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Amazing Places To Visit In Kasol: A Complete Travel Guide 

A lovely Himachal hamlet called Kasol can be found beside the River Parvati. The “Amsterdam of India” Kasol is a famous tourist resort gradually gaining recognition as a hub for hikers, trekkers, and environment lovers. It is 23 kilometers from Bhuntar and close to the conservative town of Manikaran. Snow-capped mountains, pine trees, and a gurgling canal surround it. Further, many popular treks from Kasol include Sar Pass, Pin Parvati Pass, and Yanker Pass.

Let’s explore Kasol!

Kasol is a pretty mysterious place located in Himachal Pradesh. Why is it known as mini Israel in the first place?

Kasol is mostly inhabited by Israeli tourists, and most hoardings in Kasol are written in Hebrew. Moreover, there is a very popular dish in Kasol that people are quite fond of. It is known as Israeli Shakshuka, made of poached eggs in tangy tomato gravy with hummus pita bread to accompany the recipe. The Israeli people in Kasol are like native Indians who enjoy the same things as we do, including our festivals and sporting events. Kasol is also for people looking for a casual vacation to chill in nature with their companions. As it is a small village situated on the banks of river Parvati, it provides a pleasant environment in all seasons. The river Parvati contains various fish species too. However, for fishing, you must take permission from the forest department.

Every year millions of tourists come to this place because the town offers great hospitality, wild charas, and natural beauty.

Culture of Kasol

The culture, hospitality, and services offered by the inhabitants of Kasol are exceptional. You won’t believe you are in India because of the different attires and lifestyles of people in Kasol. However, one will undoubtedly feel as if they are in a miniature version of Israel due to the settlement of several Jews and Israeli visitors. Various mouthwatering cuisines are available, including Italian, German, Nepalese, and Indian food.

Best Time to Visit Kasol

Nature is at its most delightful phase during summer. March to June is the ideal time to visit Kasol. You may even camp outside and marvel at the magnificent night sky with sparkling stars. However, do not forget to complete the bookings beforehand to avoid paying extra, as the peak season makes everything costly.

How to Reach Kasol?

There is no direct way of reaching Kasol. However, it’s not difficult, provided one knows the right options.

  • By Air: Catch a flight from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport to Bhuntar. Bhuntar is around 30 kilometers from Kasol, and after you arrive at the airport, hire a cab or taxi to reach Kasol.
  • By Train: Kasol lacks a railway station due to its distant location in Himachal Pradesh. Joginder Nagar Railway Station, 144 kilometers from Kasol, is the nearest. Get a train to Joginder Nagar Railway Station and hire a taxi to Kasol. You may also take a bus from Joginder Nagar Bus Stand to Manikaran near Kasol. If you intend to arrive by train, another alternative is to travel to the Chandigarh Railway Station. You may take a bus to Manali from Chandigarh or hire a taxi to drive you directly to Kasol. It will take 8-9 hours.
  • By Road: Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) provides regular bus service from the neighboring Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi states. They travel back and forth between Pathankot, Shimla, Kangra, Solan, and Dharamsala within the state.
  • Self Drive: To arrive in Kasol by car, take the NH-3, the major road connecting Manali to Kasol. Many individuals prefer to drive since it provides a unique and refreshing experience. However, you must be an experienced driver to handle difficult roads. Avoid driving to Kasol by yourself if you have even the smallest concerns about your skills. Most people, however, select Delhi as their starting point for road trips to Kasol. Moreover, numerous services allow you to rent a car or take a taxi to Kasol.

Things to Do in Kasol

1. Hiking and trekking

Trekking routes, such as those to Kheerganga, Yanker Pass, Sar Pass, and Pin Parbati Pass, are well known in Kasol. Visit the village of Malana to get a sense of the culture in these places. Malana, a small hamlet a few kilometers from Kasol, is home to residents who maintain their own sense of seclusion. These residents claim to be Aryan descendants. Hence they keep their distance from strangers.

