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Kufri: Best Places, Hotels, Resorts & How to Reach

Shimla is blessed with awe-inspiring beauty, a culture steeped in the bygone colonial era, and a refreshing ambience. It’s home to some stunning tourist attractions, Kufri for one. The tourist spot is located on the outskirts of the main town, just 20 kilometres away on NH 22. Located at an elevation of 2,743 meters, the hill station is a sight to behold, especially during Kufri snowfall time. Yet, it is a must-see for everyone, regardless of the season. It experiences pleasant summers with Kufri temperature ranging between 20 – 30 degrees Celsius. The winters are severe, as the mercury can dip to -5 degrees Celsius.

Read on if you are planning to visit Kufri on your forthcoming Shimla trip. Whether you are travelling with your friends, soulmate, or alone, knowing what the place offers is vital for a memorable trip.

Kufri: Best Places, Hotels, Resorts & How to Reach


Kufri, in the local dialect, means lake. Even though Kufri has been around since the British era, its popularity has only grown in the last 5 decades. Since it is a secluded retreat nearby Shimla, it attracts more or less 170000 tourists per year. Tourists mostly visit Kufri because it is near the Himalayan National Park, which is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India. It is also an ideal place to celebrate the bliss of married life for the newlyweds. Plus, the place offers some excursions like skiing, hiking, animal riding, and more. No wonder, vacationers from neighbouring cities and states flock to Kufri to enjoy their weekends.


How to reach Kufri To reach Kufri, reach Shimla by plane or train and take a cab or bus to cover the 20 km distance between Shimla and Kufri. Private AC and non Ac buses also help you reach Kufri from Shimla.
Population of Kufri Kufri due to being a small village has only 183 – 208 males and females living in the place.
Best places to visit People mostly come to Kufri when they are visiting Shimla. But while you are at Kufri, surely visit Mahasu Peak, The Himalayan Nature Park, Kufri Valley, Kufri Fun World, Indira Tourist Park, Green Valley, Fagu, etc.
Best time to visit April and June are the best time to visit. To enjoy snowfall, you may consider visiting between December and February.
Best things to do Horse riding, skiing, ice skating in Shimla, having fun in the adventure parks, sightseeing, Rock Climbing, etc.
Best near Kufri Mandi, Solan, Shimla, Manali, etc.

Why Visit the place?

Kufri Shimla is a small hill station home to panoramic vistas, all-encompassing tranquillity and friendly people. It’s only 20 km far from Shimla and the weather in Kufri is pleasing all through the year if you can eliminate the snowfall part, which is also obviously beautiful in its own way. Kufri is a naturally beautiful village that you will never be bored of.

You can enjoy a wonderful trekking experience, camp in the snow trail, engage in nature photography, ski in the snow or otherwise, enjoy Tobogganing, rock-climbing, and more – all in one place. The place is so small that you won’t even have to spend your entire holiday here but you are most welcome to. We couldn’t recommend a better place to enjoy so many adventures together on the same day than Kufri itself.

Best Places to Visit in Kufri

Here’s the list of the best Kufri tourist places you should visit on your Shimla trip.

1. The Himalayan Nature Park

The Himalayan Nature ParkKufri National Park is another name for it. This park covers 90 hectares and is home to a diverse array of Himalayan vegetation and fauna. It houses over 180 bird species and an extensive range of animals. This location attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Here, you can come up close and personal with the leopard, hangman, barking deer, musk deer, and brown bear. The park’s location provides a spectacular view of the snow-clad Himalayan range. You are free to go on guided or self-directed excursions, and camping.

There is a museum that houses the structures of many different animal and bird species. Apart from that, various Ayurvedic medicines made from the Himalayan flora of this area are also available.

2. Kufri Fun World

Kufri Fun WorldThis amusement park is a must-visit for family vacationers or anyone keen on having fun. Your little ones will love the variety of fun rides here. Even grownups can experience these rides to have a great time. You’ll also find the world’s highest go-kart track within the premises where age restrictions might apply.

If you’re visiting Kufri with children, don’t forget to visit this park. Trust us, this will be the highlight of your Shimla trip. A canteen is there within the confines of the park to serve breakfast, lunch and snacks.

