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12 Best Cigarette Brands in 2023 | Tobacco Brands

Ever wondered which are the world’s best cigarette brands in 2023? Let’s find out, one at a time.

Smoking kills. Yet, people smoke. Some do it for the taste, some for a false sense of relief, and some out of sheer compulsion. It’s addictive and hard to get rid of. Plus, it’s a health hazard, triggering severe conditions and even death. Guess what? Both smokers and bystanders are equally at risk.

Smoking exposes smokers to cancer, cardiac arrest, lung conditions, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), compromised immunity, and more. Alongside other lifestyle factors, smoking is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Worst still, smoking kills over seven million active and 1.2 million passive smokers globally in a calendar year. Mind you, these deaths are preventable.

With around 120 million smokers in India alone, cigarettes are among the most consumed goods globally. That’s where the best cigarette brands kick in, catering to different tastes, budgets, and availability requirements. Vilify or glorify them, but they are addressing growing consumer demand.

12 Best Cigarette Brands

Without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the 12 best cigarette brands in the world in 2023.

1. Marlboro

MarlboroWho else but Marlboro?

The American brand has outsold every other cigarette brand since 1972. The brand rules the roost globally with a massive 40% market share and a brand value of 34,741 million in 2023. Its brand value is more than that of the next eight leading cigarette brands combined.

Marlboro comes from the “Great Marlborough Street” in London, where it all began in 1873. The company branched out to the US in 1902 with a production facility in New York. However, it was only in 1924 that the brand was unleashed as “America’s luxury cigarette.”

This cigarette brand is known for producing different types of cigarettes like mild, flavored, and less “harsh” cigarettes, to delight smokers. Interestingly, Marlboro is considered a ‘man thing’ though it was introduced specifically for female smokers.

Innovative marketing has driven success for Marlboro. Remember the “Mild as Maycampaign? It made waves back in the day. Also, the brand sponsors F1, GP2, World Rally Championship, and other sporting events globally.

  • Owned by: Altria Philip Morris International
  • Price (India): INR 260 for a pack of 20 Sticks
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Since: 1924
  • Brand value: $26.8 Billion
  • Sales: $25.1 Billion
  • Website:

2. Davidoff


Davidoff must be among the world’s top and most popular cigarette brands. After all, it’s raking in $1.3 billion annually in revenue, primarily via flagship outlets worldwide. The top cigar brands, Camacho and Zino Platinum, are sister concerns of the brand.

Davidoff spoils you for choices with a stunning product range. Think cigarettes, cigars, pipes, accessories, and more. Even the cigarette offerings are diverse. The different types of cigarettes produced by Davidoff are Gold, Classic, Supreme, Mild, and Menthol, among others.

Smokers have taken a liking for Davidoff products for the quality and aroma they deliver. The brand is associated with luxury, which also reflects in its presentation. A British conglomerate, Imperial Brands, owns Davidoff following a multi-million deal in 2006.

  • Owned by: Oettinger Davidoff AG
  • Price (India): INR 450 for a pack of 20 sticks
  • Country of origin: Switzerland
  • Website:

3. Camel


Camel has a loyal customer base globally. The American brand has been around since 1913, providing smokers with superior taste and aroma in aesthetically pleasing packaging. The name, Camel, was an imitation of Egyptian cigarettes that were a rage back then.

Camel’s parent company, RJ Reynolds is credited with introducing packaged cigarettes. Earlier, smokers were required to roll their cigarettes independently, which was a hassle. The brand prefers Virginian and Turkish tobacco to impart a distinctive taste and flavor.

Besides product quality and visually pleasing packaging, Camel has leveraged thrilling advertising campaigns to drive brand allegiance. The brand even offered a promotional ticket, “Camel Cash”, which could be exchanged for Camel products.

Interestingly, North Carolina has a city, Winston-Salem, nicknamed “Camel City” after the brand. How’s that for popularity?

