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Solang Valley- History, Places, Hotels & Things to Do

On your Kullu and Manali sojourn, Solang Valley should be on your bucket list. The valley lies between Solang village and Beas Kund, known for its green meadows, adventure sports, and scenic views of the majestic, snow-clad mountains.

Solang Nullah is only 13 kilometers from Manali, frequented by adventure lovers, campers, paragliders, and nature lovers in both summers and winters. Especially in winter, this place transforms into snow-clad heaven. People skiing and dipping their boots in fluffy snow, wrapped up in warm clothes, sipping “chai” and enjoying Maggie are a common sight.

If your idea of a vacation is to stroll aimlessly in the woods, lie under the starry sky, and enjoy soul-enriching peace and tranquility, Solang valley would exceed your expectations. The place caters to every vacationer, from solo travelers to families and groups. Let’s walk you through everything you need to know about Solang, from how to reach, where to stay, where to eat, what to do, what places to visit in Solang valley, and more.

Solang Valley- History, Places, Hotels & Things to Do

History Of Solang Valley

Solang ValleySolang valley does not have any history to it, unlike Kullu or Manali. It’s all about picturesque views and adventure sports. The place is also known as Solang Nullah, which derives its name from two words. Solang is the village located in this valley while Nullah means water stream. This valley is a result of incessant water erosion over the centuries.

Important Information About Solang Valley

Here’s Solang Valley summarized to beef up your knowledge.

  • Ideal Duration- To fully bask in the beauty of Solang Valley, you only need two days and one night. It is enough to participate in sports, spend a night and then go sightseeing before you say goodbye to the valley.
  • Location- Nestled between Solang village and Beas Kund, just 13 km from Manali
  • Height- 8400 feet from sea level
  • Known For- Beauty, adventures, photography, etc.
  • Visiting Time- 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Entry Fee- None (separate fee applies for various sports)

How To Reach Solang Valley?

It’s accessible via air, train, and bus. Take a cab from the airport, railway station, or bus stand to comfortably reach Solang Nullah. If you are driving a car or this is a bike ride adventure trip for you, you can directly reach Solang Valley. However, drive carefully through the narrow, winding roads. Prefer traveling during the daytime for safety’s sake.

The nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport, 63 kilometers away. Take a cab or taxi, and you will be in Solang in two and a half hours. There is a train station as well, Joginder Nagar Railway Station, located at a distance of 175 km. There are direct buses from Delhi to Manali. You can take a private sleeper bus for a comfortable journey.

Where To Live In Solang Valley

Once you arrive in Solang, find a place to stay. Camping is fine for a night, but you need a soft bed to sleep in after your long journey. Otherwise, you’ll have a tough time making the most of your trip. Here’re your best options to stay.

1. Solang Valley Resort

Solang Valley ResortA well-thought-of and beautifully constructed resort, it caters to your every need. It’s a vantage point to feast your eyes at the scenic views of the Dhauladhar range and immerse in the sing-song of the Beas River. The resort offers different suites to suit your budget and requirements. Your options include deluxe rooms, super deluxe rooms, Maharaja Suite, Presidential Suite, and more. Plus, feel free to enjoy breakfast on the lawn under the warm sun.

2. Club Mahindra White Meadows

Club Mahindra White MeadowsIf you are looking for a place that makes you feel like you are standing in the lush green meadows of Solang, Club Mahindra, White Meadows would exceed your expectations. Besides stunning views of the valley, the hotel treats you with a relaxing spa, coffee makers, delectable North Indian food in an In-house restaurant, gym, and other amenities.

3. Hotel Solang Holiday Inn

Hotel Solang Holiday InnIf you are low on budget but luxury is what you prefer, book a room at Solang Holiday Inn. The rooms are expansive, well-appointed, and comfortable with all the amenities you need for a convenient stay. You have balconies in every room. So, you are not far away from the beauty of the mighty mountains.

4. Solang Ski Resort

Solang Ski ResortThis is another budget resort that offers several types of rooms as per your preference. They have super deluxe, premium, executive, and family rooms to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The in-house restaurant is a good choice if you don’t want to go out and go back to bed early for the next day’s adventure. They also offer paragliding, skiing, climbing, river rafting, etc.

5. Club Mahindra, Manali

Club Mahindra, ManaliWant to nestle in the lap of luxury and nature simultaneously? Club Mahindra Manali is your place. With apple orchards in the vicinity, you can enjoy a beautiful view of nature’s abundant luxury. The resort is closer to Solang Nala and equipped with all modern amenities, including high-speed WiFi.

Things To Do In Solang Valley

Things To Do In Solang ValleyYou always find something adventurous to do here regardless of the season you visit. The top to do things on your list should be:

1. Paragliding

This is often the first reason why people come to Solang. Flying like a bird and looking at the valley from an elevation is an experience in itself. It is the best adventurous sport in Himachal, and no adrenaline junkie can afford to miss it. At 600 to 900 rupees, it’s pretty affordable. All safety protocols are followed to keep you in a single piece. There are two jump stations in Solang valley. Choose the lower one if you are doing it for the first time.

2. Quad Biking

Riding an ATV is fun, irrespective of the age group. You can roam the valley and its meadows with your family riding the dashing ATV. Just glide your way through the rough terrains of River Beas, reach the Shiva temple in Solang or make your way to local handicraft shops to shop trendy yet inexpensive jewelry. This is a small but fun experience for your kids as well. It costs you 900 to 1000 rupees per person. Also, feel free to take an instructor with you.

