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10 Best Vermouth Brands in the World

Vermouth is a particularly intriguing Italian beverage with a French name derived from German. Its name is derived from the French pronunciation of wormwood in German, “Wermut”. Historically, the Italian Piedmont was the primary producer of vermouth.

Vermouth is wine and not an alcoholic spirit. Technically speaking, it is a fortified wine that has been enhanced by adding a neutral grape-based spirit.

10 Best Vermouth Brands in the World

Here are the top 10 best Vermouth brands in the world:

1. Lo-Fi Aperitifs Dry Vermouth

Lo-Fi Aperitifs Dry VermouthWhile most dry Vermouth is produced from grapes cultivated in France, Lo-Fi Aperitifs of California uses locally obtained grape juice to create their dry Vermouth. The wonderful Lo-Fi Aperitifs Dry Vermouth blends citrus peel, elderflower, and coriander, among other ingredients.

In this distinctive beverage, complex spicy aromas are complemented with delightful fruit notes from Muscat Canelli grapes. Additionally, the anise and coriander smell enhance the experience of Lo-Fi’s most recent invention. The smoothness of this Vermouth is instantly noticeable with the first sip.

It features a well-balanced mouthfeel and creamy texture, as well as an acidic pH level, which allows for a balanced taste profile. This flexible product mixes well with dry cider, gin, and rye whiskey to create original cocktail creations.

Price: $ 26 / 750ml

You can buy this vermouth from here.

2. Contratto Vermouth Rosso

Contratto Vermouth RossoIt’s not necessary to seek any farther than Contratto Vermouth Rosso for those in need of a digestif that’s on the herbaceous and dry side. It is crafted from Cortese grapes cultivated on the proprietor’s farm. It combines fresh herbs like coriander, laurel, chamomile, ginger, and others to provide a multifaceted flavor profile that enlivens the taste receptors while stretching out the palette.

This vermouth is so refined and versatile that it can be used in just about every kind of cocktail; as a result, it is an excellent option for any event that calls for an exquisite yet understated beverage. You can shake things up even more at your next happy hour by substituting vodka or gin with this flexible Italian red wine.

Price: $49/ 750 ml

You can buy this vermouth from here.

3. Cinzano Rosso Sweet Vermouth

Cinzano Rosso Sweet VermouthCinzano Sweet Vermouth is a dessert-like libation with a lot going on flavor-wise and is excellent for sipping. It was initially produced in 1757, and since then, it has maintained a place of prominence among the most renowned vermouth brands. It features hints of citrus and cinnamon, as well as dried fruit and herbs, and it’s made using some top-secret herbs and spices.

This vermouth has a robust flavor profile that is great for sipping slowly, either on its own or added to your favorite cocktails, such as martinis. The sweetness counteracts the bitter aftertaste, giving this vermouth the right balance.

Cinzano is a low-cost ingredient that can significantly improve the flavor of any beverage, so if you’re looking to save some money without sacrificing the convenience of stocking your home bar with all of your preferred liquors and wines, consider giving it a try. Drinks made with whiskey may benefit from the addition of this sweet vermouth.

Price: $8/ 750 ml

You can buy this vermouth from here.

4. Lillet Blanc

Lillet Blanc

White grapes are used in the production of Lillet Blanc, a white wine from France. Because it does not include any wormwood, we cannot call it vermouth according to the accepted definition (the botanical that gives Vermouth its bitter taste). On the other hand, it is an aperitif and contains aromas reminiscent of herbs, much like vermouth, so it does have some characteristics with that beverage.

A dry and a sweet version of Lillet are available; quinine, not wormwood, is responsible for the faint bitterness in the dry version. Grapes of the Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon varieties are used in the production of Lillet Blanc. Honey, with notes of orange and mint, is the first thing that comes to mind when you smell it. There are also traces of other flavors.

When you first take a drink of Lillet, its characteristics are harsh, but they rapidly transform into the sweet flavors of oranges, and there is also a hint of herbaceousness that lingers in your mouth!

Price: $22/ 750 ml

You can buy this vermouth from here.

5. Antica Torino Sweet Vermouth

Antica Torino Sweet VermouthAmber in color, Antica Torino Sweet Vermouth deftly straddles the sweet-bitter dichotomy without sacrificing either flavor. It has a little bit more color than its dry version, but it still has the same excellent fragrant qualities that just cannot be reproduced anywhere else.

It has a flowery aroma up front but a dry aftertaste, making it ideal for various uses, including drinking it straight up or using it as an ingredient in cocktails like the Boulevardier or the Manhattan.

Seriously, as if they didn’t already have a sufficient number of mouthwatering flavors, this one finds a way to provide us with even more alternatives. It is manufactured from Bombino, Freisa, Trebbiano, and Moscato grape varietals. This classic Italian Vermouth is created with only natural ingredients and has a flavorful aroma that includes citrus, wormwood, rhubarb, and gentian notes.

Price: $29/ 750 ml

You can buy this vermouth from here.

6. Cocchi Vermouth di Torino

Cocchi Vermouth di TorinoYou’ve just completed dinner, and you’d like to relax a little bit, maybe with a digestif. People interested in trying something new will find that Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino is the beverage that best suits their needs.