  • Owned by: RJ Reynolds
  • Price (India): INR 290 to INR 350 for a pack of 20 sticks
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Since: 1913
  • Brand value: $3,485M (2017)
  • Website:

4. Parliament


Parliament isn’t just a brand. Instead, it’s a cult. Since 1931, Parliament has offered unrivaled smoothness, immersive flavor, and creamy taste, making the brand a rage among smokers worldwide.

Owned by Philip Morris, Parliament gained the spotlight for its recessed paper filters in an era when cigarettes lacked filters. When, in the early 1940s, the brand adopted filters, an aggressive ad campaign was launched with a tagline, “Only the flavor touches your lips.”

Parliament cigarette entered folklore when it was found mentioned in Ian Fleming’s 1956 Bond novel; Diamonds are Forever. Another Bond novel, The Spy Who Loved Me, also featured Parliament. Over the years, even music bands and celebs contributed to the legacy of Parliament.

  • Owned by: Philip Morris International
  • Price (India): INR 500 for a pack of 20 sticks
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Since: 1931
  • Website:

5. Dunhill


Dunhill gets its name from its founder, Alfred Dunhill, a British tobacconist, and pioneer. For the brand, all started in Westminster, London, in 1907, when the founder came up with a small outlet on Duke Street.

The locals quickly took a liking for Dunhill’s blends that were tailored to their specifications. In 1908, Dunhill cigarettes made their way into the market by producing a different type of cigarette with a unique wool filter tip. These “Hygienic Cigarettes” were considered a safer alternative to their filter-less counterparts.

By 1939, Dunhill cigarettes were unleashed in the US. Ever since, the brand has grown immensely to emerge as one of the world’s most popular cigarette brands. The company has used superior tobacco to deliver a smooth and hearty experience. Wonder why they are costlier than other most popular cigarette brands?

  • Owned by: British American Tobacco
  • Price (India): INR 200 to INR 400 for a pack of 20 sticks
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Since: 1907
  • Website:

6. Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike

Isn’t it a strange name for a brand of cigarette? Lucky Strike sounds more like a casino. But it’s no stranger to popularity. It was the best-selling brand in the US in the 1940s and 50s before Marlboro’s market domination. The brand still has plenty of takers the world over.

Lucky Strike started as chewing tobacco in 1871 and transitioned into cigarettes in the 1900s. The name connotes a blend as rare as gold during the gold rush era. Legend has it “Lucky Strike” had traces of marijuana in some packets, which led to the name.

Lucky Luckies, as Americans call the Lucky Strike cigarettes, are a smoker’s delight. They have the right blend of smoothness, aroma, and delectable taste. The brand didn’t use sundry tobacco. Instead, it roasted it to keep the flavor intact.

  • Owned by: British American Tobacco
  • Price (India): INR 200 to INR 110 for a pack of 20 sticks
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Since: 1871
  • Website:

7. Pall Mall

Pall Mall

Pall Mall is a sumptuous label named after an eponymous street in London. Founded in 1899 as a ‘premium’ blend, the brand has a history of innovation. Be it the “King Size” standard or an ingenious way of tobacco stuffing that made cigarettes smoother, Pall Mall was ahead of the curve.

In a long, eventful history, Pall Mall’s ownership has changed hands, from Black Butler to American Tobacco to Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation (BWTC). R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company owns the brand by default after acquiring BWTC in 2004.

Pall Mall’s popularity soared in the 60s when it outsold any other brand of cigarette in the US. Its popularity is intact even today, being the best-seller for Reynolds, alongside Camel and Newport. You can find mentions of Pall Mall in popular novels and video games.

Smokers prefer Pall Mall for its delectable taste, fuller flavor, and distinct undertones of licorice. The sheer quality places it among the world’s top and most popular cigarette brands.

  • Owned by: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
  • Price (India): INR 430 for a pack of 20 sticks
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Since: 1899
  • Brand Value: $6.201M
  • Website:

8. Benson & Hedges

Benson & Hedges

Benson & Hedges is one of the most recognizable brands of cigarettes out there. It’s a British brand acquired by an American MNC, Altria. However, some of the top cigarette manufacturers, think Rothmans, Philip Morris USA, Japan Tobacco, and British American Tobacco use the Benson & Hedges trademark in different regions of the world.

