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Top 10 Places to visit in Pauri Garhwal

If you are looking for weekend soothes, relaxations away from the hustle and bustle of cities near Delhi, the Pauri Garhwal gotta cover you! The serene place covers every direction you want to explore; no worries, we will take you to the untold beauty of Pauri, where you can find time with your family and friends.

Top 10 Places to visit in Pauri Garhwal

1. Kandoliya Temple

Kandoliya TempleThe Kandoliya Temple of Pauri stands among the strongest old temples around the place. The temple is a magnificent example of serene locations and passes calm Vibes. The location is easily reachable by any public or private means of transport, followed by few stair climbings to evidence the greatest natural flex. The temple being devoted to Lord Shiva -Shambhu is always bestowed with bells and Sndl Wood by devotees. The place is cuffed within the dense Oaks and Pines on top of Kandoliya Hills.

2. Ransi Stadium

Ransi StadiumAre you a sports enthusiast and love traveling? Because we have this place called Ransi Stadium, it is fully covered by woods and offers a splendid view of the Himalayan Range, and it is the second-highest stadium in Asia. If you want to take a morning walk, the place also serves you a well-maintained route along with soothing cool breeze passing early morning, which are worth the morning hustle.

3. Satpuli

SatpuliThe place shelters three sisters named Satpuli Koti, Satpuli Malli, and Satpuli Sain, and we all know that these have got popular eventually. Being a hill station, the place supports mental peace and various meditative programs. The place is situated on the bank of the Nayyar river; the place is cool and still among one of the unknown and unexplored places by mass. And to mention, it is accepted by the locals that it is among the shelter places of sages since years back.

4. Nag Dev Temple

Nag Dev TempleAre you a photoholic? Or do you love visiting mythological places? Nag Dev temple is among those bell houses offered by devotees for years as Thanksgiving for their wish fulfillment. The temple is dedicated to God Nag. If you want to reach the temple via road, witness the woods, and bush around, you can head from Rhododendron Mad Pine forest, taking around a kilometer of the trek. And trust us, the trek and all hustle are worth the view. If you want to grab some to eat, there are plenty of restaurants and stalls lining up the street on the way and also dozens of visiting spots around the temple. There are also ethnic traditional wears and offering stalls and shops nearby, and you don’t need to worry about anything.

5. Chaukhamba Point

Chaukhamba PointAs shown in the movies, the Coloured sunkissed hills with purple yellow and another variant sky are all fun, right! And guess what? Chaukhamba Point is definitely the spot you have always imagined visiting at least once. The location is around half an hour’s walk away from Pauri, hidden in dense pine and oaks. The place is a portrait viewpoint and paves sights for giants like Trishula, Nanda Devi, Gangothri, Bandarpoonch, and Nilkantha. And if you are planning to avoid the summers of Pauri, then the best time to visit the place during winters to witness the warmth of sunrise and soothing sunsets from the topmost point, which makes it even more beautiful with snow-covered hills. Well, not only beauty, the place doesn’t lack in cuisines, relaxation zones, malls, shops, medical facilities, that’s what we need right!

6. Tara Kund Lake

Tara Kund LakeDo you want to escape from the city hustle? Crowd? Are you searching for some time? Tara Kund Lake is the kind of place which vibes with the calmness of mind and rejuvenates the tourists. It is located at around 2200m of height, proposing a serene view around. The place is adorned by many visitors and is known for the ancient temple and Lake on the other side. The locals cherish the Teej festival with their cousins in this temple and visit the temple to pay their home-age and worship God. And if you aren’t visiting the nearby handicrafts shops, then your visit to the place could be incomplete.

7. Khirsu

KhirsuKhirsu, the major tourist attraction of Pauri, is a hill station located 1760 meters from sea level. You can easily reach the place via Dehradun Suburbs. The peak offers panoramic views of Nanda Devi peaks, Trishula, Nandakot and Chaukhamba, and Panchuli Peaks, and that’s a real zeal for thrill-loving tourists, right! Khisru, the hidden gem of Indian Pauri, supports a pristine environment ranging from Flora and fauna of vivid species to Himalayan peaks. And not to forget the Local dishes are none less than mouth-watering delicacies across the world. Do try once you visit the place!

8. Bhuvaneshwari Temple

Bhuvaneshwari TempleThe temple of Bhuvaneshwari is a captivating, high-energy flow zone located in the laps of Bramhakut hills. Where there is a giant sculptor of Bhuvaneshwari Devi, which is also local and preached deity cross country, and if you love listening to preachings and meditating, then you would be happy to know that the temple Pujaris offers Garhwal Folk Tales, Fables, Community Narratives, Traditional stories, and much more every night to propagate more about the deity and culture residing there. You can also freely visit the other surrounding places near the temple, and stuff yourself with Bhandaras and Prasadams offered by the temple keepers.

9. Danda Nagaraja Temple

Danda Nagaraja TempleYou might have read about Lord Krishna and his greatness everywhere, but have you ever visited Danda Nagaraja Temple? It is among the most visited holy places devoted to Lord Krishna. People come every year and offer bells, dhaga, and much more during Janmashtami, and it is the main worshipped temple among the locals. You can also evidence the Rath Yatras executed across the locals, and the dramas and act depictions carried after Pujas are done every night of the Mahotsav celebrated there. The tourists here can also suit themselves with the accommodation provided in nearby zones and the sightseeing of spectacular views of Ganga River from the Hilltops of Danda Nagaraja Temple.

10. Jwalpa Temple

Jwalpa TempleThe Temple Jwalpa I’d devoted to the Durga incarnation of Devi Parvati and is located at a radius of 20 Kms from the Suburbs. The visitors here can suit themselves with the cool breeze of Navalika River and the serene beauty of the place around. The temple is known for its Shakti Peeth Temple, which according to Skanda Purana, has a great significance which you can listen to from the mouth of any local there. You can even witness the night poetries, dances, dramas, and bhajans conducted by the temple-keepers.

The local also proposes the emerging beauty of rivers, floral patterns, Art and artifacts, and many more among the localities. Kheer, Phaanu, and Kumaoni Raita are some dishes favorite to locals and cross-boundary tourists of the place, do give them a try.


You are welcome! Aren’t these the amazing and diverse places covering the Pauri, starting from the ground level to the highest peaks of the place? And the superb cuisines and local wears are the most attractive entities you might agree with! And there are numerous shopping malls, and Bhang ki Chutney, Garhwal ka Fannah, Kandalee ka Saag are some mouthwatering delicacies you can enjoy to make your trip awesome.

Rest Happy Me Time!

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