However, the settlement, frequently called “Little Greece,” boasts beautiful scenery. Kasol offers a lot of sidewalk cafés where you can get wonderful food. Lunch is made even more enjoyable by the experience of eating while surrounded by majestic mountains and dense forests. You can choose trinkets, souvenirs, necklaces, or even semi-precious gemstones to bring back to your family and friends from Kasol’s flea market, which sells various goods.

2. Food

Kasol is an adobe to many Israelis, as seen by the bounty of Hebrew and Israeli food road signs. It features several street-side cafés that offer great meals. Excellent cuisine is served at street cafés. If you can, eat outside. Try “The Evergreen” and the ‘Turquoise Kasol’ to taste Israeli cuisine. For general cuisine, Moon Dance Cafe is a must, and rice beer is a must to try.

3. Shopping

Kasol highlights a flea market from where you can purchase accessories, souvenirs, semi-precious stones, and trinkets for your loved ones. The Kasol flea market contains everything a hippy traveler might want, from patches, chillums, harem pants, neon T-shirts, bongs, mixing pouches, and hiking gear. Bargaining is a skill that will come in handy while buying here. Other markets for shopping are Akhara Bazaar and Tibetan Bazaar in Kullu for winter wear shopping.

4. Camping

A weekend camping in Kasol is by far the best activity. It is the best element of the trip.

Nightlife in Kasol

Kasol has a lot of rave parties and gatherings at night. The gatherings occur in locations that are difficult to reach. Every night, the Himachal Police is on guard. They, therefore, raid these places. Some eateries stay open until the wee hours. Some of these are restaurants and hotels open 24/7. So, there are some excellent answers to your nighttime cravings. To mention Buddha Place (midnight), Mama Cafe (two in the morning), and Bhoj Cafe.

Places to Visit in Kasol

Kasol is a tiny adobe with a constrained assortment of attractions. They are, nonetheless, unusually admirable.

1. River Parvati

The River Parvati, which runs through Himachal Pradesh’s Parvati Valley, is an essential element of this beautiful landscape. The raging river flows north from the Mantalai Glacier before joining the Beas River in Kullu. Since the river flow is excessively perilous for bold games, you may sit on the rocks next to the River Parvati and enjoy the rumbling sounds.

2. Nature Park

Nature Park in Kasol is a tranquil and peaceful spot to unwind in the morning or evening. The River Parvati rushes through the park, and when combined with the peaceful surroundings and weathered rocks, you get a sense of a Himachal vacation. Further, the park is surrounded by pine trees, making it ideal for walking and nature walks. It also has popular cafes and exotic cuisines nearby.

3. Kasol Bridge

Locals use a bridge in Kasol to cross the River Parvati. Chojh village in Kasol, unlike Manikaran, has a bright, open setting, yet uncontrolled construction has reduced it to a smattering of multi-colored guesthouses.

Return to Kasol on foot (25 minutes) using the quiet north-bank trail through the pinewoods, beginning at Shanti Guesthouse in Chojh. One can enjoy great panoramic views of the peaks from here.

4. Malana Village

Malana, a few kilometers from Kasol, is a small hamlet populated by individuals who live in self-imposed solitude. However, the hamlet has many beautiful attractions, such as the Chanderkhani peak and the Deo Tibba Mountain, sometimes called the “Little Greece”.

5. Manikaran Sahib

The Gurudwara at Manikaran Sahib is said to have been visited once by Guru Nanak. It is one of the most renowned pilgrimage destinations in Sikhism and one of the top locations to visit in Kasol.

The hot springs are sacred and associated with several tales. Hence the gifts to God here are cooked in these hot springs and devoured as heavenly. Bathing in the springs is also seen as a ritual and a spiritual act to bring the pilgrim closer to God. It is a must-see with devout and auspicious traditions linked to this site.

