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Chail is an amazing hill station with everything you need for a memorable family vacation, romantic sojourn, or a well-deserved solo getaway. The quaint town in Himachal Pradesh affords places to explore and outdoor activities to indulge in for the whole family. Studded with lovely pine and deodar trees, enticing meadows, and surrounded by majestic hills and beautiful nature, the town is just a sight to behold.

What is the best time to visit Chail?

Chail Himachal Pradesh is worth a visit all year round. But Summer, from April to June, is the ideal season to be in Chail. It’s a terrific location to escape the cacophony of city life and beat the heat. If you love chilly weather and snowfall, you may visit Chail during the winter months, from December to March.

Places to explore in Chali

If relaxation is your idea of a vacation, Chail could exceed your expectations. Here’re your best options to unwind and refresh your senses.

  • Palace Hotel

Palace HotelSet in the midst of 75 acres of lush green gardens, flanked by magnificent mountains, and engulfed by lush vegetation and panoramic vistas, and a tranquil environment, the Palace Hotel is a vacationer’s delight.

You may spend a day or two here or simply explore a portion of the palace to get a sense of the regal past that this site has. Each room features antique furnishings, period interiors, wall-to-wall carpeting, and a beautiful fireplace to keep you warm.

From doctor-on-call to a magnificent open-air café, a multi-cuisine restaurant featuring elaborate design, a multi-purpose gift store, a spacious lawn tennis court, a Billiards Room, a Badminton court, children’s park, it has got everything for a luxurious stay.

  • Maharaja’s Palace

Maharaja’s PalaceMaharaja’s Rajgarh Palace, built in 1891 atop Chail’s Rajgarh hill, is a magnificent property amidst thick woodland and meadows, log houses, and cottages. The property, also known as the Chail Palace, boasts of a regal setting to transport you into the bygone era.

This hotel, housed in a former Maharaja’s palace, features posh accommodation with world-class amenities to cater to your unique requirements. Think vintage furniture, sitting spaces, and/or minifridges in upgraded rooms, whirlpool bathtubs in suites, kitchens and/or fireplaces in cottages and cabins, tennis courts, a playground, and a billiard room.

The Chail Palace also features a children’s park while the lover’s hill is just a stone’s throw. A multi-cuisine restaurant and a bar would support your evolved palate.

  • Sadhupul Lake

Sadhupul LakeIf a peaceful ambiance is what you seek, Sadhupul is the place to be. With the river “Ashwani” meandering around, the place offers a perfect setting for a family picnic. A little café here serves Maggi, bread-omelet, and more to support your appetite. The experience of eating your favorite snacks while soaking your feet in the cool water of the river is unrivaled. The place is located in Sadhupul hamlet, a tiny settlement situated between Solan and Chail.

  • School Playground

School PlaygroundChail was formerly the summer residence of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, an enthusiastic cricket fan. He oversaw the development of this cricket ground, which lies at an elevation of 7500 feet, making it the highest cricket ground in the world. The ground is part of the cantonment area, maintained by the Indian Army. Feel free to go around it and click photographs for your social media profiles. Entry into the ground, however, is restricted.

  • Gaura and Jhajjar

Gaura and JhajjarGaura and Jhajjar are two trekking havens endowed with stunning landscapes. As you move closer, fresh air will brush across your skin, revitalizing you from the inside out. The route has numerous wonderful sights where you may sit and soak in the beauty of nature.

Religious Places in Chail:

There’s a lot for the plenary indulgence in Chail. Here, religious locations become more than sacred as they combine creativity and amazement in the middle of pristine nature while standing fully on faith. Here’re a few must-visit places on your trip to Chail Himachal.

  • Gurudwara Sahib

Gurudwara SahibFrom the outside, the Gurudwara Sahib in Chail resembles a church. Built-in 1907, the structure was unable to survive the ravages of time and steadily deteriorated until an NGO, Chail Heritage Foundation restored it to its erstwhile glory. It is one of the most visited sites in Chail Himachal Pradesh, which comes alive during the Gurupurab and Baisakhi holidays. The Gurudwara also provides free lodging in its dormitories and guest rooms.