3. Zorbing

Rolling down the hill doesn’t sound like fun. But it can be when you are wrapped in a transparent ball that rolls 360 degrees. This is zorbing. You get to sit inside a large transparent ball, which is then rolled down from a certain height through the beautiful hills and meadows. It is a thrilling experience that makes your heartbeats race. At 350 rupees or so, you have no reason to miss it.

4. Skiing

Solang attracts a deluge of tourists in winter due to its snowy hillsides. Many come here just to ski their heart out. This is another thrilling experience you must indulge in at least once. The fluffy snow guides your skis effortlessly, and you slide down smoothly on the white sheets. There are various landscapes, both low and high for you to choose from. For a cost of 300 rupees or so, this is not something you want to miss.

5. Ropeway

If you are not up from paragliding, but a top view of the valley is your weakness, go for the ropeway. It is not an activity but a lifetime experience where you sit in a cabin and travel the way on a rope, looking down at the valley and its scenic views. It feels like flying at a slow speed while memorizing every piece of land of the mesmerizing Solang valley.

Apart from these, you can also indulge in snowmobiling, camping, trekking, rafting, or other sports which are equally incredible.

Which Places To Visit In Solang Valley?

Which Places To Visit In Solang ValleySolang valley has its share of eye-savoring places that nourish your soul and calm your heart and mind. Read on to know your options.

1. Rohtang Pass

This place looks like the way to heaven. With nothing between snow-covered mountains and blue sky, this is the favorite place for trekkers. This gateway links Kullu to Lahaul and Spiti. It is also a sought-after camping site. The starry sky in the night is worth sacrificing the soft bed for a camp here.

2. Great Himalayan National Park

If Solang Valley Manali has only enhanced your thirst for beauty, visit Great Himalayan National Park. Nature resides here in all its glory with animals and birds enhancing its appeal. Trekkers, climbers, and campers love coming here to spend some more time in the lap of nature without packing their bags. You too can follow suit.

3. Vashisht Temple

This temple is situated near River Beas, known for its hot water springs. The sulfurous hot water springs are believed to have healing properties. The great sage Vashishtha had his ashram here. The springs are believed to have been created by Lord Laxman, the younger brother of Lord Ram to make life easier for his mentor, Vashishtha.

4. Kothi

Want to get rid of the hustle of your everyday life? Live in Kothi village for a few days. The place is surrounded by natural beauty and a sense of calmness to refresh you. You are transported back into time with small houses, tranquil settings, and chirping of birds and the music of nature. It’s one of the leading Solang Valley Manali tourist places.

Best Places To Eat In Solang Valley

Best Places To Eat In Solang ValleyAfter all that sightseeing and excursions, it’s time to replenish. Breathe easy, Solang Nala has plenty of eateries and palatable food apart from tea and Maggie, which is available at almost every stall from Manali to Solang valley and beyond.

1. The Lazy Dog

The smell of butter and garlic, smiling staff, beautiful lighting, live performing artists, scenic views, and an open restaurant reminds you of a movie, right? But this is not a movie. This is The Lazy Dog Restaurant in Solang, ready to deliver an astounding experience.

2. Solang Holiday Restaurant

It’s perhaps the most recommended restaurant in Solang Nullah. It is famous for its delicacies, friendly staff, beautiful décor, and an overpowering cozy feel. Visit it once, and you will return for more.

3. Pizza Olive

Missing your fast food already? Pizza Olive has what you need. Its crusty pizzas and authentic Italian pasta are worth trying. The décor is beautiful, warm, and cozy. They have outside seating to help you soak in the sparkling white mountains.

4. Drifter’s Café

Before setting off for your adventurous day, charge your body with aromatic coffee and a nice breakfast at Drifter’s Café. Some slow music and laid-back ambiance will help you sit down and plan your day’s most thrilling experiences.

5. Johnson’s Café

Want an authentic Himachali taste? Visit Johnson’s Café. Try out any of the 10 recipes for Trout, you’ll be left clamoring for more. Special Himachal red sauce, margaritas, garden terrace, and live music, what else could you wish for?

Other honorable mentions include La Plage, Rose Garden, Manali Sweets, Il Forno, Bob Dylan’s Café, Toasted and Roasted, and Chopsticks.

Pro Tips For Your Next Visit

If you are visiting the Solang Valley for the first time, just keep in mind a few things for a smooth and pleasurable experience that etches into your memory for years to come.

  • If you are going there in winter, pack some warm clothes, boots, and socks. Warm clothes are available in the Solang valley Manali for rent as well.
  • Do check the weather beforehand. Visiting Solang during the rains is futile as you will be trapped inside your room. Prefer summers or winters.
  • Pack all your essentials like medicines, toiletries, torches, etc.
  • If it is the peak season, check hotel availability and book in advance.
  • Take a camera with you with extra batteries as well.
  • Get the permit for Rohtang Pass before you plan your journey.

Wrapping Up

Holidays make life beautiful, add to your experiences, and help create quixotic memories. It nourishes your soul, lets you see a wider picture and, of course, breaks the monotony of daily life. Solang Valley could be your next dream destination with its unnerving beauty, exhilarating excursions, and delectable food. So, pack your bags, make your bookings, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

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