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10 Best Software for PC That You Must Have in 2023

Best Software for PC is not a new name in the digital world, but the software we use every day can be. Developers are consistently creating different types of software every day for millions of Windows users globally. Like Android and iOS applications, Windows provides software apps where you can watch movies, read books, listen to music, draw, clear out malware or any kind of virus from your PC. With Windows software, the possibilities are endless.

But some Mac or Linux computer users don’t know what to use on their new Windows system. So, it makes sense to check out a list of the best software downloads that will boost your user experience, productivity, and efficiency.

10 Best Software for PC That You Must Have in 2023

1. Google Chrome Internet Browser

Google Chrome Internet BrowserNo computer is complete without a great internet browser. Let’s face it; we use computers mainly to browse the internet. But the ones that come default on your Windows computers like Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge aren’t suitable for every user. That’s why you require downloading Google Chrome on your PC.

It is fast, reliable, secure, and lets you add various extensions to boost your browsing performance. We like Google Chrome more than any other browser because it is convenient to use. The web store in Chrome has a large library of various extensions, including ad blockers, speed optimizers, and more. The idea is to help you browse the internet safely. If you want to get a close alternative to Google Chrome, then Firefox or Microsoft Edge are your second choice. You don’t have to pay a penny to use these browsers. So, you can consider them as the top free software for Windows 10.

2. Spotify

SpotifySpotify is available for all popular OS, from iOS and Android to Windows and Mac OS. Earlier, we used to visit different websites to download popular international songs. But now, we seldom do that. Spotify gives you the freedom to listen to any song you like online. Spotify for Windows is available for free, but the free version has some downsides.

You will have to tolerate annoying ads in between music, and you can’t download songs offline. But Spotify premium is cheap and allows you to download ad-free music so that you can listen to them wherever you go. Another thing we like about Spotify is you can sync your account to different devices. A given song can be enjoyed via different devices with the same account. There are multiple plans available for Spotify premium, but the free version does its job pretty well if you minimize the ads.

3. VLC Media Player

VLC Media PlayerNow Spotify and YouTube are okay for online entertainment. But what about watching movies that you download from torrents? If you install VLC for free on Windows, you can listen to music, watch movies and shows offline in various video formats. As the leading Windows Software, VLC is easy to use, and the settings are not troublesome at all. The desktop version of VLC even supports subtitles.

Plus, it allows you to add the videos as your desktop wallpapers, sync audio and video, and more. Maybe there are many alternatives to VLC Media, but this one is the most popular, and most millennials have been seeing this since their childhood. VLC is even available for Android, iOS, and Mac OS. You can download VLC Media Player for free from the Windows Store or directly from their official website.

4. Netflix

NetflixIf you are a movie buff, then you must have this app on your PC too. After all, it’s among the top 10 PC software out there. Like Spotify, you can use the same Netflix account on PC, but to watch the movies and shows on a bigger screen, you have to choose a subscription accordingly. Netflix is available in the Microsoft Store in Windows for free, and you won’t even have to install any app package.

Once you download the Netflix app, your PC will automatically install it. But like Spotify, Netflix is available as web mode. That means, if you don’t download the app, you can still watch movies and TV shows from Netflix using the Chrome web browser. But the web version of Netflix does not support 4K playback and downloads for watching videos offline. Even if you have been watching Netflix on mobile, you must have the Netflix app on your PC. After all, who doesn’t like to watch their favorite shows on a bigger screen?

5. Norton Antivirus

Norton AntivirusWindows 10 already has an in-built Windows Defender to protect your computer against malicious viruses and activities. But it’s advisable to have a secondary antivirus installed on your PC to be doubly sure. Norton Antivirus is one of the best apps for Windows 10. It’s free, powerful, clears out viruses in real-time to protect your computer, and even offers VPN security, password manager, cloud storage, and more to subscribers.

If you want to protect your computer with the most powerful features of Norton Antivirus, then you might have to get its premium subscription. Your options include Norton AntiVirus Plus, Norton 360 Standard, Norton 360 Delux 3 Devices, and Norton 360 Delux. So, you can choose the one depending on your requirements. If you have multiple devices and you want to protect all of them with Norton, you might want to get the Norton 360 Delux 3 Devices subscription.

6. NordVPN

NordVPNLike Norton Antivirus or any other antivirus that protects your PC against malicious activities, NordVPN secures everything you do online. For starters, VPN secures your internet connection by establishing an impenetrable communication between your PC and the server. So, whenever you do anything online, no hacker or government authority can access your browsing data. That’s why we rate it among the best software for pc.

NordVPN provides a no-logs policy stating that whatever you do online when your PC is connected to NordVPN, anyone else apart from you would know about your browsing activities. That means you can browse torrents or any websites that are not accessible from your territory and block malicious activities effortlessly.

NordVPN even provides cloud file encryption with 10 GB of cloud space where you can back up your data for future use. It also has a password manager where you can save your account details without worrying about them being compromised.

7. Backblaze

BackblazeWhen you are using a computer for personal or professional purposes, backing up your data is essential. A natural disaster or malware attack on your PC can compromise your data. You can’t get your precious data back if you haven’t backed it up already. You don’t want to build everything from scratch, and that’s why you need backup Windows software like Backblaze. It will store your data in the cloud so that you can access them later.

If your current PC gets hacked or damaged, you can use the same data downloaded on another device from the cloud and enjoy the same experience you used to have. You won’t even have to worry about the size limit of your backed-up data because the storage is unlimited. Backblaze is not a free app, as it costs $6/month, but that is worth paying for. But, if a free option is what you seek, EaseUS Todo Backup can serve your purpose.

8. ShareX

ShareXShareX is the best software for pc when it comes to capturing screenshots on your Windows computer. You can even perform a screen record using ShareX, which is a basic snip and sketch application. It comes with some great capture methods, a built-in editor, and more. You can run automated steps after capturing a screenshot, while a ruler and colour grabber is also readily available within the app.

For example, if you like a clip of a movie and you want to capture it, you can use ShareX. The snipping tool for Windows is available free of cost, but if so many features of ShareX look overwhelming to you, you can use PicPick instead. It looks a little more simple than ShareX but does not come with that many features. And yes, it’s also available for free.

9. Whatsapp

WhatsappIf you use Whatsapp on your phone, you can install the Whatsapp app on your Windows computer, too. You can use Whatsapp web, but using the Windows application is recommended for its user-friendliness. With the app, sending and receiving messages on your Whatsapp for Windows is possible even when your smartphone isn’t around.

But this will only work when your phone’s Whatsapp is connected to your computer’s Whatsapp, and your phone has its internet connection on. I like to use Whatsapp for Windows because I can easily send media and files from my laptop to my friends and colleagues. And, whenever you receive something, those media will be stored in your computer’s storage. Making voice and video calls from your PC using Whatsapp is also possible.

10. Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop ElementsAdobe Photoshop Elements is a Windows software for photo editing, but not everyone installs it for editing photos. With Adobe Photoshop Elements, you can create memes as well even if you are a beginner. Adobe Photoshop comes with a simple user interface, but this app is not the full-fledged version of the desktop app.

That’s why it does not come with as many features. Still, if your computer does not have enough power to run Adobe Photoshop Desktop, then this will do the job. The free trial is readily available for a limited time, but after the trial ends, you need to buy it for $99.99.


These are the 10 best software for pc in 2023 but don’t think these are all we got. There are so many Windows apps available that we can’t fit them all into a single post. These include Audible, Duolingo, Autodesk SketchBook, Reading Trainer, Wallpaper Studio 10, Files UWP, and more. If you find something out of the ordinary and not included in the list, please let us know in the comment box below.

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