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How to Force Quit a Mac App?

Wondering how to force quit a Mac app? Let’s learn.

Macintosh or Mac is a gold standard in computer technology. It packs a punch with high performance, stunning user experience, better integration, low energy consumption, and longevity. However, nothing is perfect, not even Mac. Users often complain of apps freezing in Mac.

Freezing apps cause frustration. They stop responding and won’t even close easily. Overuse of apps is the prime reason for this situation. Other reasons include low RAM availability, excessive CPU usage, and the app having some inherent issues.

If you too are a proud Mac owner and often face this issue, this article is for you. Join us, as we take you through some proven ways on how to force shut down Mac. 

How to Force Quit a Mac App?

1. Shut Down your System to Force Quit on Mac

To force quit Mac, you have to press your power button to restart or shut down the system or put it on sleep mode. All the apps would be shut down automatically and your Mac will have a chance to lower its temperature. However, avoid frequent Mac force quit as it can harm its motherboard.

2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

  • First, you need to press the Opt + Cmd + Esc keys on the keyboardForce-Quit-with-Mac-Shortcut

Note that, in certain Mac variants, the Alt key replaces the Opt key.

  • This action would lead to the applications shutting down automatically.
  • Now, opt for the freezer application that you wish to Mac force quit.

3. Start Activity Monitor

  • First, you need to open the Activity Monitor, so click on the Magnifying glass located at the top-right corner of the screen and type ‘Activity Monitor’ at the text box.
  • After selecting the Activity Monitor, you will see a complete list of apps running on your device. So, select the particular app which you want to close and click on the stop sign at the top-left corner.Activity-Monitor-on-MAC

4. By Apple Menu

You can force quit the applications through the Apple menu.

  • To this end, hit the Apple icon. You will find it on the left side at the top.
  • Next, from the drop-down menu, choose the Force Quit option. With this, the Mac kill process concludes, as your troublesome applications will shut down automatically.macos-high-sierra-force-quit

5. Option Key

Want to learn how to force quit Mac manually? Here’s your opportunity.

To start with, right-click at the troubling application in the Dock. If you do not wish to right-click, feel free to hit the Ctrl-Click alternatively.

  • Now, press and hold the Option key so it will force quit the app right away.key-caps-macos-force-quit

6. You can use the Finder to Force Stop on Mac

  • You can start by pressing the Apple icon and then opting for the Force Quit option.
  • It will start the window of Force Quit Applications, and you can select that particular application which you want to quit.
  • After selecting the application, your system will close that specific application. Force-quit-through-finder


In this article, we have provided in-depth information on how to force quit a Mac App. When applications suddenly freeze, your Mac experiences various issues. It can heat up and slow down your system. The strategies we provided are safe and effective for all Mac makes and models.

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