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Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Observe nature with an astonishing experience. Fall in love with Mother Nature and spend your holidays with supreme bliss. Kala Top Wildlife Sanctuary is admitting the high-altitude forest of Dalhousie, around 2500m above sea level. It has a wild variety of species that are quite special on their own. The nearest railway station is at Pathankot about 80kms. And the closest airport is the Gaggal in Kangar. From there you can either take public transport to Dalhousie or take your personal vehicle or hire a cab. From Dalhousie trekking would be the best option as you will be pleased by the beauty you are surrounded with.


Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is a covering area of around 30.69km at Kalatop and Khajjiar in Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh. Pheasants, bears, Marten, Jackal, Langur, Leopard, Goral, etc… have made Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary their habitat.

Why is Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary famous in India?

Why is Kala Top Wildlife Sanctuary famous in IndiaIt lies along with the river Ravi with rich forest cover. And between the months of September and April, this Sanctuary is found at its utmost level of beauty. This sanctuary allows wildlife lovers to have a close look into the habitat of the wild animals. The chirping of unexplored birds will give you great satisfaction. All these together make the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary the most desirable destination throughout the nation.

Top places to visit at Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Top places to visit at Kalatop Wildlife SanctuaryVisit the Mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar. This is a small town near Dalhousie. The heavenly beauty of this picturesque landscape will leave an everlasting impact on your heart. It is a plateau with a small lake on it which gives a special attraction to this place. Come and be blessed at St. John’s Church, one of the ciphers for spirituality and sacredness, Dalhousie. Standing as an example of holiness since 1863. The fusion of beauty and history makes this place more eminent for photography. And if you are a history buff then visit one of the oldest libraries of the region which is next to the church.

Top Hotels and Resorts at Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Top Hotels and Resorts at Kala Top Wildlife SanctuaryMake yourself comfortable at the hotels here. Hotels of your budget are available. Keep yourself charged with the hospitality and adoring service. You will always be warm-hearted. Hotel Fortune Dalhousie, Grand View Hotel, Aamod Hotel, and many more hotels will always make your stay peaceful. Fill your memories with more joyful experiences. Resorts are the ones where you will find more than your expectations. Easy access, more comfort, an emotional connection, and personal attention all will formulate charm to your rest here. Aroha Resort, Snow Valley Resort, Indraprastha Resort, and many more are situated in the lap of nature. The scenic view from your window and the sweet voice of nature will always keep you energetic.

Activities to do at Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Activities to do at Kala Top Wildlife SanctuaryIf you want to explore the sanctuary more ecstatically then trekking is the best option. Kala Top Wildlife Sanctuary is renowned for trekking, camping, and natural walk. Go with the guide or explore by yourself, you will know the unknown and will make tremendous memories for sure.

Best side scene near Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Best side scene near Kala Top Wildlife SanctuaryApart from the sacred places, you can witness some mysterious places of the town, Dainkund Peak (house of witches). Once you are heading towards the peak, you would hear a melodious sound caused by the air passing through the lush green forests. You will feel like the trees are singing for you and welcoming you to the heavenly place. Once you are delighted by sweet and harmonious sounds, take a few steps ahead and visit Ganji Pahari, known for its perfect view of sunset and sunrise. If you are lucky enough then you can get a campsite upstairs. Spend some time in the lap of nature and nature will definitely surprise you with its loveliness.


FoodWhatever your choice is, you will get it right on your table full of spices and hypnotizing aroma. Hotels here are famous for their serving and giving complete attention to what you get. Grand View Hotel, Old She-e-Punjab Dhaba, Kwality Restaurant are some of the most visited hotels at Dalhousie. People believe to pour their heart into the dish you have been served.


If you are trekking do carry essential things like snacks, first aid kit, etc… and keep yourself more connected. The weather is pleasant most of the time but after the sunset, it gets freezing, keeps enough warm clothes with yourselves. Even though no mishaps have been noticed but it is advisable to trek in a group to enjoy your trip more. Come with friends or family, you will find something for everyone.

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