300 wireless stereo speaker gives you 5 hours of music after charge. It allows wireless freedom of 30 feet. In this compact design, the speaker offers detailed sounds both mid-range and high-range. It is a wireless speaker and connects through Bluetooth.

It can be connected to any device which has Bluetooth available. This speaker also has an inbuilt microphone which allows you to control calls from your mobile or the speaker. The speaker is made in such a manner that it delivers a wide range of music experiences.

9. Philips BT51 Bluetooth speaker

Philips BT51 is the best go-to speaker you can find. With extreme portable qualities, it is as lightweight as a feather. It has an anti-clipping feature that prevents distortion in the sound. This full-range speaker delivers crisp and clear sound. Charging takes less than two hours and it delivers music for five continuous hours! It is easy to install and has a wireless range of 10 meters.

10. HP 350 Silver Bluetooth Speaker

HP 350 Silver Bluetooth SpeakerFollow your heart and take music along with you!

This is possible with the perfectly portable HP350 silver Bluetooth speaker. You can take it on a picnic or at your friend’s pool party! Because this speaker is made with an IP54 which means it is amazingly water-resistant and touch resistant. This speaker works only with HP-exclusive devices and not other devices. It is silver in color which gives it a magical outlook. It is as light as 180 grams and also has a built-in microphone. This speaker also provides total noise cancellation, enabling the user to immerse freely in music.


So this was all about the top 10 reliable Bluetooth speaker brands that you can rely upon to create a lively atmosphere during a party or get-together. If you think that we are missing out on any particular Bluetooth speaker brand that should be listed here, do let us know through the comments section below. Till then don’t let the party stop!

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