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10 Best Pen Brands in India from Top Pen Manufacturers

Good handwriting is advantageous, whether you are a student or a professional. Fine handwriting has a great impact on the students’ grades. And, for adults, writing is a part of their daily chores like jotting important points in a meeting, preparing a shopping list, filling out a form, and more. That’s where the pen brands in India kick in.

However, not all pen brands are created equal. Some are better than the rest in terms of quality, comfort, durability, price, and other factors. Read on, as we list the top 10 pen brands in India to help you choose your writing companion wisely.

Best Pen Brands in 2022

Brands Owned by Online availability
Cello pen Cello India
Reynolds pen Reynolds India,
Parker pen Parker Pens, USA,
Waterman pen Waterman Pens, France
Sheaffer pen Sheaffer USA,
Mont Blanc pen Mont Blanc, Germany,
A.T. Cross Pen A.T. Cross, USA
Shanghai Hero pen Shanghai Hero, China,
Luxor pen Luxor Pens, India,
Camlin Kokuyo Camlin, Japan & India,


CELLO PENSWhen it comes to pens, no one can deny that Cello is one of India’s best pen brands. Launched in the year 1995, Cello pens are reliable companions for students since they offer a fine performance at reasonable price points. Also, they are easily available across the country. As one of India’s best pen brands, Cello produces a stunning variety of ballpoint pens, gel pens, and fountain pens with prices ranging from INR 5 to INR 472.


REYNOLDS PENSThis USA-based pen brand has created a reputation for manufacturing and marketing superior yet affordable pens. Reynolds has been around in India since the 80s and has earned a considerable market share and customer loyalty.

The brand brings forth an extensive range of writing systems to support every need and budget. Ball Pens, Gel Pens, Roller Pens, Fountain Pens, Pencils, Markers, Glue Stick, and Correction Pens, you name it. Sachin Tendulkar as the brand ambassador helped it boost its market value. It has a price range of INR 5 to INR 750.


PARKER PENSYou associate Parker Pens with stunning designs, great aesthetics, and unparalleled performance. The premium pen brand spoils you for choice with a vast selection of perfectly crafted pens in various categories. This includes fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens, and more. Ink Bottles, Ink Cartridges, and Refills are also provided.

Parker has a range of well-curated collections to appeal to different tastes. These include Duofold, IM, Jotter, Parker 51, Sonnet, Urban, and more. As one of the best pen brands in India, Parker pens are a popular gifting option when you need to gift a teacher or a friend. They are preferred for corporate gifting as well. However, the cost is slightly higher than the normal pen brands, ranging between INR 350 and INR 54,000.


WATERMAN PENSWaterman is another premium brand associated with a smooth writing experience. As these pens are a bit costlier than the other pens, it is mostly used for corporate gifting and is popular among the elite class. It has a price range of INR 1000 to 11,500.



SHEAFFER PENSSheaffer pens are known to offer great grip, which helps in better handwriting. These pens from one of India’s best pen brands are designed for aesthetics and performance. Also, these pens are long-lasting. You can continue to write pages upon pages without any outflow of ink. With a price range of INR 210 to INR 52,000, the brand caters to all budgets.



MONT BLANC PENSThis German pen brand was established way back in 1906, and since then, has remained popular across the world. It is known to be one of the world’s highest-selling pen brands. Over the years, Mont Blanc has emerged as one of the best pen brands in India in the luxury segment. The brand designs, manufactures, and markets luxury writing instruments that stand apart for the eye-appeal and writing experience they deliver. Being a bit costlier, it has a price range of INR 21,000 to INR 2,52,000.


A.T. CROSS PENSEstablished in 1846 in America, AT Cross is one of the oldest and the leading luxury writing material producers in the world. Over the years, it has found takers aplenty in India as well. The brand boasts of its iconic premium quality pens that look great, perform well, and last long. It has a price range of INR 1,000 to INR 22,000.


SHANGHAI HERO PENSAs the name suggests, Shanghai Hero has been a Chinese pen brand since 1931. The company by now has established itself as one of the best pen brands in India. Shanghai Hero Pens is known to produce chic fountain pens that are cherished by all. It has a price range of INR 650 to INR 5700.



LUXOR PENSLuxor is an Indian pen brand established in 1963. The company has grown rapidly to be known as one of the best pen brands in India. Apart from producing under its own name, the company has introduced premium brands like Parker and Waterman in India. It has a price range of INR 50 to INR 540.



CAMLIN PENSCamlin was founded way back in 1931 as a luxury pen brand in Mumbai. The pen is greatly adored by the Indian masses, which makes it one of India’s best pen brands. Apart from pens, the brand also manufactures a whole range of stationery products. These pens offer a firm grip along with a smooth writing experience. It has a price range of INR 10 to INR 600.

Finding it hard to choose the right pen type to suit your requirements and expectations? Let us discuss the various types of options you can choose from.

Types of Pens in Use

The evolution of pen has witnessed many variations in its evolution, culminating in the greatest pens accessible today. Ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs are believed to have invented the first pen. In the past, they used quill pens to document and relay information. There have been various variations in the kinds of pens over the period, and the majority of these have been well-received by the public for writing purposes. The different types of pens can be highlighted as follows.