Since its start in 1891, production of it has been ongoing. Its chocolate overtones, together with those of other botanical components like ginger, rhubarb, and citrus, give it a rich and savory flavor, and they offer it an exciting taste that will please your palate.

And do you know what else contributes to its overall greatness? Because it is composed of Moscato wine from Piedmont, it has a more flowery taste and scent than other wines. Bitters created from Angostura are a perfect fit for any beverage, regardless of the other ingredients involved.

Price: $26/ 750 ml

You can buy this vermouth from here.

7. Carpano Punt E Mes

Carpano Punt E MesThe Carpano Punt E Mes is a drink for those with a thirst for adventure. It has a taste that is far more potent than the original. The ideal beverage for enjoying on your own while simultaneously demonstrating to your friends and acquaintances your refined taste and how innovative you are in this age of sweet wine fashions. The Carpano Punt e Mes, is an essential component of any collection.

Its 15-herb mixture has a long and illustrious history that dates back more than 150 years, and it provides an exceptional drinking experience whether it is combined with other liquids or consumed on its own.

Besides, this handcrafted vermouth is perfect for making timeless drinks such as martinis and negronis. So hurry ahead and get a bottle to stock your home bar with it immediately!

Price: $24/ 750 ml

You can buy this vermouth from here.

8. Martini & Rossi Extra Dry Vermouth

Martini & Rossi Extra Dry VermouthMartini & Rossi Extra Dry Vermouth debuted on January 1, 1900, following 10 years of research. This Vermouth quickly gained popularity and became the beverage of choice at social gatherings such as parties and receptions. It dominated the century with one drink in particular: the renowned Dry Martini & Rossi.

Martini & Rossi Extra Dry Vermouth is a classic because of its zesty citrus aromas and raspberry undertones, which contribute to its vibrant flavor. The Vermouth is made from three years’ worth of orris root, which imparts distinctively acidic aromatic oils while preserving the flavor’s signature flowery fragrance. Try it in your favorite martinis to make this mixture even more extraordinary.

Price: $10/ 750 ml

You can buy this vermouth from here.

9. Vermut Lustau Vermouth Red

Vermut Lustau Vermouth RedIn addition to the standard botanicals such as wormwood, gentian, orange peels, and coriander, Vermut Lustau Red is created with premium amontillado and Pedro Ximenez sherries. It can be used in many different ways to make a Manhattan cocktail, but no matter how it’s made, it will always taste great.

Lustau Sherry adds a great flavor to a drink made with rye whiskey. It goes well with the whiskey’s rich notes. Mixing it with Angostura Bitters adds just the right amount of spice. At the same time, the sweet Vermouth ensures that all the flavors are perfectly balanced. This makes for a tasty drink that isn’t too sweet or bitter.

Price: $20/ 750 ml

You can buy this vermouth from here.

10. Badenhorst Caperitif Kaapse Dief

Badenhorst Caperitif Kaapse DiefIt was 1930 when the Caperitif firm went out of business, taking its product and formula with it. Since that time, it has been referred to as a “ghost ingredient” by bartenders all over the globe since no one has been able to locate it or duplicate it again — that is, until Adi Badenhorst introduced his version of this Caperitif over a century after it was first created.

The procedure is kicked off with a bottle of high-quality white wine. After that, it is first fortified with an alcoholic spirit obtained from grapes to achieve an ABV of at least 16%, and then 45 additional components are added to it.

Price: $29/ 750 ml

You can buy this vermouth from here.


The greatest vermouths are always delightful since they come in various kinds and tastes, making them suitable for cocktails, drinking, and even cooking as a replacement for white wine.

With a well-balanced mouthfeel and creamy texture as well as an acidic pH level, which allows for a balanced taste profile, there is no doubt that Lo-Fi Aperitifs Dry Vermouth is the best brand. Contratto Vermouth Rosso also is a suitable brand for those who are looking for herbaceous and dry vermouth. The third one is the Carpano Punt E Mes which provides an exceptional drinking experience whether combined with other liquids or consumed independently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is vermouth a wine or alcohol?

Vermouth is a wine that has been flavored and fortified. A wine that has been sweetened, spiked with brandy, and flavored with herbs, spices, and plants. Vermouth used to come in two main types: sweet or red (or rosso) vermouth, which came from Italy, and dry vermouth, which came from France.

Q2. Is there any alcohol in vermouth?

Vermouth is made stronger by adding more alcohol, usually grape brandy. This makes it more robust than most wines, but it’s still not very strong—about 15–18 percent alcohol by volume. If you mix them with ice and soda, your drink will have about 8 or 10 percent alcohol.

Q3. What does vermouth taste like?

Most types of vermouth have a slightly sweet and spicy taste with a hint of bitterness. The most famous sweet vermouth drinks are the Manhattan, the Americano, and the Negroni. Vermouth has a crisp, tart taste that is similar to that of dry white wine.

Q4. Can you drink vermouth alone?

Vermouth is probably best known as a key ingredient in the martini, but today the most popular way to drink it is on its own. And because there are so many styles, flavors, and levels of complexity in the high-quality vermouths, every sip is sure to be interesting.

Q5. Is vermouth good for your health?

In addition to the benefits of drinking wine daily, drinking a glass of vermouth can help your body with digestion, reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, and relieve stress. Consider our suggestions for choosing the best vermouth brands:

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