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10 Best Yoga Strap in 2023

Whether you want to perfect those yoga poses or take your practice to the next level, a yoga strap can come in handy. It can help you deepen your stretches at home without any assistance from anyone. There are plenty of options available when it comes to yoga straps. The strap you buy must be a good fit for you. Durability and good grip are some of the must-have qualities you need.

Other than that, you can opt for a longer strap if you are taller or one made from eco-friendly material if that’s how you prefer it. Here are my top ten recommendations for yoga strap from my personal experience;

Best Yoga Strap

1. Tumaz Yoga Strap/Stretch Bands [15+ Colors, 6/8/10 Feet Options] with Extra Safe Adjustable D-Ring Buckle, Durable and Comfy Delicate Texture – Best for Daily Stretching, Physical Therapy, Fitness

Tumaz Yoga Strap

Item Dimensions- 7.1 x 2 x 1.4 inches
Material- Polyester cotton
Brand- Tumaz

This is one of the top-rated yoga straps, and rightly so. The strap is made from a 2.5 mm thick polyester strap with a 4mm welded ring. The dye used in the strap is eco-friendly, and the texture is delicate on the skin. Owing to its unique, tight-knit technique, it has a maximum weight capacity of over a ton. It is available in over 20 color options. It is the perfect companion for your daily yoga practice.


  • Eco-friendly dye
  • Maximum weight capacity of 2379 lbs
  • Several color options are available
  • 60-day replacement or refund period


  • Not for stretching

You can buy this strap from here.

2. SANKUU Yoga Strap, Multi-Loop Strap, 12 Loops Yoga Stretch Strap, Nonelastic Stretch Strap for Physical Therapy, Pilates, Dance and Gymnastics with Carry Bag

SANKUU Yoga Strap

Item Dimensions- ‎ 7.2 x 4.7 x 1.65 inches
Material- Nylon
Brand- Sankuu

This versatile yoga strap can be used during yoga practice, pilates, and stretching. It is long enough to be useful for all your purposes. The product is made from durable and long-lasting nylon with premium quality stitching. It has 12 soft non-elastic loops and is 8 feet long. At 1.58 inches, the width of the strap is suitable even for beginners. The product comes in a carry bag pouch and an instruction book.


  • 12 non-elastic loops
  • Extra-long
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Comes with a carry pouch and an instruction book
  • Suitable width for beginners


  • Not very elastic
  • No buckle or clasp

You can buy this strap from here.

3. Tumaz Stretching Strap – 10 Loops & Non-Elastic Yoga Strap – The Perfect Home Workout Stretch Strap for Physical Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Flexibility – [Extra Thick, Durable, Soft]

Tumaz Stretching Strap-10 Loops & Non-Elastic Yoga Strap

Item Dimensions- 1&1/4 by 79 inches
Material- Polycotton
Brand- Tumaz

This extra-thick yoga strap by Tumaz is the perfect fit for you if you are on the heavier side. It contains 10 individual loops. Made from polycotton, the strap is easy to clean, durable, and skin-friendly. It can withstand a maximum force of over a ton and has an eco-friendly dye. The extra tight-knit of the strap makes it durable. With this skin-friendly strap, you can stretch deeper without worrying about it breaking. To top it further, it offers a large range of color options to choose from.


  • Contains 10 individual loops
  • Tight-knit and skin-friendly
  • Eco-friendly dye
  • Stretchable and washable
  • Available in many color options


  • Stretchability is low

You can buy this strap from here.

4. Scotamalone Yoga Strap Stretching Strap Physical Therapy Equipment Stretch Band Rehab Multi-Loop Strap Nonelastic Exercise Strap with Exercise Book for Pilates, Dance and Gymnastics

Scotamalone Yoga Strap

Item Dimensions- 80*1.5 inches
Material- Polypropylene
Brand- Scotamalone

This yoga strap by Scotamalone is made from durable polypropylene. It has ten individual loops, which make it perfect for stretching and yoga. The extra-long strap has high elasticity, which makes it perfect for everyone, even for taller individuals. It can also be helpful in muscle recovery from injury or after surgery. The thickness of the strap is also very good and rolls up real easily.


  • Made from polypropylene
  • 10 individual loops
  • Extra-long
  • Good thickness
  • Available in eight color options


  • Edges of the strap are rough
  • Less elasticity

You can buy this strap from here.

5. The Original Stretch Out Strap with Exercise Book – Made in the USA by OPTP – Top Choice of Physical Therapists & Athletic Trainers

The Original Stretch Out Strap with Exercise Book

Item Dimensions- 5.5 x 4.5 x 0.9 inches
Material- Nylon
Brand- OPTP

This strap is one of the top choices of therapists and is highly recommended by them. Unlike many products on the list, it isn’t new to the market. It has been in production since 1993, and that should tell you a lot about the brand and its customer satisfaction. It is not only good for yoga stretching but also for recovery after surgery. Made from nylon, the strap comes with an exercise book and an app to assist you.