The brand saw the light of day in 1873, Thanks to its founders, Richard Benson, and William Hedges. It branched out to the US and Canada in the 1900s. Later, Philip Morris acquired the US branch but retained the label. Gallaher Group did the same with the UK branch.

Benson & Hedges has been a guilty pleasure for everyone, from royals to celebs to ordinary folks. It even had a Royal Warrant, which was revoked only in 1999. The brand has a reputation for using an untainted component of Virginia tobacco to keep up with quality standards.

  • Owned by: Altria
  • Price (India): INR 190 to INR 250 for a pack of 20 sticks
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Since: 1873
  • Brand Value: $6.201M
  • Website:

9. Gold Flake

Gold Flake

Gold Flake is one of the most popular cigarette brands in the Indian Subcontinent, known for its quality blends. Initially, Imperial Tobacco, Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) has owned the brand since 1901. Come 1971, the brand introduced Gold Flake Kings, which set the new standard in size.

They manufacture Gold Flake with high-quality golden tobacco, hence the name. The tobacco is reinforced with drops of honeydew for a distinctive texture and flavor. ITC is one of the top cigarette manufacturing companies in India.

Gold Flake has a strong presence in India and neighboring countries and is exported to Canada, Europe, Egypt, South Africa, and beyond.

  • Owned by: Indian Tobacco Company (ITC)
  • Price (India): INR 100 to INR 300 for a pack of 20 sticks
  • Country of origin: India
  • Since: 1873
  • Brand Value: $3.535M
  • Website:

10. Insignia

InsigniaOwned by ITC, Insignia is a premium cigarette brand with a dedicated clientele. The brand has a short yet eventful history. Launched in 2003, it became one of the Best Cigarette Selling Brands. Great taste, exceptional smoothness, and attractive packaging brought phenomenal success to Insignia cigarettes.

  • Owned by: Indian Tobacco Company (ITC)
  • Price (India): INR 100 to INR 300 for a pack of 20 sticks
  • Country of origin: India
  • Since: 2003
  • Website:

11. State Express 555

State Express 555Make way for one of the leading luxury cigarette brands with a loyal global customer base. True to the tagline (Smoothness), 555 cigarettes ensure a soft, smooth, and delectable taste, translating into an exceptional smoking experience. The quality justifies the price tag.

State Express is the brainchild of Sir Albert Levy (1864–1937), a British tobacco vendor. The name was inspired by the Empire State Express’ locomotive No.999, which he boarded on visiting the states in 1893. Interestingly, they registered all series of triple numbers from 111 to 999 and assigned each number to a different brand with a diverse blend.

Besides cigarettes, the brand also rolls out an extensive selection of cigars and tobacco to support diverse customer requirements. Call it State Express 555, Bento el 555, or simply 555 – all mean the same. As a side note, a 555 cigarette price in India is INR 480 for 20 cigarettes.

  • Owned by: British American Tobacco
  • Price (India): INR 480 for a pack of 20 cigarettes
  • Country of origin: The United Kingdom
  • Since: 1896
  • Motto: Smoothness

12. Wills Classic

Wills ClassicFor a long, Classic has been the Indian alternative to Marlboro. Classic cigarette mimics Marlboro’s gourmet taste and smooth flow, Thanks to the appropriate filling value and top quality, flue-cured tobacco. The tobacco doesn’t shatter during handling and burns completely, ensuring a wholesome puff each time you light up. Also, the nitrogen and nicotine content is perfect, both below 3%.

Classic cigarettes made it to the market in 1979 as a luxury brand. The brand became a rage among cigarette connoisseurs thanks to aggressive marketing that invoked nostalgia. The brand took over the king-size cigarette market, which had a meager 5% share of the total market. In the 1990s, the brand altered its dimensions. Earlier, the cigarette measured 83 mm (length) and 24.5 mm (diameter). Now, they measure 84 mm (height) and 24.75 mm (diameter).

