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Top 10 Places to Travel in Singapore

Hello traveler, Here I am! So are you planning for some solo trips or thinking to go with your friends and loved ones to some splendid location in the world? Then I must suggest you to about this rich and quite enticing place, Singapore, which has a perfect blend of traditional and modern culture, magnificent collection of flora and fauna, where you find no trouble in zipping from one part to another. Some of them listed below:-

Top 10 Places to Travel in Singapore

1: The Merlion 

The beautiful water-spouting white lion-faced, fish-bodied mermaid structured statue popularly known as Merlion situated in Fullerton road is one of the most visited places by tourists and locals. The figure’s specialty is hidden in its shape, which resembles the city’s traditional fishery business and its original name, ‘Singapur,’ which means “The lion city.” The Merlion 

2: Botanic gardens

The exquisite, vibrant Botanic gardens attract all the flora lovers and green panthers in their fresh aromatic alleys recognized as one of the tropical gardens founded by an agri-horticulture society to conservation various species bounded by holland and Napier road. The Green ginger garden’s main attraction has an alluring small lake, corridors, walkaways of stunning orchids, and a Green pavilion or ‘green roof’ decorated with weeds and plants sheltering cafe ‘Food for thought.’Botanic gardens

3: Sentosa island

The never-ending series of mesmerizing sand lines made human-made beaches turn into an enticing place from small jungles just due to continuous human interventions. Pristine sands on its coast are specially imported from  Malaysia, now having small bars, trailing palm trees, and a shallow cozy sea that satisfies visitors and families with its tranquil vibes all around.Sentosa island

4: Clark quay

The stunning illuminated place in a town for night hangouts, dinners at enthralling lakeside has a colorful aura with exciting bars and restaurants adds up a beauty when the whole city gets reflected in a river with music ambiance all around rejuvenates anyone if came for a break from his hustle bustle routine life. The Clemenceau and Anderson Bridge, Merlion, and Esplanade are remarkable landmarks for this site.

Clark quay

5: Singapore zoo

Make your trips extra wild in this rainforest and witness the animals’ splendid talent at Mandai zoo, which spreads over 28 hectares of the area, having notable animals like Snuka, a polar bear, monkeys, sea lions playing and showing them off at splash safari. Rainforest Lumina is a stunning light show with sound effects that surely fascinate kids if you take them with you..Singapore zoo

6: Chinatown

Chinatown’s mazy roads are just for the foodies and shopaholics having tall buildings with orange rooftops decorated, giving festive vibes all around the year. Small street food stalls and shops trailing both sides of roads, crowds provide a thrilling experience for tourists and visitors. This area turned colorful after sunset with glowing bulbs and lights.Chinatown

7: Night safari Singapore

Some destinations are worth daydreaming about, like Singapore Night safari, a must-visit place situated adjacent to renowned Singapore zoo and first zoo lively at night is among the most exciting hotspots of city amazes the visitors with its nocturnal thrill established in 1994.The fall of dusk witnesses the dawn of safari sparkling along with flyer dimes and instrumental music. The night show starts with indulging in lustrous gleams and sounds to familiarise the audience with the  American barn owl, white jackals, python, and various fauna.Night safari Singapore

8: Gardens by the Bay

Singapore promotes itself as a premier garden town leading green global city right here. The 23 meters high skywalk is by far the best way to understand its growth and development. You will get a feel of roaming in the garden of Eden. This is precisely the impeccable flower dome where spring never ends, and their sweet fragrance keeps filling the air. This is just paradise on earth for the green thumbs among us plants and trees from different regions worldwide. You can breathe in this garden to get a calming and relaxing vibe walking towards the cloud forest where there is a giant cascading waterfall.Gardens by the Bay

9: Universal studios

Enjoy Adventurous rides and a lot of entertainment, dance, and music in this exciting theme park situated near Sentosa. The park has many live events going on, which you can enjoy while walking across the studio and riding on Transformers(3d ride) and many more. There are 24 total attractions in this, occupying almost 49 hectares of area.Universal studios

10: Orchard roads

Spanning almost 2.2km from luxury retail to world-class international cuisines, hotels, and boutiques is a retail area dedicated to shopping and classy dine-outs. The whole avenue has shopping stores and centers having resplendent architectures enticing shoppers and stylists inside.Orchard roads


This is just a demo of some of the intricate details about the place, to know more you can visit, Enjoy travel!

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