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Hawa Mahal- History, Timing & Why Hawa Mahal is called “Hawa” Mahal? 

Nestled in the heart of Pink city, Jaipur, The Hawa Mahal is a fine specimen of exceptional Indian architecture. The mahal is in the Pink City’s busy JDA Market and is considered one of the best tourist attractions in the country. The pink-painted epitome of architecture is a treat to the eyes and is rich in heritage.

Every year, thousands of people visit Hawa mahal to experience Indian architecture at its innovative best. Families, couples, friends and solo travellers, Hawa mahal attracts all types of tourists all year round. The monument has a remarkable history and immense amenities to keep visitors awe-struck.

Hawa Mahal- History, Timing & Why Hawa Mahal is called “Hawa” Mahal? 


Built back in 1799, Hawa Mahal was constructed by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh as an extension to the Royal City Palace of Jaipur. The palace is believed to be built exclusively for Rajput women so that they can enjoy and gaze at the city’s beauty. As the women folk back then were not encouraged to have public visits and always donned the “Pardah”, this mahal was a vantage point for them to glimpse the entire Pink City.

The Mahal is designed wh 953 windows each giving breathtaking views of Jaipur. These windows are often called “Jharokhas”. The designs, intricate details of the architecture are perfect examples of rich Indian heritage. The landmark of Jaipur, Hawa Mahal also has a museum in the main palace complex. The museum displays ancient paintings, miniature arts and armour. Unsurprisingly, the place is an optimum window to ancient history.

  • A Fine Specimen of Indian Architecture

A Fine Specimen of Indian ArchitectureHawa Mahal is one of those rare monuments where the craftsmanship of Indian architects scream loud. Even at its first sight, you’ll be awestruck by its oozing beauty and perfection in design, detailing and arrangements.

The palace is well ornamented from the outside. The design, crown-like architecture all look amazingly beautiful. The miniature detailing in designing the walls, edges of the structure is worth mentioning. This five-story pyramidia palace is one of its kind and stands firm without any foundation. Isn’t this an example of incredible craftsmanship?

The Mahal looks astonishingly beautiful in bright sunlight because of its red and pink stone pattern. It is properly ventilated with numerous windows. Though the palace is well detailed from the outside, the inside structure is simple and reminds of the embellished and rich Indian heritage accumulated across ages.

Just step inside the Palace, you’ll be greeted by the Sharad Mandir, a site for autumn festivities. The second floor features Ratan Mandir, decorated and ornamented with a diverse array of coloured glassworks. The third, fourth and fifth floors feature three key temples, Vibhitra Mandir, Prakash Mandir and Hawa Mandir respectively.

The attractions of the palace are not yet finished! It has a grill inside named Aakash Patal Jali. It allows you to see the outside view from the inside but doesn’t let you see the inside view from the outside.

  • Why Hawa Mahal is called “Hawa” Mahal?

Why Hawa Mahal is called “Hawa” MahalIt is not just a perception that made Hawa Mahal a fine example of architecture and design. There is something different in its design that makes this palace a worthy mention in history and your itinerary.

  1. Strange but true, the Hawa mahal does not stand on a foundation.
  2. Minus any foundation, the palace is observed to be positioned at 87 degrees and still standing firm for years.
  3. Though it is a five-story building, the monument does not have stairs. Instead, you require to use ramps to reach the floors.
  4. Besides, the boosted air circulation and cross-ventilation also accounts for its name.
  • Jaw-Dropping Facts

Jaw-Dropping Facts about Hawa MahalKnowing how rich the palace is in architecture isn’t enough. The palace is widely popular due to many unbelievable facts that should be known to all. Some of them include:

  1. No structure without a foundation is built as tall as the Mahal.
  2. The Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh was a dedicated Krishna devotee. The crown or taaj shape of mahal can be attributed to his passion for Lord Krishna.
  3. The palace with perfect architecture was designed by Lal Chand Ustad. He used red and Pink stones to make it complement the Pink city, a moniker for Jaipur.
  4. The Hawa Mahal is designed with a muster of Hindu, Rajput and Islamic heritage. The internal structure, floral patterns, walls, lotus motifs, wide canopies, all reflect the blend of three different schools of architecture and craftsmanship.
  5. The design and architecture of Hawa Mahal resemble that of a honeycomb.
  6. The palace lacks a front entrance and can be entered through rear gates only.
  • Want to visit Hawa Mahal?

Want to visit Hawa MahalAre you planning to get your family on a serene and calm holiday? Does the thought of going with your better half to experience the Indian tradition excite you?

In either case, Hawa Mahal is for you!

  • How to Reach Hawa Mahal?

How to Reach Hawa MahalIt can be easily reached through bus, auto or private taxi from various locations of Jaipur. Though the palace is open throughout the year, the museum of Mahal is only open from Saturday to Thursday.

  • The Best Time to Visit Hawa Mahal

The best time to visit Hawa Mahal is from September to February when the sun is not scorching hot and the weather stays pleasant. It is also advised to visit Hawa Mahal during the early morning hours as the monument looks immensely beautiful when it shines under the fresh sunlight.

    • Hours, Fees, Guides, and More

The opening hours are from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. For Indians, the entrance fee is just Rs. 10 for adults while for foreigners, it is Rs.50. If you want to carry a camera to capture the inside beauty, extra entrance fees are applicable.

People generally spend around 2-3 hours at Hawa Mahal and admire the craftsmanship, get exalted on ventilation, and gaze at the never-ending, breathtaking view of Jaipur. Though tourist guides are widely available at different rates, one does not need a guide. You can navigate your way around the monument without the guidance of tour guides.

  • Eateries around the Mahal

Food is an important aspect of a memorable trip, especially when you travel with your family and kids. But don’t worry! Hawa Mahal has got some drooling eating options that are around a 3-4 minute walk afar. Some often amazing and famous restaurants include:

  • Kulfi Centre
  • Rajwada Restaurant
  • Art Cafe
  • Venus Continental Restaurant
  • Agarwal Pavitra Bhojnalaya
  • Jain Patang Udyog

And many, many more.


Hawa Mahal has everything you need for a holiday: serene views, a cool environment, drooling food joints, and whatnot! Talking about the expense, the palace is not that expensive to visit and can be managed for under 200 Rs. for Indians. It can be easily reached for some never before moments of experiencing rich Indian architecture and design traditions. Come, enjoy a breezy vacation at Hawa Mahal.

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