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10 Best Educational YouTube Channels For learning

Looking for educational content on Youtube? Here’re the 10 best educational YouTube Channels out there.

YouTube has seen a surge of almost 2 billion users in the past 20 years. The content variety is simply unprecedented, from movie trailers, TV shows to educational videos and everything else that could cater to all age groups. However, it is intimidating to zero in on the educational videos that are fitting as educational videos for kids, students, or even adults.

10 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Learning

Let’s make your search easier. Here’re the 10 best educational YouTube channels that will satiate your hunger for the most enriching and fun content.

1. TED-Ed

Let’s make your search easier. Here’re the 10 best educational YouTube channels that will satiate your hunger for the most enriching and fun content.

The TED community is a mission to promote innovative ideas. We’re all familiar with TED TALKS, which is a coveted stage for speakers from all over the world. Some honorary mentions include Bill Clinton, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Shahrukh Khan, Shashi Tharoor, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos.

TED-Ed is a team of educators, specialists, and animation professionals who create educational videos with scientific concepts and relatable animations. Their videos are captivating, informative, and designed to make learning easier for the viewers. The range of topics they discuss is vast, from common topics to far-fetched ones.

While there are several YouTube channels dedicated to spreading the right information to a certain age group, TED-Ed caters to students of all age groups, from a kid to an elderly. As one of the best Youtube channels to learn, TED-Ed includes a lot of digital creators to make descriptive and engaging videos for the learners.

Their most popular video is “Questions No One Knows the Answers to,” with a total of 24M views. The video explains questions no one would usually think of. Equally popular is the “Can You Solve the Prisoner Hat Riddle?”

You can also access TED-Ed lessons created in partnership with animators and educators. Some of their high-profile advisors include Aaron Sams, Jackie Bezos, etc.

  • Subscribers: 14.9M
  • Total views: 2,675,215,191 views
  • Uploads: 1K +
  • Joined on: March 2nd, 2011

2. SmarterEveryDay


It’s a brainchild of Destin Wilson Sandlin, a US-based YouTuber. His first ever video was about Chicken head tracking that used chickens. Even though the choice of the topic seems unusual, the video was highly popular. And, SmarterEveryDay cashed on the video’s popularity to emerge as one of the leading educational YouTube channels.

His channel featured a series, “Detonation vs. Deflagration”, which became the basis for the channel. Sandlin, as the host and the narrator, walks the viewers through breakthrough scientific explorations and discoveries, along with relevant generic topics in these videos.

The channel boasts of an extensive video playlist, including Landing on the Moon, Nuclear Submarine Deep Dive, Social Media Misinformation, The amazing Amazon, Helicopter Physics, etc. The founder’s interest in Science and exploration reflects in his videos.

Some of his famous videos are “Tattooing close up (in slow motion),” which shows how the ink is dragged over the skin and what effect it could have. The video “How HOUDINI died (in slow motion)” is a descriptive video on the death of the famous magician, Harry Houdini.

  • Subscribers: 10M
  • Total views: 978,331,775
  • Uploads: 344
  • Joined: April 4, 2006

3. Vsauce


Vsauce was created by Michael Stevens, Kevin Lieber, Jake Roper, and Eric Langley. With mainstream topics like mathematics, psychology, and science, they also cover gaming, technology, popular culture, and general interest topics. Initially, the creators only posted gaming videos featuring different hosts. However, slowly it evolved into an information mix with various online activities and educational matters started popping up. as the channel gained popularity, more videos were being made on it.

Vsauce was later renamed as Vsauce1 to distinguish it from its brand name. The videos present Michael Stevens discussing topics and providing suggestions, opinions, and observations.

Vsauce2 is led by Kevin Leiber where he covers topics related to unusual knowledge, gadgets, and people. It largely produces videos related to dilemmas, paradoxes, and probable situations in real life. Some segments on this channel are “Facts and Knowledge,” “Weird Awesome Crazy (WAC),” and “PAB (People are Boring).” These are fun and interactive videos to learn from.