6. Manikaran Hot Springs

It is a natural geological wonder, full of hot boiling water containing Uranium and radioactive elements. The water there is considered auspicious and supposed to have therapeutic powers for the human body to cure skin and other ailments. Folklore associated with the spring may be traced back to the Hindu and Sikh religions.

Ordinarily, the spring water is adequately hot to simmer rice and different food, and it should be cooled with River Parvati water before bathing. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools on the lower level and an open pool on the upper level. Bring extra clothes if you can.

7. Shiv Mandir

Shiv Mandir at Manikaran is one of the most impressive Kasol tourist attractions, standing at a height of 1760 meters. It is on Ram Mandir Marg. Shiv Mandir is an old Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the shape of a Shivalinga. Furthermore, it is well-known for its hot water springs and hilly setting. This location attracts many worshippers and pilgrims worldwide during the annual Maha Shivaratri festival, held in honor of Lord Shiva.

8. Chalal Village

Chalal Village is for travelers looking for minor attractions. Chalal is a fantastic spot to spend a day reconceiving nature’s beauty and merging with Israeli culture. One may travel to this village and experience the magical ambiance of the location.

9. Naggar Village

Naggar hamlet, the historic capital of the erstwhile Kullu kings, has pure beauty and rich history. The serene temples, the medieval wood and stone mansion, the Naggar Castle with an art gallery featuring the work of famous Russian artist – Nicholas Roerich, trout fishing in River Parvati, or trekking on the rough Naggar Trails.

10. Kheer Ganga Peak

Kheer Ganga is one of the best destinations in Kasol because it offers a panoramic view of the beautiful skies and lush green hills. The skies are bluer, and the hills are greener than usual at this sacred site, located at the other end of the Parvati Valley. The Kheer Ganga walk is considered one of the more straightforward hikes in Kasol and is a unique chance for beginners. It would be a shame to pass up this opportunity.

11. Tosh Village

Tosh, a little settlement on the River Tosh’s banks, is 2,400 meters above sea level. Tosh is a unique place in Kasol that draws plenty of visitors from all over the country due to its breathtaking natural surroundings. It is located at the edge of the Parvati Valley.

12. Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley, also called Himanchal’s best-kept secret, is a remote paradise 60 kilometers from Kasol. This tourist destination in Kasol, home to the Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO Heritage Site, will astound you with its grandeur the instant you arrive. You might like to explore many undiscovered treasures among the Kasol attractions in this serene and well-kept location.

13. Pulga Village

The Pulga Village is open to backpackers interested in visiting unusual locations. This popular tourist destination near Kasol is 16 km away and is surrounded by many Himalayan tea gardens that give the area a serene atmosphere. The small community, which is 2,895 meters above sea level, is home to magnificent temples you must see. Here, unbothered and removed from the bustle of the digital world, you can spend the day and enjoy the natural beauty.

14. Bhuntar Town

Bhuntar is located 30 kilometers away from Kasol. It is one of the best tourist spots in the Parvati Valley.

This location is a great off-the-beaten-path spot for hiking and trekking and has the right environment for thrill-seekers. Along with adventure, it also honors natural divinity with man-made attractions like Mohan Nature Park, Vishweshwar Mahadev Temple, Bhagsu Falls, and Bijali Mahadev Mandir, to name a few. These attractions perfectly complement the tranquility of this location.

Best Cafes in Kasol

1. Moon Dance Cafe

To chow down on delectable German and Italian cuisine, visit the Moon Dance Cafe. The delicious aroma of freshly made cookies will leave you wanting more, making it a Mecca for foodies. The cafe’s breakfast menu, which includes freshly made juices to provide energy for the day, will undoubtedly astound you.

2. The Evergreen

Evergreen Cafe is one of the cafes you must visit to indulge your taste buds with various cuisines. One of the best cafés in Kasol, this one will confuse you with its wide variety of food options, including Chinese, Indian, Mexican, and other cuisines. Take in the breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains from the outside seats while snacking on the delicious foods on your platter.