3. Mahasu Peak

Mahasu PeakMahasu Peak is the highest peak in Kufri Valley, from where you can get stunning views of the Badrinath and Kedarnath peaks. If you are looking for an adventure, Mahasu Peak would exceed your expectations. To get there, you must travel through lush deodar forests.

The path to Mahasu Peak can be challenging, especially if you haven’t trekked before. If you are unable to travel by foot, a horse facility is available for a fee of Rs.500 per horse. During the winter, Mahasu Ridge is the right place for beginners to learn to ski. The path is easier to navigate than other ski slopes. The Nag Devta Temple (Nag Devta) sits at the peak, which is worth a visit.

4. Indira Tourist Park

Indira Tourist Park

The Indira Tourist Park is close to the Himalaya National Park. This park was created solely for the sake of relaxation. The major draw here for visitors of all ages are yak and pony rides. Other attractions include video game parlours, a bar, an ice cream parlour.

Operated by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC), the park also has a cafe for snacks and drinks. It is 19 km from Shimla and 6 km from Fagu.

5. Fagu

FaguFagu is a sought-after tourist destination in the Shimla district. Situated in the snow-capped region, this place is a must-visit for peace-seekers and nature lovers. Fagu, which alternates between snow and fog, can easily be called the land of clouds. The snow here looks like a snow cloud that clings to the hills. Even the name Fagu is said to have come from the word fog. Located close to Shimla at an elevation of 2300 meters, it is ideal for trekking.

Fagu offers a breathtaking view of the Himalayan range. When it comes to soaking in the natural beauty, sightseeing has no substitute. The hills and mountains and the trees, the heights, and the greenery all take the travellers to another world. Fagu is also home to some of the best red Himalayan apples that you can pluck directly from the sprawling orchards. Pine and cedar trees are abundant here and so are the potato fields.

6. Tattapani

TattapaniTattapani is the place to go if you want to enjoy river rafting. You need to travel 57 km to be here from Shimla. River rafting is underway virtually the whole day, from 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., 24/7/365. Typically, river rafting costs start at INR 1500 per person. Tattapani also boasts several other tourist attractions, such as Himalayan caverns, hot spring water, and hiking paths. Unlike Kufri weather, the temperature here is relatively higher throughout the year.

Best Hotels

Looking for the best hotels in Kufri for a safe and comfortable stay? Well, we have you covered. Check out our recommendations to narrow down your search.

1. Sterling Kufri

Sterling Kufri Sterling Kufri is located at 22 NH Post Office Fagu, Kufri. During these covid times, this hotel makes a great effort to provide a clean and safe environment to everyone.

  • Children activities
  • Indoor play area
  • Room service
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Free breakfast
  • Game room
  • Internet
  • Mountain view
  • Price: Only ₹ 4,262 for 1 room for two adults

2. Hotel Royal Tulip Shimla

Hotel Royal Tulip ShimlaHotel Royal Tulip Shimla is a great place to stay for some nights in Kufri. The rooms are luxurious, the service is amazing and the location is ideal. But prices are on the higher side.

  • Free breakfast
  • Free parking
  • Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi)
  • Game room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Centre with Gym / Workout Room
  • Soundproof rooms
  • Mountain view
  • Price: Starts from ₹ 9,430

3. Kufri Valley Retreat

Kufri Valley RetreatIf you are looking for premium rooms to stay for a few nights but also don’t want to spend a lot of money, Kufri Valley Retreat can be your option.

  • 14 Deluxe and 30 Premium rooms
  • Located at NH-5 Fagu Road, Kufri
  • Price starts from ₹ 6,803
  • Pets allowed
  • Free parking
  • Mountain view

4. Hotel Kufri Holiday Inn

Hotel Kufri Holiday InnHotel Kufri Holiday Inn is a budget-friendly hotel for anyone looking to spend some good time in Kufri. Check out the features and facilities Hotel Kufri Holiday Inn offers:

  • Valet parking
  • Ski rentals
  • Free shuttle or taxi services
  • Babysitting
  • Horseback riding
  • Housekeeping
  • Interconnected rooms available
  • Mountain view
  • Price: Starts from ₹ 2,485 for one room

5. Firdaus Boutique Homestay

Firdaus Boutique HomestayFirdaus Boutique Homestay is another good option for travellers who are looking for affordable yet luxury hotel rooms.

