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10 BEST Places to Visit in Gujarat [Tourist Places & Top Attractions]

When thoughts turn to Gujarat, India what conjures up in your mind? Perhaps, the vast expanses of Rann of Kutch and the world-famous Garba. Well, this beautiful, diversified state has a lot more than that. Think beaches, historical places, temples, hill resorts, posh urban areas, wildlife sanctuaries, festivals, rich culture, food, handlooms, fabrics and a lot more. Let’s take you through the Best Places to visit in Gujarat.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the leading tourist destinations attracting a deluge of tourists all year round. If you are planning to visit it, our list of the best places to visit in Gujarat will help.

1. Gir National Park

Gir National ParkKeen on experiencing something rare and exotic, and tell your friends about it? Then this place can serve your purpose. Gir National Park is the only natural habitat of Asiatic lions and many rare animals, such as hyenas, blackbucks and fish owls. It is the only National park in India that has a community living in total harmony with nature. No wonder, Gir easily makes it to the top of the list of the greatest Gujarat tourist places.

2. Lakshmi Vilas Palace

Lakshmi Vilas PalaceLakshmi Vilas Palace, a privately-owned residence of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaikwad built-in 1890 sprawls over 700 acres. That makes it outsize Buckingham Palace by four times. It is intricately designed with a blend of Hindu, Mughal and Gothic architecture. Think of it as the true reflection of the diversity and assimilative culture of India.

When visiting the palace, you have numerous options to explore. This includes the Navlakhi stepwell, a small zoo that was once the resting ground of crocodiles, Fateh Singh Museum, a miniature train line encircling mango arcades and more! It is a highly frequented Raj-era historic site in Gujarat by both locals as well as overseas tourists.

3. Rani ki Vav

Rani ki VavThis UNESCO World Heritage site is situated on the bank of the River Saraswati. The inverted temple structure was constructed by Rani Udaymati in memory of her husband King Bhima 1 of the Solanki dynasty. It’s one of a kind in the whole country, famous for its seventh story structure and intricately carved sculptures of gods and goddesses.

4. Bhuj

BhujIf you are a lover of local handicrafts and fabric, then the Bhuj market would be the best place to visit in Gujarat. Bhuj is famous for all types of handmade work like tie-dye, block printing and embroidery. Aside from shopping, you can also go for camel rides and camping at Mandvi Beach or take a walk to the top of Bhujia hills and experience the mesmerizing view of the town below. That’s what is Gujarat famous for.

Also, you can visit Hamirsar Lake for boating and Kutch Bustard Sanctuary for bird watching. Feel free to embark on an island tour to Pirotan Island, or pay a visit to the Shri Swaminarayan temple for a calm peaceful view of the white marble architecture. With so much on display, Bhuj is one of the leading Gujarat places to visit.

5. Surat

SuratThis Gujrat city must be on your wish list if you are an avid shopper. The land of textiles, Surat supplies silk and other fabrics all over the world. The jewellery market is famous for its fine cut diamonds (about 90% of the world’s diamond is cut here) and gold jewellery. It is one of the largest and most prosperous cities in Gujarat.

You can explore the unique street foods (that are unfortunately underrated) – a delight to the mouth and healthy for the gut. You have many more places to explore than just the urban market areas! You can go on a walk or ride a camel in Dandi Beach -a historical place where Mahatma Gandhi and his followers began their Dandi march!

6. Sidhpur

SidhpurA city giving vibes of history and mythology must be on a traveller’s bucket list. As one of the best places to visit in Gujarat, it is a well-planned grade city having straight neighbourhoods resembling the amazing architectural plan of the Dawood Bohras. Known as the “Kashi of the West”, Sidhpur rose to prominence during the Solanki Dynasty when King Siddhraj Jaisingh named it as his capital. Built in a European style architecture, the houses and the streets give out the London vibe, every time you cross through the streets of Sidhpur.

7. Zanzari Waterfall

Zanzari WaterfallZanzari waterfall is a series of rapids on the Vatrak river and its main waterfall falls from a height of 25 feet. The river reduces into narrow streams in summer but you can visit the waterfall during the monsoon when it is in full flow. The best part of it is the treks and camel rides that you can take from the parking place to the waterfall. You will surely return with some breathtaking photographs that would fetch you likes and reviews.

8. Rann of Kutch

Rann of KutchThe beautiful white desert of Kutch is the largest salt marsh in the world. The scenery of the desert is different at different periods of the day! And, it looks mesmerizing on a full moon night. The best time to visit Rann is between December to February when the three-month-long annual Rann Utsav is hosted by the government of Gujarat. During the visit, you can stay in tents and enjoy the activities like hot air ballooning, cultural dance, food, camel cart excursion, para monitoring, yoga, meditation, handicraft sales etc.

9. Somnath Temple

Somnath TempleThe modern-day Somnath temple, built between 1947 to 1951, is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Shiva. The shiva linga is said to have magical capabilities of producing gold and safely hiding the Shtamantak mani (the philosopher’s stone). This temple holds a special place in Hindu culture. According to history scholars, the site has been a pilgrimage site with a confluence of three rivers – Kapila, Hiran and the Saraswati. Apart from that, it is a great place for tourists to see the fine architecture and sculptures of Lord Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu on the walls of the temple.

10. Ahmedabad

AhmedabadFrom the ancient Adalat step-well, Ahmed Shah mosque, Dada Harir Vav, Jhulta Minar to urban areas like Kankaria lake, cotton textile market, malls, theatres, and museums, there is a lot to explore here. It’s the largest city in the state and the centre of Gujarat tourism. The best experience of the urban areas of Ahmedabad lies in its nightlife!


Travel is a lifetime experience where pleasure is the main motive. The heterogeneous state of Gujarat will mesmerize you and will stay as a happy episode in your memory for a lifetime. So why have a second thought? Just pack your bags and take a week or two to explore this lovely Paradise on earth! Well, for the places to visit in Gujarat, we have got you covered. The idea is to help you create need-based itineraries.

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