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Nawalgarh- History, Attractions, Timming & How to Reach

Have you ever been to a heritage city? If the answer is no, head straight to Nawalgarh. The city is draped in history, dotted by stunning Havelis that take you back in time. You’ll find it in the Jhunjhunu district, somewhere between Jhunjhunu city and Sikar. Besides Havelis, the city also houses several well-crafted temples that attract devotees from far and wide. Even the film industry could not stay immune to the charm of Nawalgarh. It was the site for some popular movies, including, but not limited to, Paheli, Pinjar, and Ae Dil e Mushkil.

That must have spurred your curiosity. In that case, keep reading for further details.

Nawalgarh: An Overview

The then king of Nawalgarh and Mandawa, Thakur Nawal Singh, birthed Nawalgarh in the 18th century. Over the years, the town in Rajasthan’s Shekhawati region has emerged as a tourist destination. Nawalgarh has earned the moniker, “The Land of Havelis,” for the intricately designed Havelis dotting the entire town. They showcase the traditional Rajasthani architecture in all its splendor. For the uninitiated, Haveli means mansion.

The most notable of all Havelis, the Haveli of Nawalgarh was built in 1836, featuring craftily highlighted frescoes. Other notable Havelis include Anandi Lal Poddar Haveli, Jodhraj Patodia Haveli, Chokhani Haveli, Roop Niwas Palace, and more. Similarly, the Bala Kila Fort is another attraction that displays the local cultural heritage and tales through paintings on its walls. However, the Nawalgarh Fort is the most valuable among all the structures here. Currently, it houses a few government offices and two banks.

Which Months Are Best to Visit Nawalgarh?

You can visit this place any time at your convenience. However, the ideal time to be here is between November to April. The Nawalghar weather is always extreme with temperatures touching 42 degrees Celsius. As such, a visit during the summer season may expose you to scorching heat, causing discomfort.

However, during winters, you can explore the town to its fullest with the temperature at a bearable level of 26 degrees Celsius during the daytime. In contrast, the place is cool during the nights with the temperature plummeting to 9 degrees Celsius. Plus, you can also enjoy the popular festival of Nawalgarh in February.

Best Places to Stay (Hotels and their Features)

Nawalgarh is a beautiful town attracting an influx of tourists. As a tourist place, it has a fair share of hotels for all budgets and requirements. Read on to know your best options.

1. Hotel Radhika Haveli, Mandawa

Hotel Radhika HaveliHotel Radhika Haveli offers top-notch accommodations for a memorable stay at Mandawa. Besides spacious and well-appointed rooms, the hotel offers free WI-FI, a barbeque, along with a restaurant offering delectable, multiple cuisines to tickle your taste buds.

This hotel also offers parking space, a terrace, and a playground for kids. Every room has an attached balcony and bathroom, along with a coffee machine, a kettle, and a flat TV. Feel free to indulge yourself in various activities in the open areas, like cycling and horse riding. Additionally, they offer cars and bikes to hire for local sightseeing and commutation.

  • Location: Hotel Radhika haveli Mandawa, Mandawa, Rajasthan 333704
  • Phone: 096602 57312

2. Hotel Chobdar Haveli

Hotel Chobdar HaveliAs one of the best Nawalgarh hotels, Hotel Chobdar Haveli caters to your accommodation requirements head-on. It offers a beautiful garden to wander in leisure. Air-conditioned rooms with free, hi-speed WI-FI and a restaurant to dine in make this hotel desirable.

Expect to receive 24 hours front desk service as well as thrilling evening entertainment. They offer continental breakfast to the guests, and all rooms are well furnished. Attached bathrooms with sufficient toiletries and an open terrace are a few other salient features.

  • Location: Hotel Chobdar Haveli, Ward No. – 6, Mandawa, Rajasthan 333704
  • Phone: 093144 32690

3. Vivaana Culture Hotel

Vivaana Culture HotelVivaana is a restored Shekhawati haveli with a history dating back to the 19th century. The walls of this mansion are covered with paintings and artifacts. You can get air-conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms featuring toiletries and showers for a comfortable stay.

Terraces, courtyards, and the lawns of this hotel offer an eye-catching view of the open art gallery. Several activities, such as camel safaris, kite flying, and puppet shows are readily available to keep you entertained. A swimming pool and spa are also there to help you unwind. The in-house restaurant offers Indian, European, and Chinese cuisines.

  • Location: Churi Ajitgarh, Mukundh Garh, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan 333701
  • Phone: 098112 76231

4. Hotel Shekhawati

Hotel ShekhawatiHotel Shekhawati, Mandawa offers delightful accommodations with air-conditioned rooms featuring a TV, seating area and private bathrooms. Free WIFI and 24 hours desk services are there to elevate your experience. Plus, the traditional Rajasthani architecture of this hotel would leave you awe-struck while transporting you to the era gone by.

Hotel Shekhawati can also be relied on for a massage center, bar, terrace, and baby-sitting services. Additionally, the hotel offers an in-house restaurant with pan-Indian fares.