  • Located at Gallu Kalan Near Sterling Resorts, Kufri
  • Price starts from ₹ 4,928 for one room
  • In house restaurants
  • Beautiful outside view
  • Luxurious rooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Pets allowed

Best Resort

Best ResortIf you have a higher budget with which you can afford to stay at a resort, then have at it:

1. WooDays Resort

As hands-down the best resort in Kufri, WooDays Resort is redefining luxury. Nestled on Link Highway NH-22 Dochi, the resort is a vantage point for some of the awe-inspiring views of the valley. The trained, professional staff is eager to go the extra mile to deliver the highest level of service. The amenities on offer are equally impressive, and so is the food. It receives a deluge of visitors both, celebrities and common folks, especially during winters.

  • Free breakfast
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Welcome Drink
  • In-house restaurant
  • Children and adult activities
  • Room service
  • Private Bonfire
  • Local sightseeing tours
  • Horse riding
  • 4X4 Off-road
  • Complementary board games
  • Yoga and meditation (On-demand)
  • Destination weddings
  • Gala Dinners

Price: Starting at ₹ 8,399

2. The Koti Village Resort

Situated at Koti Village, Vill. Moi Jubbar, this resort borders the Himalayan Nature Park from Chail Sanctuary forest and provides the following services:

  • Serves Indian & international cuisine
  • Free breakfast
  • Mountain view
  • Free parking
  • Cosy rooms
  • Only for ₹ 3,998 for a room for 2 adults

3. Kufri Pacific Resort

Kufri Pacific Resort is the new kid on the block, built in 2016. The resort is perfect if you prefer a silent and peaceful place to stay with your family or friends. The resort has 30 rooms to provide fine service.

  • Free breakfast
  • Free parking
  • Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi)
  • Fitness Centre with Gym / Workout Room
  • Skiing out and in
  • Children activities
  • ₹ 3,662 per room for 2 adults

4. Treebo Trend Snow View Resort

Treebo Trend Snow View Resort is in New Kufri and is famous for its snow-capped-mountain view and fine accommodations.

  • Air conditioning rooms
  • Free parking
  • Free internet
  • Laundry service
  • Free breakfast
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • ₹ 2,777 per room

5. Galleu Hill Resort

Galleu Hill Resort is a nice Swiss resort meant for sophisticated vacationers. Though the place can be a little crowded at times, it is always worth a stay.

  • Free internet
  • Free breakfast
  • Free parking
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Laundry service
  • Children Activities
  • Available for ₹ 4,867 for one room

Best Things To Do

Best Things To DoThe top things to do in Kufri include:

  • Horse Riding
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Trekking
  • Camping in the snow
  • Shop for local arts
  • Yak Riding
  • Tobogganing

How to Reach?

When travelling from anywhere to Kufri Himachal Pradesh, you have three ways to reach it.

By Air: Shimla airport is the nearest airport 20km away from the village. You can take a taxi from the airport and reach Kufri. Flights to Shimla are easily available from Kullu and Delhi.

By Train: You can reach Shimla from Kalka by a toy train that passes through 107 tunnels and lofty arched bridges. It will take 6 hours to reach Shimla but once you do, you can take a taxi from there and reach Kufri, which is 20 km away.

By Road: Kufri is always connected with Shimla, Manali, and other neighbouring towns. You can book a private or public AC, Non-Ac bus and simply access Kufri.


Kufri is a destination for individuals who wish to stay for an extended period. Kufri provides access to all of your favourite winter excursions, including skiing, tobogganing, horseback riding, and go-karting. Because most of the roads are covered in snow, horses are the most common mode of transportation. Even after returning from Kufri, the thought of riding across the snow-capped mountains never left our thoughts. Weather Kufri is typical of a hill station, pleasant during summers and harsh during winters. The temperature in Kufri ranges between 20 – 30 degrees Celsius in summers and might dip to -5 degrees Celsius in winters.

You can access treks to Fagu, Shimla, Manali, and Rewalsar from here. Kufri, alongside Chail and Shimla, forms the golden triangle of Himachal Pradesh. In February, the city hosts an annual winter sports festival, which is a tourist attraction. During this festival season, you can visit this city for an unforgettable experience.

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