  • Made from nylon
  • Recommended by therapists
  • Durable
  • Includes 10 individual hands and foot loop
  • Made in the USA


  • No color options
  • The width of the strap is less

You can buy this strap from here.

6. Trideer Yoga Strap Stretching Strap – 12 Loops Non-Elastic Stretch Strap, Perfect Home Workout Stretching Out Strap, Yoga Stretching Strap for Rehabilitation, Pilates, Dance

Trideer Yoga Strap Stretching Strap

Item Dimensions- 8*1.5 inch
Material- polyester
Brand- Trideer

Trideer is known for making quality products, and this yoga strap from the brand is no different. Made from premium polyester, it is eco-friendly, skin-friendly, and has tight knitting. The product is available in two options; one with 10 individual loops and the other with 12. It comes with a carry bag and has lettered loops to track your progress.. Other than yoga, the strap can also be used in pilates, ballet, physical therapy, and dance.


  • Available in two options; 12 loops and ten loops
  • Comes with lettered loops
  • Eco-friendly and skin-friendly
  • Durable and versatile
  • Comes with a bag


  • Has a bad smell
  • No color options are available

You can buy this strap from here.

7. Gradient Fitness Stretching Strap, Premium Quality Multi-Loop Strap, Neoprene Padded Handles, 12 Loops, 1.5″ W x 8′ L

Gradient Fitness Stretching Strap

Item Dimensions- 8 x 4 x 1.6 inches
Material- Nylon
Brand- Gradient Fitness


  • Has 12 individual loops
  • Comes with neoprene padded handles
  • Versatile and durable
  • Available in five color options
  • Stretchable


  • Slippery material makes it harder to grip
  • Loops are too big for yoga stretches

You can buy this strap from here.

8. Gaiam Yoga Strap Premium Athletic Stretch Band with Adjustable Metal D-Ring Buckle Loop | Exercise & Fitness Stretching for Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy, Dance, Gym Workouts

Gaiam_Yoga_Strap Premium Athletic Stretch Band with Adjustable Metal D-Ring Buckle Loop

Item Dimensions- 1.5″W x 6’L or 1.5″W x 8’L
Material- polyester
Brand- Gaiam

This premium adjustable yoga strap is from Gaiam, who also offers other quality products for yoga like a yoga mat, yoga bags, etc. the strap is made from durable, high-quality polyester. It comes with an adjustable metal double D ring and a secure loop making sure there’s no slipping to cause any kind of injury. It is available in three different colors.


  • Made from polyester
  • Adjustable metal ring with a secure loop
  • Durable and stretchable \availble in three color options
  • Easy to clean


  • The strap is thin
  • D ring quality could be better

You can buy this strap from here.

9. Manduka Unfold Yoga Strap – Strong, Durable Cotton Webbing with Adjustable Buckle for Secure, Slip-Free Support for Stretching, Yoga, Pilates and General Fitness.

Manduka Unfold Yoga Strap

Item Dimensions- 6′ x 1.25″
Material- polyester
Brand- Manduka

This strap by Manduka has a durable cotton webbing with an adjustable buckle. The square metal buckle provides a better grip during workouts and is ant-slip. It is also eco-friendly as the material used is 100% recycled polyester. The product is available in two different size options; standard ( 6′ x 1.25″) and long(8′ x 1.25”). If you are a taller individual, you’ll find the longer one a better fit.


  • Comes in two different sizes
  • Square metal ring
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Made from 100% recycled polyester
  • Soft fabric


  • The standard one is only suitable for shorter people.

You can buy this strap from here.

10. Clever Yoga Strap for Stretching – Yoga Straps in Standard 8 Foot or Extra Long 10 Foot Length – Yoga Stretching Strap Thick Durable Cotton with Adjustable D-Ring

Clever Yoga Strap for Stretching

Item Dimensions-
Material- Cotton
Brand- Clever Yoga

This cotton yoga strap is available in two sizes; 8 feet and 10 feet. You also get to choose from six different color options. The strap is made from 100% cotton, which is skin-friendly and provides a better grip while working out. The manufacturer is so sure about the quality of the product that it comes with a lifetime warranty. The thickness and metal D rings make it easy to use.


  • Available in two sizes
  • Has metal D rings
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Affordable
  • Six color options to choose from


  • Folded hem close to the buckle makes it difficult to pull the strap
  • Less elastic

You can buy this strap from here.


So, that’s our list. If you are looking to buy a yoga strap, I hope this list helps you in your endeavor. And if you have not given the idea a thought, you must. A yoga strap can help you take your practice to the next level. It’s a cost-effective investment and certainly worth the price if you are recovering from an injury.

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