3. Stone Garden Cafe

This cafe is in the center of the Kasol market. It has glittering fairy lights shining from its entryway, giving it a magical atmosphere. The Stone Garden Cafe has a fantastic atmosphere with hallucinogenic music, a surreal setting, and wonderful food. This atmosphere is what draws so many travelers to the cafe. Further, you can eat whenever you want at this 24-hour cafe. Time doesn’t really matter to hunger.

4. Buddha Place

Another location to visit in Kasol to take in the enchanting view of the valley while chowing down on the delectable food being offered is Buddha Place. The cafe is synonymous with simplicity and elegance. Maggi, banana crepes, chai, and coffee are probably things you’ve tried a thousand times, but this cafe boasts highly of them, piquing the interest of many foodies to try them once. Even though there isn’t much seating and the food is served on a platter, this restaurant will make you believe the proverb “Less is more.”

5. Jim Morrison Cafe

The Jim Morrison Cafe shouldn’t be missed if you’re on a food tour of Kasol. Even if you have to travel a little to get to this gourmet paradise, the effort will be worth it once you get there. The cafe has all you need for a soul-satisfying experience, including a wooden building, a beautiful view of the mountains, calming music, and mouthwatering food.

Even though the menu solely features delicious vegetarian options, non-vegetarians are astounded by the food’s complexity. The Jim Morrison Cafe’s warm and inviting atmosphere will undoubtedly leave you with priceless memories of your time in Kasol.

6. River View Cafe

The River View café offers you the option to eat by the river while enjoying a mouthwatering view of the gushing water and wonderful food on your plate. As you sip a hot beverage from the cafe and take in the splendor of nature, feel the cool breeze brush your face.

The River View café, more of a tourist attraction than a café, allows guests to capture breathtaking images of the hypnotic natural beauty while indulging their taste buds.

Best Hotels to Stay in Kasol

Here are some recommendations for an affordable hotel to stay in. Let’s check out our options:

1. The Hosteller Kasol

The Hosteller Kasol is the first one that came to our mind when you said hotels in Kasol. The hotel is near the Kasol main temple, where you can enjoy the mountain views.

  • Offers free WiFi
  • Free parking
  • Coffee shop
  • Housekeeping
  • Room service
  • ₹ 2,449 per room for one night

2. Nomads Hostel

Nomads Hostel is cheaper than Hosteller but does not provide that many amenities. However, take a look at its services:

  • Restaurant
  • Game room
  • Pet allowed
  • Free WiFi
  • Street parking
  • Indoor play area for children
  • Car hire
  • Only for ₹ 661 for one night

3. North Deodar Camps

North Deodar Camps are situated at Kasol Road at Soma Ropa and offer the following services to the guests:

  • Bicycle rental
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Books, DVDs, and music for children
  • Pet allowed
  • Room service
  • Private balcony
  • Mountain view from the room
  • One night stay for ₹ 3,894

4. Parvati Kuteer

Parvati Kuteer is located at Kasol, 28 km from the Kullu airport. The hotel is famous for serving its guests for as long as they want.

  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Evening entertainment
  • BBQ facilities
  • Hiking
  • Car to hire
  • One night for ₹ 7,369

5. Kabila Camps

Kabila Camps are located at Kasol Road and are an affordable option for those on a budget. The hotel is situated in the Parvati Valley. It offers the following facilities:

  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Free breakfast
  • Airport transportation
  • Children activities
  • One room is available only for ₹ 987 for one night

Best Resorts in Kasol

Book a resort in Kasol to enjoy cozy bedrooms and splendid views of the Kasol hill station. If you are visiting the place in the winter season, these resorts will be the best options for you.

1. The Himalayan Village

If you have less time and want to enjoy the adventures of Shimla, Kullu, Mandi, etc., simultaneously, then the Himalayan Village Resort will be the best place to stay. The resort is a very comfortable place to stay for several nights. It has well-equipped rooms and high-quality amenities for 10,000 INR per night.