1. Quill pen

Quill pen

A quill pen is a writing item created from a huge bird’s wing feather that employs ink to leave traces on any writing board, sheet, or surface. The feather’s tip is polished so that it may be used for handwriting. A hollow stem of the feather retains the ink, which drips off the tip by capillary action.

Quills were created from feathers of various birds, but the top ones came from the goose, turkey, and swan feathers. These pens first emerged in the writing industry between the 6th and 19th centuries and were the most essential and ubiquitous writing equipment back then.

2. Dip pen

Dip pen

A dip pen is a writing utensil with two parts: a metal tip called the nib and a shaft that retains the nib. Metal nibs were originally made of bronze and copper, but are these days made up of steel. It has a gap that directs ink from a vent aperture to the sheet and operates through a mix of gravitational force and capillary action. Plastics, metals, glass, and even bones can be used to make the handle.

Dip pens are used for scribbling and drawings and do not have their own ink reserve. So, you can only use them after dipping them in an ink container. The dip pen first appeared in the 19th century and instantly became popular among the masses.

3. Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen

Given the excitement and ubiquity of ink pens in India, pen manufacturers devised the concept of a fountain pen. In every way, these pens were superior to basic quill and dip pens. It would be fair to argue that fountain pens elevated the conception of ink pens to a new level.

These pens were created with ink storage in mind. These pens contain a nib that uses the concept of an ink reservoir to store ink. The first operational model of this pen was launched in the market in the nineteenth century. These pens are still popular in the market and are considered classic pens.

4. Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint Pen

A ballpoint pen, as the name implies, has a ball at its tip that revolves when moved across the sheet, leaving behind ink from the pen’s barrel. The ball at the tip can be of varying diameters and constructed of copper, steel, or tungsten carbide. It is now the most commonly used writing device and has transformed the way people write.

In 1938, this new and improved type of pen was introduced, and quickly gained popularity. The ballpoint pen’s ink dries on coming in contact with the page immediately. These pens are available in both high-priced and low-priced varieties.

5. Rollerball Pen

Rollerball Pen

Rollerball pens are identical to ballpoint pens, but they use liquefied gel to write. Because the rollerball pen has soft points, it provides a faster and smoother writing experience. The casing of these pens is light, which contributes to their success. These pens are particularly popular among males since they complement their personalities while also making an impression on the other person.

Water-based ink dries faster and hence does not leave a smear on the sheet. These pens were developed to provide the comfort of a ballpoint pen in a sharper and more user-friendly body design. It is simple and pleasant for kids to hold these pens and utilize them for writing and expressing themselves.

6. Felt-Tip Pen

Felt-Tip Pen

A felt pen with porous ends is also known as a marker. The ink of the individual markers is determined by the functioning of each marker. There are numerous types of felt pens available in the writing industry, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. These pens were created in such a way that they may be used as sketching pens for children as well as to write on whiteboards.

These brightly colored pens are also ideal for gifting, especially to kids. The slimmest tip pens are most typically used for writing, drafting, and drawing. On the whiteboards, the markers with the broadest tips are employed.

7. Gel Pen

Gel Pen

Gel pens have dominated the industry and the spirits of users since their introduction. These pens are most popular among school-going children since they provide the best writing combined with the necessary speed and smoothness. These pens are built in such a way that they can use both inks based on oil and water.

You can also purchase gel pens in a variety of colors. With the passage of time, there is currently a plethora of small gel pens that are popular among writers. The most frequent gel pens include blue, black, red, and green pens, and so on. These pens are frequently used in the workplace and in educational institutions since they provide maximum ease and comfort. Plus, they are easy on the pocket.

8. Space Pen

Space Pen

A space pen is a sort of ballpoint pen that has been built with the great attributes to alter and enhance the current ballpoint pen. These pens contain a pressurized chamber for optimum ink usage. They are premium pens and are used as luxury gifts.

The most appealing feature of this pen is its ability to write at any inclination and in the absence of gravity. Furthermore, in order to improve this pen, it has been built in such a way that it may be used for writing purposes even when submerged in water.


Be it an exam, classroom, board, notebook wherever or whenever pen has been proven as the best friend ever, to write your words, to express yourself out loud. And, these were the top pen brands in India that will add flow to your thoughts. Do let us know which one you would choose or gift someone. Happy writing!

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Question: Who invented the ballpoint pen?

Answer: An American industrialist, Milton Reynolds, developed the ballpoint pen in 1947. However, it wasn’t until 1962 that an entrepreneur, Dhirajlal Mohanlal Joshi, received clearance to manufacture ballpoint pen inks in India.

Question: What is the most expensive pen available in India?

Answer: Mont Blanc’s Great Characters Walt Disney Limited Edition 1901 Black Rollerball Pen is available at INR 2,55,400. This pen is amongst the costliest pens available.

Question: What are the uses of the pen?

Answer: A pen is a writing device that uses ink to write or draw on a surface, paper, or any pen-friendly material.

Question: How many kilometers can a pen write?

Answer: Each pen carries sufficient ink to write a 4 km to 5 km long solid line.

Question: Can pens be recycled in India?

Answer: When we talk of plastic pollution, we immediately think of bottles and bags made of plastics. We are aware of those things, yet we often ignore the real monsters — ball-point pens and plastic pens. These pens cannot be recycled since it is difficult to separate the metal tip and ink from each other.

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