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Best English Research Project for All Students

A universal language, English, is spoken by over 1.132 billion people worldwide. From kindergarten to University, English is the compulsory language. Students learn English best when they are enjoying and having fun. That’s where the English project steps in, helping develop interest among students and ensuring stickier learning. When students make projects, they become active learners and develop their creativity.

Are you a teacher, guardian, or a student trying to find an original project idea? Breathe easy, as we are here to help. We offer you a few top-notch English project ideas for an individual, pair, group, and class. So, let’s begin.

Best English Research Project for All Students

English Projects for Kids

English Projects for Kids

1. Make the Days Floral

Make a big colorful seven petal flower on a sheet and paste it on the cardboard, and take the cutting out. Next, take another long cardboard and paste a white sheet on it. Then write the name of weekdays one by one on the petals. Later, make a hole in the center with a pin and attach it to the cardboard, you will notice it can easily move the flower in a circular motion. Now, paste the “Yesterday”, “Today”, and “Tomorrow” papers. A beautiful art and craft project is ready. It’s one of the best ideas for the project.

2. Play with parts of Speech

Speech has eight parts; Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection. It’s an easy and engaging English project, helping students get a better idea of the grammar. Here, any of the parts of speech can be chosen. For example, a Noun chart can be prepared using a floral design where the definition can be written. Even a big arrow design depicting types of nouns can be considered.

3. My Favorites

We have favorite things in every area of our life. So, kids can write their favorite fruits, color, vegetables, animals, birds, etc. You could ask the kids to draw or paste pictures of their favorite things alongside their names. That will make them remember the things and the English project will look attractive and colorful as well.

English Projects for Intermediates, High School & Middle School

English Projects for Intermediates, High School & Middle SchoolHere’re a few creative English project ideas for Intermediates/High School/Middle School.

1. Autobiography

We all want to know more about our favorite personalities. It could be an author, actor, singer, sports star, or anyone else. Why not convert this eagerness into one of the most engaging English project topics? Yes, we are talking about auto-biography. It belongs to the category of creative writing and tries to highlight emotions rather than words. Here are some inspiring autobiography titles – Being Good in This Cruel World, The difference between faith and religion? Trying to Make a Difference and Life-changing events.

2. Summary of a Novel

This may sound like one of those tiresome ideas for an English project. Instead, it’s fun and simple. Just ask students to write a summary of popular novels like Gulliver’s Travels, Hamlet, The Hobbit, and many more. To make it more engaging, ask them to add moral values of the characters or endings. Ask them to give a creative “THE END” to the story, it will make them develop creativity and rational thinking.

3. Creating their products for advertisement

Ask the students to invent something or an available product from the market, and advertise them. The consumers should be the other students, in this manner they will complete the project and create effective communication skills. Ask them to initiate and show: customers’ grievances, tackle their product’s difficulty for their ideal customers.

4. Class Magazine

This is the perfect English project for high school students. Here, students can be asked to select themes, such as environment, health, studies, peace, exercise, etc. for their magazine. The team with the best presentation on the basis of content, design, justice to the subject, and creativity, would be the winner. It will boost the student’s level of thinking and enthusiasm.

5. Who Am I?

These self-portrait thoughts are often a part of a brief project or say an idea projection. This unique topic will make students know more about themselves and help them analyze their thought processes, hobbies, interests, behavior, and many more aspects of their personalities.

6. PowerPoint Presentation

Students can be given topics, such as book trailers, any chapter, current affairs, and more for Powerpoint presentations. It will involve a lot of research, which will help students learn their syllabus and remember those complex concepts and terms.

English Project for College Students

English project for College StudentIn this pandemic, classes have become virtual. So, here are a few school project ideas for online classes, which will make the online class more lively and joyful:

1. Flipped Classroom

Wondering what flipped classrooms are? As the name suggests, it involves flipping the roles in the classroom. The students take over the teaching job for this project and explain a given topic. The main class is followed by a separate session for queries, doubts, and follow-up. A flipped classroom technique allows for students’ involvement in teaching and learning and gives the teacher an opportunity to deal with the student’s struggles and differential educational interests. It helps to balance the teacher-student equation, which makes it one of the best topics for English project work.

2. One Fact Two Statements

The project is all about one truth and two lies. First of all, it’s important to understand and make students understand the difference between facts and statements. A fact is universally true while a statement couldn’t be true in a given situation. The statements should be well framed and the students have to find which is true and which is fact.

Example Statements–

  • ‘Deafening Silence’ is an example of an oxymoron.
  • ‘Transient feet’ is an example of hyperbole.
  • ‘He fought like a lion in the battle’ is an example of a metaphor.

In these above statements, only one is correct. Try to guess!

3. Brain Writing

It’s not brainstorming, it’s brainwriting. In this pandemic, it is mostly used as an opening activity. The teacher would just drop the topic to the students and they will write whatever comes to their mind related to that in one minute. Then the teacher may randomly ask some students to share what they have written. For example, an English teacher while taking some writing topic may drop the topic on the board. Now the students would start writing whatever comes into their mind related to the topic.

4. Article writing on innovative topics

Nothing can be more demanding than an article on innovative topics. A few articles I would like to suggest are

  • Study of Global English
  • Health is Wealth
  • Hard work pays off
  • Why has English become the universal language?

5. Debate

It’s the oldest form of English project that holds the interest of students from starting till the end. Giving some current topics, such as-

  • The rise in petrol rates,
  • Money is everything
  • Reopening of schools/colleges

The students will choose to speak for or against the motion. It will make them updated and aware of the current scenario.


Hopefully, you got the best English project to do for your next assignment. These are fun, knowledgeable, and will enhance the skills of the students. This will surely make the whole classroom hooked up during the entire activity!

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