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Purana Qila

Purana Qila situated in New Delhi is also mentioned by the name of Sher Fort or Shergarh because Sher Shah Suri the Mughal Emperor started its building. It is a big building with walls of 18 meters high and 1.5 km in length. The Qila is rectangular shaped and is embellished with three-way i.e. Talaqi Darwaza, Bara Darwaza, and Humayun Darwaza. The three gates are double-storied constructed in sandstone and decorated with two huge domes. The gates and forts are illuminated with blue and white marbles putting in the attraction of the fort. The walls of the Qila are decorated by Indo-Islamic architecture. The vivid illustration on the pavilions and corridors of the Qila gateways exhibit imprints of Rajasthani style.

Purana Qila- A Hisorical Qila


Purana Qila is recognized to have been built in Humayun’s period and the inside building, the mosque was constructed by Sher Shah Suri. Humayun rebuilt the Indraprastha and named it Din Panah and in 1540, Sher Shah Suri won against Humayun and took hold of the building and gave the name Shergarh. The two central allures of the Purana Qila are Qila-i-Kunha that was built in 1541 AD and the other Sher Mandal that was constructed to honor Humayun’s demise. The walls of the Qila are decorated by Indo-Islamic architecture. The Purana Qila was built up after seeing Jama Masjid that was constructed several years before.

Places to see there

Places to see therePurana Qila has many attractive things that make the place an interesting visit. You can enjoy the day in Purana Qila with your friends and family by having a look over the alluring areas. Purana Qila Museum, Lal Darpwaza or also known as Sher Shah Suri Gate, Qila-i-Kuna Mosque, Kairul Manzil, and the three arched entrance gateways are the various things you can go around in Purana Qila.

Best places to see near Purana Qila

Best places to see near Purana QilaDelhi has several ancient attractions that offer you a glance at the wealthy past. While visiting Purana Qila also visit the nearby ancient places to see the historical things. So, the best sightseeing near Purana Qila is India Gate, National Zoological Park, Jantar Mantar, Parliament House, Nizamuddin’s Tomb, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Mirza Ghalib’s tomb, and Humayun’s Tomb.

Best Restaurants nearby

Best Restaurants nearbyThere are many Restaurants nearby Purana Qila to enjoy delicious foods and snacks. Explore the place and get your mood joyful by eating the delicacies at Cofee day Xpress, Cookie Man, Occasion, Café Lota, Veg Gulati, Lazeez Affaire, Mandarin Express, Nevada’s, Punjabi Xpress, The Crystal, and many more. So, visit Purana Qila and don’t forget to enjoy the food at these best restaurants.

Activities to do in Purana Qila

Activities to do in Purana QilaIf you’re hoping to explore this place to get familiar with the ancient grandeur, then to cheer up your day and carry excellent memories there are certain things that you must do. Take a look at Purana Qila Museum, you’ll get to see the tools of the Sultanate, Kushana, Mauryan periods. Also, various textiles, old writings, pottery of the ancient age can be seen there. See the evening light and sound exhibition rightly called Ishq-e-Dilli in Purana Qila. You’ll get to learn about the politics, wars, ancestry of the Mughal period. Also, enjoy the boating facilities to sightsee this Qila.

Best hotels near Purana Qila

Best hotels near Purana QilaIf you’re visiting Purana Qila and are not a resident of Delhi then get the best hotels near Purana Qila for a stay. The Park, Ahuja residency Sunder Nagar, The Lodhi, The Lalit New Delhi, The Beaufort Inn, Hotel West Inn, The Oberoi are some of the best hotels nearby where you’ll get the comfortable and best service.


The Mughal Period in Delhi is narrated beautifully at Purana Qila and it’s a wonderful site to view. Explore the place with activities like boating, an evening sound, and light show, shopping, and also see the Museum. It is one of the Delhi attractions where tourists from the entire world come and get allured by the ancient grandeur. So, come along with your friends and family to Purana Qila and make good memories.

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