  • Kali ka Temple

Kali ka TempleThis temple, located on the top of a hill and surrounded by woods, is an ideal isolated place for people seeking peace and serenity. You may also engage in horseback riding and fishing here. It’s an uphill climb but worth it given the stunning views of the surroundings.

  • Siddh Baba ka Mandir

Siddh Baba ka MandirAccording to tradition, a saint appeared in Maharaja Bhupinder Singh’s dream and directed him to the location where he meditated. He begged the king to order the construction of this temple. This area is so peaceful and tranquil that the moment you walk in, your troubles vanish into thin air.

Adventurous places in Chail:

Because of its elevation, Chail is popular with hikers, campers, and adrenaline junkies. The valley provides an ideal setting for paragliding. The valley is surrounded by tea plantations and is a lovely spot for sightseeing and camping. You may travel down to Shimla and have a hot pool dip in Tattapani, as well as indulge in river rafting. Fighting the water currents and rafting down the mountain river is an experience worth remembering. Most of the greatest adventure trips in Chail last more than three to four hours and maybe enjoyed even if you don’t have a lengthy holiday.

Chail Wildlife sanctuary

Chail Wildlife sanctuaryWhat was once a hunting reserve for royalty is now an adobe to multiple birds and animal species, including the Kakkar, Indian Muntjac, Wild Boar, Indian Porcupine, Sambhar, Garal, and Red Jungle Fowl, among others. Chail Wildlife Sanctuary may be reached through the Kalka-Shimla Route. From March to October is the most favorable time to visit.

Himalayan Campsite

Himalayan CampsiteExperience great camping at the High Altitude Glamping campground in Chail in Himachal Pradesh. This campground gives you the right combination of adventure and luxury since it is surrounded by beautiful green woods and rests on the slope of a mountain. View the majestic Himalayan peaks or go for a hike in the neighboring hills, look at the starry night sky, or enjoy an open-air theatre with fresh barbeque – the options are endless. This camp would satisfy your wanderlust, whether you are an adventure seeker or a luxury camper.

For Kids Fun- Visit Tarika’s Jungal Retreat Chail

For Kids Fun- Visit Tarika's Jungal Retreat ChailIt’s a secure location in Chail where you may leave your children to enjoy the Vansh Arena, which offers a variety of exciting rides and games. Coffee Cup, King Kong Beach Car, Deluxe Bench, Helicopter, Aeroplane, Spiral Slide, Arm Slide, Spider Web, and Multi Seater Saw – you name it. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the most sought-after Chail tourist places.

Other Unmissable Places:

Any visit is worthier when you shop the souvenirs and taste the culture of that particular place. So your exploration is incomplete without experiencing the fairs, festivals and marketplaces.

  • The Chail Market

The Chail MarketThere are several local marketplaces, Chail Bazaar for one. Also referred to as the Chail market, here rows of small stores sell woolen clothing, antiques, pickles, squashes, juices, and jams, all at dirt-cheap prices, subject to continuous bargaining.

Kinnauri mufflers, Himachali hats, scarves, sweaters, gloves, socks, handcrafted shoes, and Pashmina shawls are available. Apart from woolen clothing, distinctive rugs and carpets are also there. Chail is also well-known for its stunning silver, stone-studded, or metal jewelry.

  • Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and FestivalsThe valley fairs highlight the region’s rich cultural heritage. These fairs have a religious significance and reinstate the natives’ trust in heavenly forces. Chail comes to life during these festivals with music, dances, laughter, and celebrations in the air.

Banjar Fair is by far the most significant of all festivities in Chail. On the day of the fair, the guests are warmly welcomed and served food and drinks by the hosts. It’s time for locals to unwind and enjoy themselves with their friends and family.

The Phalgun month (mid-February to mid-March) marks the start of the valley’s fairs and celebrations. Phagli Fair is held from mid-February until mid-March. The fair portrays the victory of the sages Manu and Shandilya over the demon Tundi Raksha. Almost every community across Chail is hosting a fair starting this day.