Vsauce3 is hosted by Jake Roper, who posts videos regarding fictional worlds and video games. They are highly informative and interactive. The Creator Unknown is another channel from the house of Vsauce that posts podcasts of interviews on digital creators, such as Destin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day. the sauce is a compilation of all videos from fans of the original channel but is currently inactive.

  • Subscribers: 17.2M
  • Total views: 2,155,431,639
  • Uploads: 383
  • Joined on: July 31, 2007



rated among the top education YouTube channels, AsapSCIENCE is a foundation of a duo of Canadian YouTubersMitchell “Mitch” Moffit and Gregory Brown. The channel elaborates on different topics of Science with a video every week. The founders were also nominated for the “Shorty Award for Best in Science.” The team consists of Rachel Salt (researcher), Max Simmons (illustrator), Chelsea Scherer (digital manager), and Sel Ghebrehiwot (editor).

AsapSCIENCE makes videos around Science, with titles like “How Much Sleep do you Need?” discussing how our body functions. The most viewed video of the channel is “Do you hear ‘Yanny’ or ‘Laurel’?”, which has overall 60 million views.

They also make the video interactive with songs, such as “Science Love Song” and ”Periodic Table Song.” Each video is made using colorful chalkboards, whiteboard with interactive magnets with a narration running in the background.

This channel has collaborated with Vsauce for four videos, “The scientific secret of strength and muscle growth,” “What if Superman punched you?”, “Can we genetically improve intelligence?” and “Can you genetically enhance yourself?”

  • Subscribers: 9.76M
  • Total views: 1,546,541,161
  • Uploads: 374
  • Joined on: May 28, 2012

5. CrashCourse


This is a US-based YouTube channel founded and operated by a popular author, John Greene, and his brother Hank Green. John Greene has been known for publishing books like “The Fault in Our Stars,” “Looking for Alaska,” etc. The books have been adapted into a movie and TV series. With that popularity and audience reach, they launched this channel. Soon, it went on to be one of the top-rated educational YouTube channels.

The channel has videos on topics, such as Literature, Media Literacy, mythology, Philosophy, psychology, statistics, theatre, physics, mathematics, government, film studies, economics, engineering, European history, Astronomy, US history, Anatomy & Physiology. It also has all the courses covering the school curriculum. Their videos are witty and easier to understand for the kids.

The channel has varied courses that any student can learn from and are informative for parents and teachers too. Some of its popular or most watched videos are “The Agricultural Revolution: Crash Course World History #1”, “Intro to Psychology: crash course psychology #1”, “Conflict in Israel and Palestine: Crash course World History 223,” and more.

They also launched three-film series that covered film history, film production, and film criticism, respectively. In 2017, Thomas Frank hosted a crash course, Study Skill Professional, which covered topics, such as productivity skills, time management, and note-taking.

  • Subscribers: 12.7M
  • Total views: 1,559,632,911
  • Uploads: 12
  • Joined on: May 20, 2006

6. Unacademy JEE

Unacademy JEE

Unacademy JEE is an Indian channel based in Bangalore. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to IIT JEE preparation consisting of an excellent team set up by Gaurav Munjal. Not just for IIT JEE, but they prepare you for UPSC, SSC exams, CBSE Class 12, and NEET UG. They have live classes, conducted exclusively by professional educators, on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and more.

Their video lessons not only detail the concept but also provide you with tricks to memorize difficult concepts. They have separate playlists for separate topics. Take, for instance, Physics for Class 11th has a different playlist covering all key topics like Basic kinetics, Basic Mathematics, Vectors, etc.

The most popular video titles include “Study Tips by Jeetu Bhaiya Kota Factory” (Special actor class from a famous TV series), “JEE: Units & Dimensions L1- Class 11”, “JEE: Limits L1-Class 12,” etc.

