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10 Best Water Bottle Brands in the World: Buying Guide, Top Picks & More

The bottled water industry is on a tear. Here’re the best water bottle brands that drive the trend.

The human body needs 2 to 3 liters of water daily to function at its best. Mind you, water deficiency can lead to tiredness, headache, and dizziness. Worst still, it may contribute to deadly heatstrokes.

Bottled water offers a convenient, healthy, and economical option to meet your daily water intake requirements. Whether you are on the go, or at the office, gym, or anywhere else, bottled water can come in handy. And, bottled water can be an absolute lifesaver in event of an emergency.

Best Water Bottle Brands: Industry Overview 

In recent years, the global water industry is on the rise. At the last count, the world consumes over 210 billion bottles yearly. And, that accounts for 50% of the total plastic bottles sold worldwide.

The global water bottle industry in 2023 is worth $334 billion, which is an upturn of $149 billion from 2015. The major chunk of the revenue, about $94.07 billion, comes from the US. Moving forward, the industry is likely to grow at a CAGR of 6.1%. The out-of-home consumption may also grow rapidly.

Let’s figure out what drives the growth. In other words, why do you buy bottled water?

  • Unclean Tap Water:

Tap water is a health hazard, make no mistake. Usually, it contains chlorine as a disinfectant. While chlorine may kill bacteria, it exposes you to chronic cough, breathing issues, chest congestion, and other medical conditions. Also, tap water might carry heavy metals, phosphates, nitrates, fluorides, radon, dioxins, and other contaminants. So, your overall health and well-being are at risk.

  • A Safe, Healthy Alternative:

Bottled water, on the other hand, is cleaner and safer. It undergoes rigorous purification to get rid of germs and pollutants. Bottled water brands even have measures in place to prevent the re-entry of impurities into the purified water during bottling. Many brands even go a step further to fortify their water with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. That helps your body replenish the lost nutrients.

  • Convenience is the Name of the Game:

Convenience comes by default with bottled water. It presents a portable option that can go with you wherever life takes you. The hassle of boiling water and letting it cool down before bottling is out of the equation. Just buy it, stuff it in your bag and you are good to go. How’s that for convenience?

Having a water bottle around helps you meet your daily water intake needs in the most convenient way. Just stretch your arm and get your fill. No need to run around to fetch water every hour. Also, the more water your drink, the less you crave harmful caffeinated drinks. It’s just common sense.

  • Available Everywhere, for Everyone: 

The easy availability of bottled water also contributes to its growing popularity. From neighborhood retail stores and grocery stores to supermarkets and roadside kiosks, it’s everywhere for everyone. So, you can go about your day, fully aware that you are never far from your next water bottle. Also, bottled water is available in various sizes. Regardless of your requirements, there’s a bottle for you.

  • Variety, Variety & Variety: 

Bottled water spoils you for choices. Irrespective of your taste, budget, or requirements, it has you covered. Just take a stroll to a nearby grocery store and be overwhelmed by the sheer variety on offer. From purified water and distilled water to spring water, you have it all. Even the size options are equally diverse. The prices also range from $1.2 to a few million – plenty of variety here as well.

  • Changing Lifestyle:

When lifestyle changes, consumer preferences change accordingly. With rising health awareness, the demand for bottled water is rising rapidly, especially in the post-COVID era. People are going out to work, play, or socialize. So, they need a grab-and-go option to stay hydrated when outdoors. And, bottled water fits the bill. Also, bottled water has, over the years, emerged as a status symbol. Take, for instance, Virat Kohli, who imports bottled water from France. His preferred brand? Evian!

Types of Bottled Water: What the Best Water Bottle Brands Offer 

Bottled water falls into multiple categories based on the water’s origin or the purification processes it has to undergo. Knowing your options is vital if you are keen to choose the best for your unique requirements. So, let’s walk you through the prime categories available as of 2023.