2. Baragarh Resort

Another 5-star luxury resort is Baragarh Resort, located in the Baragarh Estate in Kullu. The resort provides a striking mountain valley view and great amenities such as free parking, breakfast, etc. It will cost you 5,000 INR per night.

3. Apple Valley Resort

The Apple Valley Resort is situated on the banks of the Beas River. If you book a room here, you will enjoy the peaceful view of the river from your room. The resort is about 6 km from the Bhuntar Airport. The amenities include a fitness center, a swimming pool, free parking, and more. Get 5,000 INR ready to stay one night.

4. The Woodward Magique

The Woodward Magique provides a stunning view of the Himalayas mountains from every room. The resort has a calm environment and is built in an open courtyard. It is 3.4 km from the Manikaran Hot Water Pool and 18 km from Naggar Castle Road. You will find many fancy cafes and restaurants in the resort. Only costs 2,400 INR per night.

5. Glacier Resort

Glacier Resort is located on Hadimba Devi Road and provides easy access to Manu Temple, Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa Monastery, and Hidimba Devi Temple. It is 500 meters away from the Manali Bus stand. Moreover, it provides all the modern amenities such as a fitness center, free WiFi, free parking, free breakfast, etc., and offers excellent hospitality. For one night, the chargers are INR 2,500.

Best Treks in Kasol

1. Kheerganga Trek

The Kasol and Kheerganga trek is undoubtedly the most daring and energizing excursion in Himachal Pradesh. Get refreshed from the inside and explore the magnificent landscape. Massive mountains, verdant meadows, elevated viridescent oak trees, and breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges are all present. With this walk, you can escape superfluous contemporary conveniences and immerse yourself in the warm, welcoming traditions of the villages in Himachal. Take a break from your busy schedule and dedicate it to yourself.

If you are in Kasol, these are the best things you can do alone or with your friends.

2. Sar Pass trek

Sar Pass, perched at 13,800 feet above sea level, is a paradise for photographers, painters, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors. The Sar Pass journey traverses through some of the most picturesque landscapes, ranging from woods to meadows to ice blankets, set against a curtain of spectacular Himalayan snow-covered mountains.

One must cross a tiny, frequently frozen lake known as “Sar” in the Himachali language while hiking from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Ridge. Hence, the name: Sar Pass! The interesting trail leads to a winter paradise after winding through a dense woodland.

3. Tosh Trek

Prepare yourself for the Tosh Valley walk, a once-in-a-lifetime experience! On this walk, you will go to Tosh, a hidden treasure in Himachal Pradesh renowned for its picturesque valleys, snow-capped mountains, rich vegetation, fascinating waterfalls, and

compelling gorges. Tosh Hamlet, located 7,874 feet above sea level, offers magnificent views of the mighty Himalayas and glistening waterfalls. This journey will leave you in awe of Himachal Pradesh’s natural grandeur as it is the source of the River Tosh, a tributary of the Parvati River. Explore one of the area’s most gorgeous locations by booking the Tosh Valley Trek!

4. Rasol Trek

The Rasol walk is an 8 km one-way journey to a tiny settlement at the height of 3,048 meters in the Parvati Valley highlands. If you’re seeking a village to find some tranquility, amazing views, and a village vibe, then Rasol is the appropriate destination. A hypnotic view follows you throughout the trip.

Well-maintained alpine tents with mattresses, seating areas, and electrical outlets are available for accommodation. For a comfortable stay, you will get mattresses on the beds, pillows, and fresh linen. The campground has all the essential amenities, including a restaurant, tent electrical outlets, power backup, housekeeping, room service, and free parking, among other things. Enjoy a musical night and a bonfire in the evening.

Popular Fairs and Festivals in Kasol

1. Summer hills festival

A large party festival called Summer Hills Festival occurs towards the end of June. It’s time to bid Kasol’s hot summers farewell and appreciate the serenity of the cool wind. The Summer Hill Festival astounds you with its best setups, created in harmony with nature.