Classic currently boasts an extensive portfolio of brands supporting all tastes. These include:

  • Classic Rich Taste (Erstwhile Classic Regular)
  • Classic Balanced Taste (Erstwhile Classic Milds)
  • Classic Refined taste (Erstwhile Classic Ultra Milds)
  • Classic Blue Leaf
  • Classic Verve
  • Classic Verve Low Smell
  • Classic Ice-burst
  • Classic Double Burst
  • Classic Low Smell
  • Classic Connect

When it comes to Classic cigarette prices, it varies from brand to brand. For a pack of Classic Regular, you’ll be paying upwards of INR 450. After all, quality never comes cheap. Classic is a global brand with a strong presence in the Middle East, Australia, and a significant part of Europe.

The cigarette brand at a glance:

  • Owned by: ITC Limited (in India) & Imperial Tobacco (Elsewhere)
  • Price (India): INR 480 for a pack of 20 cigarettes
  • Country of origin: India
  • Since: 1979

How We Chose the Best Cigarette Brands in 2023?

At DKG, we aim to deliver the best recommendations for your taste, pocket, and other requirements. Even if that means spending months upon months testing and analyzing products for their quality, price, and other aspects. Although we do not promote any unhealthy practices, least of all smoking, our editors evaluated cigarette brands to provide a hands-on review. We even asked smokers about their preferences to add nuance to the findings. Here’s exactly what we factored in:

  • Brand Value:

When you quantify a brand, you get its brand value. It may not be the real indicator of a brand’s worth but it’s how consumers, the market, and other stakeholders perceive it. It depends on product quality, customer experience, brand recognition, marketing efforts, and other factors. So, factoring in the brand value was important for producing a list of the top cigarette brands in 2023.

  • Quality Standards:

Strong brands have a strong quality focus. The top cigarette brands use cutting-edge technology, proven methods, and superior flue-cured tobacco and other ingredients for production. We even went on to know all there is to know about the tobacco they use. This includes Filling Value, Strip Yield, Shatterability, Elasticity, Texture, Porosity, Combustibility, Nicotine Content, and more.

  • Taste:

Cigarettes come in a variety of tastes to cater to different smokers. While some smokers go for a stronger flavor, others prefer a mild flavor. That’s why we found out the nicotine content of each brand, which determines the cigarette’s overall taste and strength. Factors like tobacco blend, processing techniques, and added flavoring (notably menthol) didn’t skip our radar as well.

  • Price:

We couldn’t ignore as important a consideration as price when curating the list. Certain brands cost more than the rest primarily due to factors like production costs, brand value, and marketing costs. External factors like taxes in a given area, and tariffs & trade agreements also reflect in the costs.

  • Availability:

This was a key consideration. Certain brands are more readily accessible to the end user than the rest. The wider availability across global markets puts these brands ahead of the competition.

Proven Tips to Quit Smoking that The Best Cigarette Brands Don’t Want You to Know

Smoking isn’t just a health hazard. It’s a brutal killer, causing painful deaths. Thankfully, giving up on this abhorrent practice is never too late. However, the earlier you decide, the more chances of reclaiming your life. And, regarding how to quit smoking, we are here to help. Even though the cravings to smoke are hard to resist, the following tried and tested tips can prevent relapse.

1. Decide why you wish to quit

The journey to de-addiction starts with a reason. What’s yours? It could be regaining fitness levels and warding off deadly smoking-related health hazards like cardiac arrests, cancers, etc. Or, you don’t wish to expose your family to the risk of passive smoking. The bottom line is to choose a compelling reason that outweighs the compulsion to smoke and keeps you motivated.

2. Plan in advance

At times, smokers attempt to quit without a plan in place. Mind you, smoking is an addiction. Your brain is used to nicotine. And, when you deny the supply, withdrawal symptoms surface that are often hard to deal with. You are better off consulting your physician to manage your urge and withdrawals once you quit. Also, taking quit-smoking therapies and medication can help.

3. Go for Nicotine Replacement Therapy

A growing body of research has found nicotine replacement therapy effective in controlling the desire to smoke. Here, you rely on nicotine chewing gums, patches, and lozenges for a consistent supply of nicotine. The withdrawal symptoms subside as your brain gets its dose of nicotine without being exposed to the life-threatening chemicals in tobacco.

