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This is located at the base of the Himalayan mountains in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state. It is a fast-growing tourist destination situated at the Goriganga river bank and provides the platform for trekking as well. This place is a snowpack and is a paradise for lovers of nature with beautiful landscapes. Lt looks like a blanket of snow in winters. This high-altitude place also has lush green meadows all around the region with magnificent views.

Munsiyari[Little kashmir]


Along with its beauty, this place also occupies some historical background. In the early years, this region was occupied by Shaukat, which traded with the Tibet region. Later on, this trade was stopped due to the blocking of borders between the two regions. Then people start migrating to some other places. According to Hindus, Mahabharata starts its journey to heaven from this destination.

Why choose Munsiyari for you???

The main reason for choosing this place is its heaven-like charm and glamour that majestically attracts the visitors. This is also known as trekker’s paradise. Sometimes it has given resemblance with Kashmir. It is also the most picturesque place in Uttarakhand state.

Worth seeing places

Although this place captures tremendously attractive sites, some places have more value to be seen.

These include

 1. Birthi falls

Birthi fallsThis is a great waterfall and is a few km away from Munsiyari. This waterfall is more watchable in July and August, and you can have easy access to this place.

2. Madkot village

Madkot villageThis place is rich in vegetation and has scenic splendor on viewers. As this place is indulged into greenery all around, this is a very famous site for photography.

3. Patchouli peaks

Patchouli peaksIt is a series of 5 mighty peaks and is derived from the world Culah which means cooking hearth. It is said that the last meal by Mahabharata was cooked at this place, so they give a name to this place accordingly. You can witness the sunrise and sunset from these peaks. These peaks lie at the end of the Kumaon region. These are Nandadevi, Nanda Kot, Raja Rambah and Nepal Himalayan peaks.

4. Chirkila dam

Chirkila damThis famous lake has great potential to produce electric power and is situated on the Kali River. It is important because of fulfilling the energy requirements.

5. Betulidhar

BetulidharThis is a garden of beautiful rhododendron flowers, which attracts the tourists with its amazing fragrance and captivates them in its glory. The best time to visit this place in winter.

Other captivating sights include

  • Balanti tomato farm.
  • Darkot village.
  • Maheshwari kand.

Places to stay in Munsiyari

Along with the beautiful places to visit, this place also offers rest to promote tourism in its country and attract more people towards itself.

Here are some of these places

  • Wayfarer mountain resort.
  • Hardik resort.
  • Suman Royal resort.
  • The Himalayan Woods.
  • The Jigar hilltop resort.

In Fact, you can find the best travel guides and vacation packages by searching through this blog.

Famous activities to do in Munsiyari

Because of its snowcapped hills, it provides a great opportunity for field activities and sightseeing if you’re an explorer and don’t like to stay in your luxury crib and feel cozy.

You could visit

  • Trekking
  • Bird watching
  • Village tourism
  • Skiing

You can find other beautiful destinations in nearby areas and other things to do by visiting this blog.

Food guide

You can find some local delicious food as well as some international cuisine here. This is a village area, so potato and soybean are some famous vegetarian dishes. Mutton is the most popular meat because a lot of cattle graze in it. However, you can also find:

  • Mutton thali
  • Khade masala ka mutton curry
  • Bhang ki Chutney

and some other Kumaoni dishes. For checking more about your favorite meals, just check in this blog.

Best time to visit

Wandering this place may seem best from June to September when the weather is quite pleasant. You should not visit this place during monsoon season to avoid consequences. If anyone wants to experience skiing and trekking, then they should visit in snowy winters.


The maximum temperature in summer is up to 25 °C, and in winters, it is low and ranges from 10 to -5 °C.


This place is extremely beautiful and has a lot to wander around. You can experience different things from trekking, skiing, visiting high peaks, enjoying the snow, and experiencing village tourism. There is a diversity of animal and bird species due to green meadows and forests. So you can capture bird watching as well. It is also a wonderful place to take your pictures and capture these memorable moments of life. Before traveling to this site, you can also find details and the best travel guide by visiting famous blogs from

These places are a great choice for vacations.

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