These fairs now have commercial as well as religious significance. People purchase and sell items of fundamental necessity. Even after all these years, people continue to enjoy these fairs with the same zeal as they did in the past.

A little outside Chail:

Chail is surrounded by some must-visit Chail tourist places like the Himalayan Nature Park and Stoned Kumbh Temple.

  • Himalayan Nature Park

Himalayan Nature ParkIt’s situated just outside the town, less than an hour’s drive away. The Himalayan Nature Park is home to diverse flora and fauna, some of which are endangered. Expect a rendezvous with snow leopards, musk deer, leopard cat, Cheer Pheasant, and more. The charm of this national park is also in its vast size. It must be covered in a 7-8 day trekking expedition that begins at the Sai Rops Tourist Centre. It is available every day of the week, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Stoned Kumbh Shiv Temple

Stoned Kumbh Shiv TempleJust 2 km from Chail, it is a temple erected by a single individual over the course of 38 years. It is composed of stones, ropes, and other inexpensive, natural materials. Even if you aren’t a believer, this Shiva temple will keep you awe-struck. Also, there is a cave inside the temple. If you are adventurous enough, feel free to venture inside but with precaution.


Still, have questions regarding Chail? Here’re the answers.

  • Where to stay and eat?

The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation manages some hotels, such as Himneel Hotel at The Palace Annexe, Maple Resort by Aamod Chail, Fernhill Resort, Treehouse Chail Villas, and Mountain View Resort. They ensure a comfortable stay. Plus, lots of homestays are also there, including Aalayam, Alvina, Anand Homestay, and more.

Apart from the standard Indian and Himachali food, most hotels serve Indianized versions of Continental and Chinese dishes. Do try out Soni Da Dhaba and Sharma Vaishno Dhaba.

  • Is there a bar in Chail?

Yes. head straight to Shake and Spin, order your favorite drink, pair it with your favorite snack, and have a great time. The pleasant captivating ambiance and the soothing music in the background will get you in the groove.

  • How to Reach Chail?

Chail is about 47 kilometers from Shimla, reachable via cab or bus. The nearest major railway station is 77 kilometers away in Kalka. However, a toy train operates from Kalka to Shimla and may be used to reach Shimla and then travel to Chail. From Kalka, you may alternatively take a bus or a cab to Chail. Government and privately owned buses ply between Chail and surrounding towns and cities, such as Delhi, Shimla, Chandigarh, Kalka, and Kandaghat. The nearest airport is also in Shimla, in the Jubbarhatti region, some 63 kilometers from Chail.

  • What are the transport modes in Chail?

When compared to other hill stations in India, getting around Chail is easy. From 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., bus and taxi services are readily available to take you to all Chail tourist places.

  • What is the state of the road?

It takes a skilled driver to navigate your way into the town and its surroundings. There are moments when you need to crank it up in the vicinity of Sadhupul. But overall, the roads are all in good condition.

  • Which railway station is the closest to Chail?

Chail is about 47 kilometers from Shimla and may be reached by cab or bus from there. The nearest major railway station is 77 kilometers away in Kalka. However, a toy train operates from Kalka to Shimla and may be used to reach Chail via Shimla.

  • What are the timings to avoid visiting Chail?

Avoid touring Chail during winters. The weather turns severe in December and January. There aren’t many things to do here, save for the snowfall.

  • What is so attractive about Chail?

Less congested than other Himachal Pradesh tourist destinations, Chail is more in tune with nature. The landscape is brilliant, and the ambiance is welcoming. The weather is nice all year, save for winters.

  • When can I anticipate snow in Chail?

In the months of December, January, and February, Chail would be a snow lover’s paradise.


Chail is a fine destination to enjoy nature, serenity, and adventure away from the busy city life. This location is right out of an artist’s painting and you will fall in love with it in an instant. Next time, if you’re planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh, consider including Chail in your itinerary! Hope our recommendations are helpful for informed vacationing decisions.


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