It is mysterious to be partying in a valley with lush green trees and a river running alongside. The celebration spans two days on the calendar. Further, the natural way to uplift one’s spirit is through a melody music festival. Its environment has tasteful music, poised surroundings, happy social events, and food. The nights can be spent dancing in the vibrant pleasant surroundings under a sky full of sparkling stars. Party animals receive their tents as well. You will also notice interactive group activities, including cleaning drives, bonfires, face painting, and group debates. This occasion encourages participants to engage in cross-cultural dialogue.

A day ticket ranges between INR 1000-1500 per person.

2. Indrasan Festival

The Indrasan Festival usually takes place during the final week of May. Since 2009, the pageant has been in charge of the Valley. Using any audio or video equipment on the property is totally forbidden. The energetic celebration fosters afforestation, furthering its social benefit. Moreover, it observes five days and four nights of communal love. Successful music tracks are played throughout this festival.

3. Arudra Festival

The contemporary music, art, and culture festival Arudra runs over four days. Two music stages, a bar, UV decorations, an amazing location, laser shows, fireworks, a flea market, yoga and ayurveda sessions, international cuisines, a camping area, and various other activities are part of the festival.

So remember to mark your calendars and not miss this wonderful music event!

4. Himalayan Music Festival

The Himalayan Music Festival wants to make people happy, have fun, and learn new things. This festival is a one-of-a-kind fusion of art and entertainment, showcasing the global EDM scene amidst the Great Himalayas.

The “Himalayan Music Festival” is a day devoted to all music enthusiasts from around the world, where they will find a true sense of satisfaction in the spaces of their senses. The event strives to create a drug-free music festival and promote a pure love of music.

Promoting music and the arts is a novel strategy to advance the cause and unite people.


Many locations in Kasol will fit your vacation demands if you research well and make good arrangements. If you are on a specific budget, purchasing a Shimla-Kullu-Manali vacation package with numerous destinations is generally preferable.

Kasol is a lovely place with an ideal environment that takes you away from the city’s pollution and noise. As the charm of Kasol lies in its simplicity, being a backpacker may be the greatest way to experience it. It is essential to keep things simple and appreciate Kasol’s laid-back lifestyle.

I hope this article on Kasol, Himachal Pradesh will help you know more and plan better! Enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some famous cafes in Kasol?

Cafes in Kasol include: Stone Garden Cafe, Buddha Place, Moon Dance Cafe, Jim Morrison Cafe, Riverview Café, and Evergreen Cafe are the most famous cafes in Kasol.

2. How many days are enough for Kasol?

Three to four days are sufficient for a wonderful trip to Kasol. With so many attractions to see in Kasol and the surrounding area, the trip is ideal for anybody searching for a relaxed holiday in North India.

3. What is Kasol famous for?

The town is well-known for its cannabis plantations and the stunning vistas of the nearby hills covered in thick Himalayan flora. Visiting Tosh and taking in the fundamental aspects of Himachal Pradesh’s culture and way of life are undoubtedly among the most enjoyable things to do in Kasol.

4. What can I buy in Kasol?

Everything a hippie backpacker needs can be found at the Kasol flea market, including chillums, appealing bongs, carved stones, dream catchers, and the most well-known multicolored attractive. Himachali hats are crafted with the finest materials and craftsmanship.

5. Is it safe to travel to Kasol during the monsoon?

Avoid Kasol during the monsoon while temperatures are between 22°C and 32°C. Travelers have several challenges when it rains. Unexpected cloudbursts and heavy rainfall together, make the roadways hazardously slick. Roadblocks and landslides are common, which puts tourists at risk.

6. Why is Kasol called Mini Israel?

Due to the high number of foreigners and Israeli tourists, Kasol is also known as the miniature Israel of India. They see this place as their permanent residence. If there are more Israelis than Indians, don’t be shocked.

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