  • Glacial Water: 

As the name says, it’s derived from glaciers. However, some brands might extract it from icebergs, ice shelves floating over the ocean surface, and melt ponds. It is pure, tasteless, and healthy with the goodness of naturally occurring nutrients and minerals. Evidence is scarce though, the glacial water can strengthen collagen production and provide antioxidants to keep your cells protected.

    • Top glacial water brands: Svalbarði Polar Iceberg, Icelandic Glacial, & SNO
  • Spring Water:

True to the name, it is extracted from springs and underground sources that aren’t exposed to any pollutants. Brands typically bottle spring water at the source by either drilling it from the ground or gathering it at the ground surface. On the way up, spring water has to pass through various natural filters, such as clay, sandstone, and more. So, it’s pure, tastes great, and needs no filtration. Spring water supplies enough oxygen to boost body and brain function and can remedy digestive issues.

    • Top Spring Water Brands: Evian, Acqua Panna, Poland Spring, & Mountain Valley Spring
  • Artesian Water: 

You get artesian water from certain wells in which the water surfaces naturally. You don’t need to pump it out. The intense pressure exerted by underground rocks forces the water upwards. Brands often advertise artesian water as mineral-rich water that can refresh the skin, detoxify the body, relax muscles, improve circulation, and relieve stress. However, we don’t endorse their claims.

  • Top Artesian Water Brands: Voss, Figi Water, Indigo H2O, Jana, Eternal
  • Volcanic Water: 

The water gathered from a volcanic bedrock is your volcanic water. It’s refreshing, naturally pure, and healthy. That’s because the water has to pass through a thick sheet of porous lava, which not only filters it but also imparts a great taste and minerals like magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, silica, and more. So, you can trust volcanic water for achieving soft, smooth, and healthy skin.

    • Top Volcanic Water Brands: 420 Volcanic, Volvic, Waiakea, Jeju, Hawaii Volcanic
  • Mineral Water:

Mineral water is exactly what it means, water with high mineral content. Specifications might vary, but it usually contains magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorus. Mineral water typically comes from groundwater and is bottled at the source without any chemical processing. That’s why it keeps minerals intact. People with active lifestyles use it to replenish their mineral loss after exercise.

    • Top Mineral Water Brands: San Pellegrino, Hildon Natural, Perrier, Saint-Geron
  • Sparkling Water: 

It is another name for carbonated water. The carbon in it can be natural or added artificially after purification. Like any carbonated drink, sparkling water features bubbles that give it a characteristic sparkling aura and a refreshing taste. You are free to pair it with fruits and other flavors to come up with gourmet beverages. Packed with some essential minerals, it is good for your digestive health.

    • Top Sparkling Water Brands: La Croix, Spindrift, San Pellegrino Natural, Waterloo, Polar

Purification Techniques Used By The Best Water Bottle Brands:

Different bottled water brands use different purification techniques to make water safe, healthful, and tasty. Let’s elaborate on the common purification techniques the best water bottle brands use.

  • Prefiltration:

In virtually all cases, prefiltration is the first step. It involves treating the groundwater upon drilling and storing it in huge reservoirs. The filter beds in the reservoirs get rid of dirt, sediments, and other particulate matter. That not only improves the water quality but also prevents the filters used in the next step from clogging. Backwashing the filter beds regularly is standard practice.

  • Chemical Treatment:

Save for mineral water, all types of bottled water undergo chemical treatment. The brands might introduce calcium oxide and sodium hydroxide to optimize the pH levels in the water. They might use softening agents as well to remove contaminants, such as calcium, magnesium, and more.

  • Disinfection:

Disinfection is a standard practice to steer clear of harmful microbes. To this end, brands usually rely on ozonization. The process involves introducing ozone molecules into the water to prevent the growth of germs and degrade organic and inorganic impurities. As a strong antioxidant, Ozone can combat a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Plus, it improves water’s color, taste & odor.

