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Rohtang Pass – Places to visit & Eat Near Rohtang Pass

So, you love trekking. Why not visit Himachal? The state is home to Rohtang Pass, a trekker’s delight. You can’t leave Himachal without experiencing the thrill of the valley that connects Manali and Lahaul & Spiti. Lying 50 km North of Manali, it is not for the faint-hearted. The place only welcomes expert drivers, thanks to the rough roads and an inhospitable height. The Rohtang Pass height is 3978 meters above sea level.

The thrill of the trip here lies in the narrow ways, snow-covered mountains, clouds at a touching height, and the beauty sprawled in the open like a nature lover’s fantasy come true. Besides unpredictable weather, other dangers might await you, including avalanches and landslides. Still, the beauty and the thrilling experience of being up there is worth every sharp breath intake or shiver you felt while coming here. It makes up for the ordeal.

Rohtang Pass – Places to visit & Eat Near Rohtang Pass

  • A Brief Overview Of Rohtang Pass

Rohtang translates into “piles of corpses.” The name stuck because numerous lives were lost in a bid to get through the deadly pass. The path connects Kullu to Lahaul valley. There are sharp curves, narrow roads, and the weather is unpredictable. The odds have led to several myths and stories being related to its name. Some believe that Lord Shiva created it himself. In ancient times, people used to believe that Kullu was the end of the inhabitable world. The name, Rohtang, might have evolved from this fact as well.

  • Essential Information About Rohtang Pass

Is Rohtang Pass open now? It’s a crucial aspect to ponder when planning your trip. Well, the Rohtang Pass lies on Leh-Manali Highway in Himachal Pradesh. Thanks to the height, the pass is blessed by heavy snowfall. From November to March, the area bears heavy snow everywhere. The government closes the Pass for the winter months. Thus, most trips are planned during May-June and in September-October after the rain is over.

The Pass is open till December but the snowfall happens by then. It is better to put off your plan till May. The Rohtang Pass weather in May is just perfect for trekking and soaking in the natural splendor spread all around. More importantly, going there during the rainy or winter season means putting your life in danger. The weather is inclement and chances of landslides run high.

Note that you need a special permit to enter the region. You can apply for it online. But to control the traffic in the region, only limited passes are issued. You are better off planning your trip in advance and then applying for the permit. The permit application can be submitted on the Himachal Tourism website. Documents needed to get the permit include:

  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Vehicle Registration Number
  3. An updated Pollution Check Certificate
  • Is Rohtang Pass Difficult?

Yes, it is. The Rohtang Pass is 13000 feet and the road is narrow, winding and replete with challenges. First, you meet Rohtang Nullah, a major obstruction in the way. As a biker, you must be an expert or else, you can lose your life here. Then comes a 2 km long stretch full of mud and slush. Crossing it is a nightmare, to say the least. Imagine crossing the stretch in the snow when your shoes get buried, and the cool breeze freezes you.

You never know when the blizzards or snowstorms come your way. It is very unpredictable up here. Thus, they keep the Pass closed for most of the year. After winters, the road crew get rid of the snow from the road. Landslides are also commonplace here. As there is no reason to put up with all these dangers, plan your trip in pleasant weather.

  • How To Reach Rohtang Pass?

How To Reach Rohtang PassFirst, you must reach Kullu or Manali. The nearest airport to Rohtang La Pass is Bhuntar airport. It is pretty easy to reach Kullu and Manali from the airport. Manali is 50 km away from the airport, while Kullu is 10 km. Feel free to take a bus from the airport for the towns, or hire a cab. You have options to reach Manali from Shimla, Delhi, and Chandigarh.

After you reach Manali, Rohtang Pass is a one day trip from there. You can take a private or HRTC bus from Manali to reach the Pass. If you prefer your own vehicle, make sure you have the required permit. Or else, you might be denied entry.

Remember, they offer two types of permits. One will take you to the pass and the other, beyond it. This permit is valid only for 24 hours. So, obtain the right one for a hassle-free experience. Info related to the Rohtang Pass charges is available on the website.

