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The Ridge

The Ridge Road is a wide-open space in the heart of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India’s capital city. Shimla’s cultural rituals are centered on the Ridge. It is located on Shimla’s Mall Road, which is a well-known shopping district. Sanjauli Snowdown (IGMC), Mall Road, Jakhu Temple, Oakover, Kali Bari, Annadale, and other big Shimla attractions are connected through the Ridge. It runs parallel to the Mall Road from east to west, joining it at Scandal Point on the west side. The Ridge lane, on the east side, leads to Lakkar Bazaar, a wooden crafts market. It is the hill station’s most prominent landmark and most clearly recognizable face.

The Ridge- A most prominent landmark

More about the ridge

Christ Church, a neo-Gothic structure built in 1844, and a Tudorbethan-influenced library building built in 1910 are notable landmarks in the Ridge district. On the ridge, there are sculptures of Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Dr. Y.S. Parmar, Himachal Pradesh’s first chief minister, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was recently installed.

The Ridge is known For

The Ridge is known ForShimla’s Ridge is renowned for hosting a number of government functions and fairs. It serves as the focal point for all big activities and festivals that take place in Shimla. The Summer Festival, which is the most well-known festival, takes place at the Ridge. Shimla’s Ridge serves as the focal point for many of the city’s cultural events.

Significance of Ridge

Significance of RidgeShimla’s Ridge is a must-see attraction. Apart from being the city’s creative hub, it also holds the city’s lifeline: a water reservoir with a storage capacity of 1000000 gallons. The Summer Festival is the most well-known event held here. This festival takes place in April or May, and the entire area is transformed into a riot of color and activity. It’s a five-day extravaganza that’s been going on annually since the 1960s.

Best Time to Visit Ridge

Best Time to Visit RidgeThe Ridge attracts visitors during the year. The best months to visit are April through August and December through January. The summer festival is also a nice time to visit the venue. Every year, the municipal government hosts a summer festival. During this time, the Ridge becomes the center of Shimla’s cultural activities.

How to Reach Ridge, Shimla?

How to Reach Ridge, Shimla?The Ridge Shimla route is well-connected to all parts of the city and provides a variety of choices for getting to your desired location. If you live next to this attraction, you can stroll there, or if you’re staying far away, you can easily hire a private car or a taxi. On this lane, though, vehicle access is prohibited, so you’ll have to park at a lower level and use the lift to get there. The closest bus stop is 2.1 kilometers away. The closest train station is 1.6 kilometers away.

Things You Should not Miss do to at Ridge, Shimla

As soon as you arrive at this tourist attraction, you’ll find yourself occupied with a variety of activities throughout the day and relaxing in the evening. As a result, we’ve put together a list of places where you can begin.

Seek Blessings from Kali Bari Temple

Seek Blessings from Kali Bari TempleKali Bari Temple is a wonderful place to visit for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is one of Shamla Mata’s oldest temples, having been founded in 1845.

Visit Christ Church

Visit Christ ChurchChrist Church, also known as Shimla’s beauty, is a well-known landmark in the hill town. This neo-gothic architecture, located on the Ridge, draws a large number of history buffs and archaeological tourists each year.

Stroll around Lakkar Bazaar

Stroll around Lakkar BazaarIf you’re searching for decorative or wooden household objects, wander the streets of Lakkar Bazaar.

Shopping is an essential part of every journey, and you simply cannot avoid it in Shimla. The Ridge is a shopaholic’s dream, with shawls, hats, mufflers, heavy socks, gloves, and branded clothing to choose from.

Best Resorts Near -The Ridge

Best Resorts Near -The Ridge

  1. Clarkes Hotel- 0.6km from the Ridge
  2. Summit Le Royale Hotel, Shimla- 0.3 km from the Ridge
  3. Hotel Combermere- 0.4km from the Ridge
  4. The Legacy, Shimla- 0.0 km from the Ridge
  5. Kalawati Homes Vacation Rentals- 0.6 km from the Ridge


FoodMeethe chawal (red rice), khoru (yogurt flavored with coriander and cumin), patore (steamed rye leaves roulade with besan and fried), chaa gosht (lamb cooked in yoghurt gravy), and murgh anardana are some of Ridge’s most famous dishes (chicken cooked in pomegranate paste).


A quick ride to Ridge would be a great getaway for all those who want to escape from daily life for a while, with too much to do under one roof. You would quickly fall in love with this location and want to return time and time again.

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