  • Reverse Osmosis: 

It’s perhaps the most reliable method to get rid of impurities. Herein, the water is thrashed on a semipermeable membrane. Pure water molecules are small enough to pass through the membrane. The impurities, on the other hand, are left behind and subsequently eliminated. From heavy metals to pesticides, reverse osmosis eliminates it all. So, you get pure, clean, and neutral-tasting water.

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  • Vapor Compression Distillation (VCD):

Some brands might opt for vapor compression distillation over reverse osmosis. In this process, the water transforms into vapor when boiled in a container through centrifugal compression. The vapor then transforms back into liquid water in a separate container upon cooling. The impurities stay in the first container while pure water gets collected in the other. VCD is the most economical and efficient distillation method known to man. It requires less energy input and recovers more water.

How to Choose the Best Water Bottle Brands? 

With so much variety out there, it’s hard to figure out which works best for your individual situation. However, some basic information can help you arrive at informed buying decisions. So, here’s it.

  • Look for the source:

Brands often bottle water from municipal sources and then purify it. That’s fine if you are looking for something just to stay hydrated. But what if your requirements go beyond the ordinary? You may be craving something with a specific taste (sparkling water), or something to boost your skin health (volcanic water). So, it’s wise to look for the source before committing to a purchase.

  • Look for the Purification Method:

The best water bottle brands take the pain to purify, treat, and disinfect the water. They even mention the used purification techniques on their label. On the contrary, the run-off-the-mill ones sell it as it is. Mind you, purification involves technology, infrastructure, and spending.

10 Best Water Bottle Brands In The World

Which are the best water bottle brands in the world? Well, it’s up to your individual likes and dislikes. Someone with an active lifestyle will prefer mineral water while a fan of fine dining will choose sparkling water. Even the sheer variety of bottled water brands out there makes it even harder to zero in on one.

Rank Bottled water brand Headquarters
1 Aquafina Wichita, Kansas, USA
2 Dasani Atlanta, Georgia, USA
3 Nestle Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland
4 Danone Paris, France
5 Glaceau Smartwater Atlanta, Georgia, USA
6 Poland spring Elmsford, New York, USA
7 Fiji water Los Angeles, California, USA
8 Ozarka Austin, Texas, USA
9 Perrier Vergèze, Gard, France
10 Evian Paris, France

1. Aquafina


Aquafina tops the list of water bottle brands in the world in 2023. Owned by PepsiCo, it is a filtered bottled water brand that comes in both unflavored and flavored varieties.

It was originally introduced in Wichita, Kansas in 1994, before expanding to the United States, Canada, Spain, Lebanon, Turkey, the Gulf Cooperation Council nations, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Vietnam, Pakistan, and India to compete with Dasani and Deja Blue from The Coca-Cola Company.

Aquafina Pure Water, the Aquafina brand’s main unflavored product, is made from local municipal tap water and purified using reverse osmosis, ultraviolet sterilization, and ozone sterilization. It is one of the most popular bottled water brands in the United States, with annual sales of over US$ 2.17 billion.

2. Dasani


Dasani comes in second on our list of the best water bottle brands globally. Owned by the Coca-Cola Company, the bottled water brand debuted in 1999 as a rival to PepsiCo’s Aquafina.

Headquartered in the United States, Dasani is one of numerous Coca-Cola bottled water brands available worldwide. Dasani’s product is tap water that has been filtered and bottled with salt added.

Dasani is filtered in bottled water facilities after being acquired from the local municipal tap water supply. California, Minnesota, Arizona, Colorado, and Michigan are the places where Dasani gets its water.

Dasani is bottled all over the world, including in Kent, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia. Dasani is one of the most popular mineral water brands in the world today.

3. Nestle


Nestlé comes in third place on this list of the top ten bottled water manufacturers in the world. Based in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland since 1886, Nestle is the world’s largest food corporation in terms of sales.

