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Spiti valley

Spiti Valley -a cloud desert mountain valley- must place visit for those who have a deep attraction towards nature. Here you can hear nature’s voice and you can have some peaceful time. In this article, we will brief from basic to required information for this beautiful place.

Spiti valley– A mountain valley-spiritual, adventurous and beautiful place.


It is located in the Northeastern part of Himachal Pradesh. It is also called the middle land because of its location as it is located between Tibet and India. To reach Spiti valley you can do either a road trip or board a train or bus from a nearby station. To board the train first reach Delhi or Chandigarh then go to Kalka and then again board the Kalka- Shimla toy train and then book a taxi from Shimla. You can also book a taxi from Manali but the main thing is your arrival at Spiti valley.

The holy land

The holy landSpiti valley is also a holy land for Buddhists because of its location. As anyone walks on the road he will see prayer flags fluttering in the air and echoes of ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ which means behold the jewel in the lotus. You can also see the piles of Mani stones or whitewashed chortens in a large number. For a very long time, Spiti had seen the culture of monasteries and attacked many neighboring states like Kullu and Ladakh to control this area.

Fascination among pilgrims

Fascination among pilgrimsAny time you go, you’ll witness beautiful Buddhist monasteries, prayer flags fluttering in the air and a large number of monks praying with their prayer wheels. You can also have an engrossing glimpse of Dhadkan and Chandratal lake here. You will experience well-built and adventure passes like Kunzum and Barchala Pass that will give you a feel of the place. The tourist who wants to be attracted by the beauty of nature can visit nature trails over here to encounter rare avian species and the jaw-dropping beauty of nature. If not only these things satisfy you and want to have an adventure then take part in adventurous activities like hiking, rappelling, and camping. Move out of your boring life and enjoy yourself in the arms of mother nature.

Tourism attraction near Spiti valley

Tourism attraction nearby Spiti valleyWhen you come to Spiti valley then there are a lot of activities that you can do. Giu is a small village that is located between the towns of Sumdo and Tabo. It also has a shrine with a dead body that is over 500 years old and visiting this mummy is a fun experience to do in Spiti. Shopping at the Kaza’s Main Market is worth it for someone who comes here as you can buy traditional things or dresses. Experience the never-done things in your life here like Yak Safari and also walk to the World’s Highest Post Office. Visit the nako village nearby it as that has

Natural scenes around Spiti valley

Natural scenes around Spiti valleyHere is also found the Pin Valley National Park whose beauty of Flora & Fauna is admired by the whole world. To visit the monasteries are worth watching here like Tabo monastery and many more. Spiti valley has quiet mountains, vast open meadows, and a pretty lake by the edge and also Surrounded by mountains, the village is like a maze with lanes and by-lanes.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Spiti valley is like a bouquet of surprises for the foodie tourists as consider lunching in a monastery or indulging in local delicacies at a local cafe it has a lot of variety that tourists will surely love to eat. Dishes like Spitian bread, dal, rice, and vegetable, a staple cuisine served across the valley will never let you forget the taste. Here is the list of some best places to visit like the Key Monastery, The Himalayan Cafe, and Sol Café but always prefer a monastery for lunch.

Places to stay

Places to stay Whenever someone visits any place then you need to not worry about staying because there are many beautiful and safe places to take a rest and. After you do all activities in the Spiti region, you will find yourself tired and that is not the right time to look for a place. Advanced bookings work well in this case, so you have to find your stay locations now before starting the journey so that space in hotels can be reserved at offers and discounts.


Spiti valley is a worthy place to watch and has beautiful scenery that you can post to your Facebook or Instagram but don’t forget to take blankets and warm clothes as the area is extremely cold. Buddhist monasteries are the main places to stay, visit, and having lunch here. People here are very warm, welcoming, and also of helpful nature. It is a set of many adventure sports, cultural activities along with the beauty of mother nature spread all around it.

Welcome to Spiti valley

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