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Bhangarh Fort : History, Architecture & Visit Around Bhangarh Fort

War stories, arduous victories, love stories, sacrifices, and so on abound in Indian history! Stories about horror or possessions, on the other hand, are uncommon but can pique your interest. Consider Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, which is said to be the most haunted place in India.

Tourists are drawn to the stories of possessions, horror, and mystery. This explains why tourism at Bhangarh fort is on the rise, with an increasing number of visitors from all over the world eager to visit this fort. Aside from horror stories, this haunted fort in Rajasthan is also known for its massive architecture and lush surroundings.

Bhangarh Fort: The Most Haunted Place in India

When it comes to haunted places, none can beat the popularity of Bhangarh Fort, located in the Alwar district. The architecture is worth experiencing, built with the utmost perfection in 1573 A.D. It is one of the most loved destinations to savour the history, cultural heritage and some spooky interaction with other-worldly entities.

It is nestled in the lap of the Aravallis near Gola Ka Baas village, bordering the Sariska Reserve. This palace is surrounded by trees, providing ample greenery to soothe the eyes and the soul. The adjacent pond area and the splendid decor are also something to write home about.


The Bhangarh Fort horror stories and legends are a part of the local folklore. The most prominent involves Baba Balak Nath, a Sadhu who used to reside in this fort area. He had a weird rule that any house constructed in the proximity of this fort had to be smaller and lower than this fort.

The ascetic also directed that no house’s shadow should lie in the fort area, otherwise the construction would be demolished. Even today, houses in Bhangarh are either roofless or have half or partial roofs.

The other legend associated with Bhangarh Fort Alwar is a love story. It is believed that Singhia, a wizard proficient in black magic, fell in love with a Bhangarh princess, Ratnavati. Ratnavati was very beautiful and full of grace. It is believed that when the wizard gave the princess a love potion to drink, she refused and threw it onto a rock, which rolled up on the wizard and crushed him to death. The wizard, at the time of his death, cursed the area to never experience rebirth, and since then, the area is said to be cursed.

Bhangarh Fort Architecture

The Rajasthan Bhangarh Fort is built magnificently with massive walls and tomb-like domes. The area around the fort is in ruins. The ghost stories related to the area prevented any restoration and maintenance activities here. At the entrance, there are numerous havelis and temples. The prominent temples include:

Bhangarh Fort ghost stories are just legends with no scientific evidence to back them up. However, the locals never fail to believe in them. They even thought that Princess Ratnavati, who died soon after the death of the Singhia, would return to Bhangarh at some time.

  • Hanuman Temple
  • Someshwar Temple
  • Mangala Devi Temple
  • Gopinath Temple
  • Keshav Rai Temple
  • Ganesh Temple
  • Navin Temple

The priest’s residence, “Purohit Ji Ki Haveli,” is within the confines of the temples. The Gopinath temple is followed by “Nachna Ki Haveli” or “Dancer’s Palace” and “Jauhari Place”, or marketplace. At the end of Bhangarh Fort’s limits, a royal palace comes into view.

The Gopinath temple has beautiful yellow carvings and is located on 14-foot elevated ground. The Hanuman and Shiv Mahadev temples are built with cenotaphs. An exclusive and distinct Jhiri marble is used to construct this breathtaking palace. Apart from the temples, there is also a Muslim tomb, which is said to belong to one of Hari Singh’s sons. It is located outside of the fort gate. The Bhangarh Fort images at night are easily available online.

The Bhangarh fort has four entries:

  1. Delhi Gate
  2. Ajmer Gate
  3. Lahori Gate
  4. Phulbari Gate

The fort is managed by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India). For safety reasons, ASI has restricted entry to the fort in low visibility conditions. It can only be visited from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. The most recommended time to visit Bhangarh Fort is between October and February. Is Bhangarh safe to visit? Well, yes, provided you visit it during the allotted time. There’s even a Bhangarh Fort warning board placed on the entrance that urges visitors to refrain from entering the premises after dusk settles and before sunrise.

Places to visit around Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort is intriguing, however, there are additional surrounding places worth exploring.

1. Sariska National Park

Sariska National ParkLocated 40 kilometers from Bhangarh Fort, Sariska National Park is a wildlife sanctuary. The exotic flora and fauna here add a thrill and curiosity to the trip. The tiger reserve and some magnificent lakes scattered all across it make it a must-visit. The long stretches of greenery here are worth breathing in. People generally visit Sariska to enjoy the jungle safari, vegetation, and rare animals living in their natural habitat.

2. Bala Quila

Bala QuilaBala Quila is a fort situated in the Aravali range of mountains. It is a beautiful and massive palace with historical significance. Built back in 1550, the fort stands firm on an elevation of 1000 feet. It was constructed under the injunction of Hasan Khan Mewati. It was owned by different dynasties like the Mughals, Jats, Pathans, and Khanzadas at different points in time.

It’s perhaps the oldest structure in Alwar and is a treat to the eyes. The magnificent and wide views of Alwar, along with long stretches of beauty and a massive structure, make Bala Quila worth investing your vacation time in. An average tourist spends 2-3 hours here.

3. Garbhaji Falls

Garbhaji FallsA beautiful and refreshing place to visit, Garbhaji Falls can give you all you need from a holiday. It is located 3 hours of travel time from Bhangarh and is a natural waterfall. Feel free to cool off your mind and do away with the stress, anxiety, and worries.

The spectacular cascading off the cliff attracts travelers, photographers, and nature lovers. The waterfall can be entered for free from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Most people prefer visiting Garbhaji Falls between November and March, when the weather is ideal for bath sessions under cold and clear waterfalls.

4. Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri

Moosi Maharani Ki ChhatriAn exotic spot for photography and design enthusiasts, Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri is a red-colored monument. It was constructed in 1815 AD by Vinay Singh in honor of Queen Rani Moosi and Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh.

The structure is beautifully ornamented with red-colored stone to give it a royal feeling. The detailed and jaw-dropping elephant carved on pillars of red sandstone is a perfect example of elite architecture. The multi-story building has an upper level built with marble stones. The wall paintings and detailed designs on walls and pillars are worth a look.

5. Siliserh Lake

Siliserh LakeFlowing close to Sariska National Park, it is a man-made lake housing a magnificent lake palace. For many, it is, thus, one of the best sites to visit near Bhangarh. Families enjoy a cozy picnic, get-together, lunch sessions, and endless gossiping here. The boating facility further adds to the excitement. It adjoins various parts of Sariska National Park as well. A visit to Siliserh Lake will surely be your trip to Bhangarh, Alwar’s highlight.

Enjoy Horror, Architecture, and Nature’s Expedition

Bhangarh Fort has everything you need for an interesting, relaxing, and thrilling vacation. It has horror stories (you decide if you want to believe them), waterfalls, mysterious stretches of greenery, forts, palaces, and whatnot! It has something for everyone. If you are religious, you will find temples. If you’re a fan of ancient architecture, you will find detailed sculptures. No matter if you visit here alone, with friends, or with family, you will definitely have one of the best times at Bhangarh Fort, a haunted place. It is worth experiencing this at least once.

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