  • Subscribers: 1.82M
  • Total views: 368,910,105
  • Uploads: 4.5K
  • Joined on: May 16, 2014

7. MinuteEarth


MinuteEarth is run by Neptune Studios LLC. The creators include Henry Reich, Alex Reich, Peter Reich, Ever Salazar, Kate Yoshida, David Goldenberg, Arcadi Garcia, Sarah Berman, Jasper Palfrey, Melissa Hayes, and Julian Gomex. This channel contains a video about the Planet Earth and its history, workings, and everything else you need to know.

Their video playlist features topics, such as Animal behavior, Geology, Ecology Conservation, Anatomy and Health, Food, Farms & Fish, Biology, Earth history, Human Behavior, and Evolution, among others. Think of them as one of the best educational videos on YouTube.

This channel is made by a group of scientists, writers, and illustrators with a passion and curiosity to know more about the world we live in. The main creators, Henry and Alex Reich gain inspiration from general life experiences, such as Hiking, Biking, talking with family, etc. People can also share their ideas about the world with them and let them create wonders with it. Their most popular videos are “Why it Sucks to be a Male Hyena”, “Why do Animals Eat Their Babies?”, “Why do we have more Boys than Girls?” etc.

  • Subscribers: 2.6M
  • Total views: 367,245,677
  • Uploads: 270
  • Joined on: Oct 20, 2011

8. National Geographic

National Geographic

National Geographic has been a part of our lives for a long time through television. But they ventured into YouTube in 2006 only to emerge as one of the leading educational YouTube channels. The channel works to inspire people to care about the planet. It is home to videos from world-class scientists, filmmakers, photographers, and journalists. They take you closer to the planet and to the edges of what’s possible and what isn’t.

They have videos scheduled for the week, i.e., Nature, Environment, Exploration, Science, Fun facts, Travel and adventure, and History & culture, respectively, from Monday through Sunday. The channel comprises videos, such as “Cobra vs. Mongoose”, “Rare Video: Japan Tsunami”, “Jaguar Attacks Crocodile Cousin”, “109-year Old Veteran and his Secrets to Life will make you Smile,” etc. The videos are mostly focused on real-life news and have separate channels for kids and education, as well.

  • Subscribers: 18.5 M
  • Total views: 4,726,218,354
  • Uploads: 9.7K
  • Joined on: May 7, 2006

9. Vox


Vox is all about news from around the world and how things work. It is a US-based entertainment website, owned by Vox media. It’s a vision of Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias, and Melissa Bell. The YouTube channel is just a part of the Vox website, which presents itself as the flagbearer of explanatory journalism.

The video accompanies a news article on the same topic as well. Its most popular video includes titles like ‘’Here’s What Happens to Your Knuckles when you Crack them’’, “Proof of Evolution that you can find on your Body,” “How Wildlife Trade is Linked to Coronavirus,” etc. It also has videos on current affairs and socio-cultural topics, such as “North Korean Nuclear Threat,” where they explained the topic using narration over video graphics, animation, and actual news footage.

  • Subscribers: 9.9M
  • Total views: 2,629,246,203
  • Uploads: 1.3K
  • Joined on: Mar 5, 2014

10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

This is a non-profit organization that is motivated to provide free, top-class education to everyone in every corner of the world. Khan Academy’s YouTube channel has over eight thousand videos on complex subjects, such as biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, history, economics, finance, etc. It also has grammar lessons on it.

Khan academy is a teacher-oriented descriptive channel that helps the teachers by providing worthy data to help them analyze their student’s performance. This helps identify issues with their students and rectify them easily. The channel also provides personalized SAT and LSAT practice, in partnership with the College Board and LSAC (Law School Admission Council) for free. They have videos ranging from Elon musk to cellular respiration and probability.

The most popular video on their channel is “You can learn anything (30 sec)”.

  • Subscribers: 6.8 M
  • Total views: 1,905,198,561
  • Uploads: 8.1K
  • Joined on: Nov 17, 2006

Wrap Up

The article features some of the best educational YouTube channels to provide the readers with descriptive and concise information about them. All the channels have been mentioned here based on popularity and the content type. It can be concluded that these mentioned channels are at their absolute best in providing relevant information for students of all ages. There is no limit to learning, and these YouTube channels prove that well.

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