Nestlé’s goods include infant food, medical food, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, frozen food, pet meals, and snacks, in addition to bottled water. Coffee, bottled water, milkshakes, and other beverages, breakfast cereals, infant meals, performance and healthcare nutrition, spices, soups and sauces, frozen and refrigerated foods, and pet food are among Nestlé’s nearly 2000 brands.

4. Danone


Danone comes in fourth place on this list of the top ten bottled water brands. It is a global food and beverage company headquartered in Paris and founded in Barcelona, Spain in 1919.

Danone has both foreign and domestic brands in its portfolio. Danette, Danio, Dannon, Danonino, Evian, Nutricia, Nutrilon, and Volvic are some of Danone’s foreign brands. AQUA (Indonesia), Blédina (France), Bonafont (Mexico and Brazil), Cow & Gate (UK), Horizon Organic (USA), Mizone (China), Oikos (North America), Prostokvashino (Russia), Silk (USA), Vega (USA), and Damavand (USA) are some of the local or regional brands (Iran).

Danone specializes in fresh dairy products, bottled water, early-life nutrition, medical nutrition, and plant-based goods.

5. Glaceau Smartwater

Glaceau Smartwater

In 2022, Glaceau Smartwater is ranked 5th among the best water bottle brands in the globe. The Coca-Cola Company owns the Glaceau Smartwater bottled water brand. Glaceau Smartwater was founded in 1996 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Distillation is used to make Smartwater. Most inorganic contaminants, such as naturally dissolved minerals, are removed by this method, although low boiling-point biological stuff may get through. Following that, mineral electrolytes including potassium, calcium, and magnesium are reintroduced. There are no known advantages to distilling potable water and then adding back the components that were lost in the process.

6. Poland Spring

Poland Spring

In 2022, Poland Spring is ranked 6th on this list of the world’s best water brands. Poland Spring is a bottled water brand made in Poland, Maine, and named for the original natural spring from which it was derived. Only carefully selected springs are used to make Poland Spring® 100% Natural Spring Water, which contains naturally occurring minerals for a crisp, clean flavor. Poland Spring is one of the most well-known bottled water brands in the world, with headquarters in Elmsford, New York.

7. Fiji water

Fiji water

In 2022, Fiji Water is ranked 7th on this list of the world’s top bottled water brands. Fiji Water is a bottled water brand that comes from Fiji and is packaged and supplied there. The water comes from an artesian aquifer in Viti Levu, according to marketing literature. Fiji Water is available in 330 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml, 1 liter (0.22 imp gal; 0.26 US gal), and 1.5-liter bottles and is based in Los Angeles, California. Bottled water, health, beverage, consumer packaged goods, e-commerce, luxury, and CPG are all areas of competence for Fiji Water.

8. Ozarka


Ozarka is ranked number 8th on this list of the top ten bottled water manufacturers in the world for 2022. It is a bottled and marketed spring water brand in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Mississippi, and parts of Tennessee, Missouri, and Kansas. Ozarka water is sourced from natural springs in Texas and was founded in 1905.

9. Perrier


Perrier is ranked 9th on this list of the world’s best-bottled water brands in 2022. It is a French mineral water brand that is bottled directly from the spring in Vergèze, in the Gard département. Perrier is distinguished by its naturally-occurring carbonation, striking green bottle, and greater carbonation levels than its competitors.

10. Evian


Évian completes BizVibe’s list of the best-bottled water businesses. Évian is a mineral water brand that comes from multiple springs near Évian-les-Bains, on Lake Geneva’s south side. Danone, a French multinational conglomerate, currently owns Évian. Aside from mineral water, the Évian name is also used by the Danone Group for a range of organic skincare items and a luxury resort in France.


This is a list of the world’s best-bottled water businesses. These businesses are directly contributing to the bottled water industry’s phenomenal growth. By 2025, the worldwide market for bottled water is expected to have grown to US$ 307.6 billion. Consumer demand is projected to continue to climb, propelling the sector ahead. Expect the top bottled water firms to continue to pave the way for the global bottled water industry’s remarkable yearly growth.

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