  • Location: Ward No 7, Mandawa, Jhunjhunu – 333704, Near Mukundgarh Road
  • Phone: +91-9314698079

Best Tourists Attractions of Nawalgarh to Visit

As mentioned earlier, the Nawalgarh Fort is the prime tourist attraction in this quaint town. It was built in 1737, and currently, the government is using it for offices and banks. There are other Havelis situated in several locations around the Nawalgarh town.

1. The Poddar Haveli

The Poddar HaveliOne of the most admirable and astonishing tourist attractions of Nawalgarh is Anandilal Poddar Haveli. The current owner, Mr. Kantikumar R. Poddar has transformed this Haveli into a museum. You can explore the various sections of this museum, such as musical instruments, jewelry, kitchen utensils, gems, and more, making it a delight for history buffs.

Additionally, there are sections in the museum that showcase the traditions and cultures of the Rajputs. The museum features impressive living rooms with expansive windows and a front side covered with stunning frescoes. The top balcony of the museum is intricately designed with the help of large pillars and arches.

The walls of baithaks and the courtyard are covered with beautiful paintings. All the walls, corridors, and gates are uniquely painted with beautiful morals. The huge gate between the inner and outer courtyard of the Poddar Haveli is all covered with frescoes, and considered among the top 10 gates of India. If you admire history and art, the haveli is a must-visit.

2. Morarka Haveli

Morarka HaveliWith several restorations, this Haveli still stands as one of the best Havelis of Nawalgarh. The Morarka Haveli features an embellished wooden door and painted walls, jharokhas, and niches. Just book a ticket and take a tour of the Haveli to explore several elements of the traditional Shekhawati Haveli architecture. You will find the courtyards, known as chowks. As a side note, the number of these chowks determines the size of the Haveli. While smaller Havelis consist of one or two chowks, the number is way higher in bigger havelis.

There is also a baithak in the Haveli, where the rulers used to organize their business meetings. The other astonishing and eye-catching things you would come across include small kitchens and huge bedrooms, astounding paintings, colorful walls, and a Tulsi plant in the courtyard’s center.

The walls of the living area of the Morarka Haveli present the impression of Ahoi Mata. Vaishya Families worship the Ahoi Mata during the Navratri festival or on Ahoi Ashtami.

Moreover, there is an immense temple featuring traditional Rajputana architecture. And covered in pristine white paint. That is in contrast with the vibrant haveli walls.

3. Sheesh Mahal of Nawalgarh

Sheesh Mahal of NawalgarhSheesh Mahal translates into English as a “Place of Mirrors.” As the name says it all, this beautiful place incorporates a lot of mirrors alongside several maps of Nawalgarh as well as Jaipur. The ceiling mural in Sheesh Mahal is simply stunning. The architectural marvel reflects the massive skills of the Rajput artisan in carving complex frescoes.

4. Shri Kalyan Ji Mandir

Shri Kalyan Ji MandirShri Kalyan Ji was none other than Lord Vishnu himself. In the Hindu triads of gods, Vishnu bears and preserves Brahma’s creation till Shankar destroys it. In this temple, Vishnu is ensconced in the shape of Kalyan Ji. This temple has a White Marble idol with a four-arm structure. The attention to detail makes this idol so mesmerizing.

The word Kalyan refers to generosity and redemption from desolation. It’s a common belief that visitors are bestowed with the blessings of Lord Vishnu, freeing them of all kinds of miseries. The pandits of the Diggi Gujjar Gaur clan serve the temple with the help of a “Pandi.”

5. Roop Niwas Palace

Roop Niwas PalaceImmersed in regality, the Roop Niwas Palace transports you back to the era of the monarchy. This mesmerizing palace-turned hotel is remarkable in the Shekhawati region for its history and architecture. Like all Havelis in the region, it is too covered with frescoes. The Haveli consists of an exceptional layout with complex craftsmanship and attention to detail. The Roop Niwas offers a calming and relaxing environment. Besides the best hospitality, the palace offers easy access to temples, antique artifacts, and the local markets.

6. The Aath Haveli

The Aath HaveliThe Aath Haveli of Nawalgarh is present in the Nawalgarh Fort’s western side. Its name, “Aath”, depicts the Hindi number, ‘eight.’ This number denotes the numbering of the group of Havelis. As evident as it is, the complex consists of eight Havelis in total, each loaded with beautiful frescoes and murals. This Haveli once belonged to the wealthiest trader family of the Shekhawati region and is presently one of the best tourist spots in Rajasthan.

Local Food of Nawalgarh

The locals here prefer pure vegetarian food prepared while considering the environmental factors of the region, including water supply and temperature. When visiting Nawalgarh, don’t forget to savor Dal Bati Churma, Ghevar, Rabdi, and Moong Dal ka Halwa. Also, a visit to the town remains incomplete till you explore the exclusive Rajasthani Thali. The place has a wide variety of restaurants serving some palatable local delicacies. DS Bungalow is the best restaurant to grab your meals at Nawalgarh.


Nawalgarh Rajasthan is an astonishing place to visit and explore. It offers a perfect blend of traditional architecture, rich culture, natural splendor, and mouth-watering food. Also, the locals are friendly and welcoming while the tourist infrastructure is well maintained. Different people have different reasons to visit Nawalgarh, but it is a dream come true for history and architecture buffs.

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