  • What Is So Special about Rohtang Pass?

Anyone who has been to Rohtang Pass will wax lyrical about the place. Rohtang in one sentence is the place where Earth is a piece of paradise. It is home to the Pin Valley National Park and an entryway to the famous Spiti valley. This is where clouds grace the mountain peaks, presenting a view that etches into the memory forever. Expect to see white peaks in the distance talking to the clouds, green meadows, and rocky paths adorning the valleys. It’s hard to describe the beauty in words. Instead, it has to be experienced.

The roads are narrow, rivers are flowing majestically in the valley, enchanting glaciers are ready to be captured in your camera, and there is timeless beauty everywhere to savour. Imagine the likes your Rohtang Pass pics would generate on your social media profiles. Many bikers dare to drive their bikes on the route of Manali to Rohtang. However, it is only for experts who can maneuver the bike around bottlenecked roads. Previously, they used the route for trade between India and neighboring countries.

  • Things To Do In Rohtang Pass

Once you have reached Rohtang and are delighted in its beauty, it’s time for some fun. The Rohtang Pass spoils you for choices when it comes to things to do here.

1. Paragliding

ParaglidingWant to have a bird’s eye view of the beautiful mountains? Go paragliding and feel like a bird. If you have never done paragliding before, attempt it this time, and you will remember it forever.

2. Skiing


When you are in the snow, skiing is a must-try sport. This adventure sport will give you the chance to relish in the fluffy white snow and slide down it with glee.

3. Photography

If you are a shutterbug, the place is the jeweler’s chest. It is perfect for capturing the towering, snow-clad Himalayan peaks, blue skies, and delighted faces around.

4. Snow Driving

Snow DrivingEver imagined driving a snow scooter? At Rohtang Pass, you can live this experience.

5. Mountain Biking

Gear up in your shoes and get ready for some more adventure. You cannot afford to miss mountain biking in Rohtang. It is an exhilarating adventure sport.

  • What Are The Best Places To Visit In Rohtang Pass?

If you are visiting Rohtang Pass, there are many places nearby where you can make a stop and enjoy. Here are some of the best options for all types of vacationers.

1. Rahala Waterfall

Rahala WaterfallFrom Manali towards Rohtang Pass, you can divert and spend some time watching Rahala Waterfall. Be careful, the roads here are very slippery, and the narrow curves make it hard to reach. However, when you reach the destination, the troubles are worth it. Just see the beautiful waterfall falling from an altitude of 2500 meters. It will take your breath away. You can take a walk around, indulge in birdwatching, and capture their beauty in your camera.

2. Solang Valley

Solang ValleyIf you have time, plan one or two days at Solang Valley, one of India’s leading tourist destinations. It is 42 km from Rohtang Pass, so only one and a half-hour drive will take you there. In winters, snow covers the entire landscape, and skiing and paragliding lovers throng the place. Zorbing, parachuting, and ATV rides are also popular excursions here.

3. Lahaul & Spiti Valley

Lahaul & Spiti ValleyThe “desert of the Himalayas,” Lahaul & Spiti valley is one of the most picturesque spots in Himachal Pradesh. The region is home to several monasteries. The sand-colored mountains surround it and make it a visual delight. It is where India meets Tibet. So, expect to experience Tibetan culture in all its vibrancy here. It is a favorite spot for backpackers. If you are looking for some peace and tranquility, you know where to head to.

4. Chandra & Bhaga Rivers

Chandra & Bhaga Rivers

Have you ever seen two rivers meet? It is a beautiful sight that you can witness in the lesser Himalayas. The glaciers in Shivalik Ranges melt and flow in the form of the Chandra and Bhaga rivers. These two rivers flow in Spiti valley and then join each other to make Chenab. This union of the two rivers is gorgeous, and you must visit it on your next Rohtang trip.

5. Khoksar Village

Khoksar VillageTired of city life? Looking for some cozy, peaceful days? Make your abode in Khoksar village, 19 km beyond Rohtang Pass in Lahaul valley. This picturesque town is the coldest place in the region, and if you dare to endure the chill, it will welcome you with snow-covered hills. In summer, the snow melts, and you can see the silver lines flowing and making the place magical.

