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Top 10 Computer Science Project Ideas for Class 12th

Computer Science, as both a professional and academic field, is fast evolving as technology and keeps growing at an unprecedented pace. Here is a list of 10 Computer Science Projects that you could make to add to your resume.

1. Billing systems like invoice home

YouTube Downloader with MP3 PlayerThis is not a standard billing system, it is an online bill generator where you define the objects, price, and tax application. The system generates a complete bill with your logo, address, and other details, allowing you to email this bill to a recipient, print it, or save it for future use.

2. Railway PNR/Train Status/Enquiry System ( Fetch real-time data from

YouTube Downloader with MP3 PlayerFetch data from an API and generate a complete railways PNR/Train status/Enquiry system. Remember, we are not storing any data in our system but fetching all this information in real time.

3. URL shorteners like a bit

URL shorteners like a bitInsert a long URL in their input, which should generate a tiny URL for you. If you doubt how to do this, visit and try to imitate its feature.

4. YouTube Downloader with MP3 Player

URL shorteners like a bitDesign a desktop application/web application to download any YouTube or a similar website video. The project must have some features to convert the same in any format, and your project must have the facility to play the same.

5. Bulk Emailer ( group-wise )

Bulk Emailer ( group-wise )Pick a database of your recipient, either stored in any database table or an excel sheet per your requirement, and send one email at a time.

6. Question Paper Generator

Question Paper GeneratorCreate a small Desktop/web application so teachers can generate a random question paper for their students. The Project should have an admin area as well as a front end. Admin area must be able to set up or feed the data/questions.

7. Text-Based Adventure Game

Text-Based Adventure GameThis is a basic version of the Adventure game. It is entirely text-based. In this version of the game, users can move about through different rooms within a single setting, and based on the user input, it will provide descriptions for each room.

8. Website Blocker

Website BlockerWhen we surf the internet, many unwanted websites keep showing up. This is one of the valuable python projects where you can build a program that blocks certain websites from opening. This program benefits students who want to study without any social media distractions.

9. Random Password Generator

Random Password GeneratorCreating a strong password and remembering it is a tedious task. You can build a program that intakes some words from the user and then generates a random password using those words. The user can remember the password with the help of the words he gave as input.

10. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism CheckerContent writing is one of the most prolific online businesses. The market lacks a free tool that can be used to check for plagiarism in documents. You can use a natural language processing library and the Google search API to create a program that searches the first few pages of Google and checks for plagiarism.

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Anushree Trivedi
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