4. Develop a support system

You cannot give up smoking without a proper support system. This includes your physician, counselor, family, friends, colleagues, or anyone you can rely on for motivation and help during withdrawals. You can start by informing all of them about your decision to quit. And, feel free to take a behavioral therapy to help you plan your de-addiction journey and stay on track. Mind you, the stronger the support system is, the smoother your journey.

5. Get active

An active lifestyle is the best preventive measure against smoking. Someone hitting the gym or the jogging track regularly is less likely to adopt smoking. And the same holds in the case of quitting smoking. Sports, exercise, walks, and other physical activities help subdue cravings and withdrawals. Also, they will help manage your weight, which will likely increase once you stop smoking.

6. Rely on medications

Medications can go a long way in helping you lead a tobacco-free life. These over-the-counter medicines suppress the urge to light up, making the experience less satisfying. Plus, you can rely on certain anti-depressants to deal with withdrawals. However, talk to your physician before going on medication. Otherwise, the strategy can backfire, exposing you to risks.

7. Take a break

Quit SmokingYour vacationing and cigarette deaddiction goals can go hand in hand. Vacationing helps relax the brain, much like nicotine. As evident as it is, a relaxed brain is less likely to feel cigarette cravings. Besides, avoiding alcohol or other triggers is helpful, especially in the first few days.

8. Don’t give up

Smokers often fail multiple times to maintain their resolve to stay away from smoking. But those who never give up are more likely to succeed. It’s advisable not to give up, despite failing umpteen times. You are better off finding reasons for your failure, which could be anything from a stressful situation to peer pressure. Need we say working on the basis is the way to go?


Now that you know about the world’s top and most popular cigarette brands, it’s time to choose the one suiting your taste and budget. However, smoke responsibly, or better still, quit it. It’s more than a health hazard; it kills smokers and bystanders. Do you know smoking accounted for over one billion untimely deaths in the 20th century? Worst still, the numbers are rising steadily.

If you have been smoking for a while, it’s time to reclaim your life. Guess what? The health benefits become evident the moment you quit smoking. After the last smoke, the heart’s heart will typically beat for just half an hour. In twenty-four hours, the carbon monoxide levels return to normal. Within 20 days, the chances of a cardiac attack lower significantly. And, if you happen to stay away from cigarettes for a few months, the possibility of cancer is lowered.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Cigarette Brands

1. Which is the world’s biggest cigarette brand?

With a 40% market share and $25.1 billion in sales, Marlboro is hands down the world’s biggest cigarette brand. The brand is owned by Philip Morris USA, which is a subsidiary of the Altria Group.

2. Which is the world’s oldest surviving cigarette brand?

Muratti burst onto the scene in 1821, which makes it the oldest surviving cigarette brand. Presently, its ownership rests with Philip Morris International.

3. What was the first-ever cigarette brand?

Lorillard is credited with being the first-ever cigarette brand. Established in 1760, it was the vision of French ex-pat Pierre Lorillard, who set up the first-ever cigarette manufacturing unit in New York.

4. When were the first cigarettes made?

It’s debatable. Some date back to the emergence of cigarettes in 16th-century Europe. However, as per the consensus, the cigarette is an offshoot of pipes and cigars.

5. Which is the safest cigarette?

Sadly, a safe cigarette doesn’t exist. All cigarettes feature tobacco, which releases deadly chemicals upon combustion. When inhaled, they cause some serious medical conditions, including cancers.

6. Do cigarettes lower sperm count?

Yes. Studies reveal that heavy smokers are prone to lower sperm count and greater sperm motility. However, once you stop smoking, these damaging effects are reversed, as per a credible study.

7. How to remove cigarette smell from the skin?

The cigarette smell can be hard to get rid of. However, you can minimize it down by washing your hands with soap, using scented hand sanitizer, and cleansing your face after a smoke.

8. Which is better, smoking or chewing tobacco?

Both are health hazards. While chewing tobacco doesn’t cause lung cancer, it is linked to other serious issues, such as mouth cancer. Other effects are more or less similar.
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