Best Place To Stay Near Rohtang Pass

Best Place To Stay Near Rohtang PassThe place lacks any hotel or accommodation. If you have a tent, you can use it. But for a more comfortable night, before you start your journey to the Pass, prefer renting a room in or near Manali. Among the several lodges, resorts, and hotels, here’re the best picks.

1. Golden Tulip

Want to look around before going to bed and start your journey towards Rohtang Pass? Book a room in the Golden Tulip hotel, which is only 1 km from Manu Temple, the temple of the ancestor of humankind as per Hindu mythology. You can visit hot springs as well. The hotel is only two kilometers from the Manali bus stand. River View is an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant where you can taste some lip-smacking food. The room is equipped with an electric kettle, a flat-screen television, a seating area, a private bathroom with a shower, hairdryer, and complimentary toiletries. It is a great place to spend a night.

2. The Highland Park

If you want to live amidst the beauty, Highland Park is your place. Spread across 8000 square yards, the hotel is a vantage point for some stunning views of snow-laden mountains, nearby forests, conifer trees, apple orchards, and timeless natural beauty. It is approximately 11 km from Rohtang, so it will be easy for you to catch a ride or hire a cab and start your journey in the morning.

3. The Orchid Inn

If you are on a boy’s only trip, or you and your partner are looking for a cozy and peaceful place to spend the night, Orchid Inn is ready to serve you. The hotel has all the modern amenities required for a comfortable stay. It allows you to enjoy a lazy evening while sipping tea, munching on snacks, and looking out to the beauty surrounding you. Also, the staff is congenial. Think of this as the best budget hotel in the area.

4. The Orchards Green

The perfect place in the middle of the town, Orchards Green is easily accessible. You can spend the evening strolling to Hidimba Devi Temple, which is only 2 km away or take a walk to the Circuit House. A delicious dinner in the in-house restaurant waits for you, once you are over with sightseeing. The rooms are spacious, well-appointed and equipped with a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV, and fresh bed linens and towels.

5. Snow Valley Resorts

Your search for luxury resorts in Manali ends with the Snow Valley Resort. It’s situated in the lap of nature with tall pine trees surrounding it and apple orchards blooming in the vicinity. The hotel has a rooftop cafe, “The Terrace” as well as the “Valley View,” a multi-cuisine restaurant. The room has everything you could ask for, including a fridge, a safe, and a private shower.

  • Best Places To Eat Near Rohtang Pass

Best Places To Eat Near Rohtang PassIf you stay in the above-mentioned hotels, you need not worry about food as most offer lip-smacking meals. But if you are in no mood for typical hotel food, you can enjoy your favorite dishes at these places.

1. The Lazy Dog

This place is perfect for warding off cold with some hot, delicious food and music. You can enjoy Italian, continental, and other delicious meals here with tasty wine. It’s one of the top-rated restaurants in Manali, and you need not think twice about it. Visit it for scrumptious food and a bubbly atmosphere.

2. Manali Sweets

Looking for something tasty that doesn’t hit your bottom line? Manali Sweets is the place that every tourist must visit for the unique taste of Manali. The masala chai here is very tasty. Enjoy a beautiful evening here while sampling some delectable sweets.

3. People

If you are tight on budget, “People” is an obscured place offering yummy food at excellent prices.

4. Sagar Thakur Dhaba

To enjoy authentic Himachali cuisine, this is the place to be. They lay a traditional thali for you with Makki ki roti, sabji, onion, pickle, sweets and some other dishes. Eating makes everything better seems true here with a plate served in a home-like manner.

5. Johnson Bar & Restaurant

To spend a nice time under the sun while enjoying a yummy meal, Johnson Bar & Restaurant is a perfect place.


If you are planning to visit Rohtang Pass, gathering every piece of information about it is always advisable. That will help you experience a flawless trip you have always craved for. This guide covers almost everything, from reaching there to getting permits and where to stay to eat. Hope, all your queries got answered here. If you still have any, connect with us.

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