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10 Best Bedsheet Brand In India for 2022

Which is the best bedsheet brand in India? And, why do brands matter, if at all? Let’s discuss this.

After a long exhausting day, nothing can beat the comfort of the warm & fuzzy bed. Lying down on your bed on a dry, cotton, itch-free, and evenly spread bed sheet feels like heaven. On the other hand, a rough, shaggy bedsheet is enough to spoil the mood. Add to it the fact that we spend 1/3rd of our life sleeping, and a small investment in a good bed sheet can improve the quality of your life.

How do bedsheets impact the quality of life?

Bedsheets may alter the whole ambiance of your room, making it more livable and vibrant – in line with your taste. But do you know a bedsheet can impact the quality of sleep, which in turn directly impacts your life? Well, multiple factors determine the quality of sleep like mattress, health, diet, lifestyle, and more. A bedsheet isn’t the sole factor though, it’s an important one nonetheless.

Here’s your rundown on why and how bedsheets impact the quality of life.

  • Improves quality of sleep: The piece of cloth occupying the space between you and your mattress provides insulation, warmth, and comfort. And, that’s what you need for a sound night’s sleep. So, if you’re not sleeping well or waking up weary, it might be time to look into your linens.
  • Regulates Temperature: Have you heard of temperature balancing sheets? Their right weave structure is breathable enough to wick your sweat and, thus, regulate temperature during hot summers. The best bedsheet brand relies on cotton and linen to craft these bedsheets.
  • Ward-Off Allergies: Made of wool and microfiber, hypoallergic bedsheets can help avoid allergies. Their tight weave structure deters dust mites and other things that trigger allergic reactions.
  • Pampers the skin: Some bedsheets pamper your skin, thanks to their lightweight, breathable materials (notably silk, cotton, and linen), optimal weave structure, and high thread count.

Types of Bedsheets Offered by the Best Bedsheet Brand in India 

Bedsheets come in all shapes and sizes. So, there’s a bedsheet out there for all requirements, tastes, lifestyles, budgets, and sleep patterns and positions. Here’re the common classifications.

How do we handpick the best bedsheet brand in India?

Choosing the right bedsheet is challenging. From the best bed linen to cotton and more, you have a variety of material options to choose from. Add to it the vast range of bedsheet brands in India, you are spoilt for choices. Plus, not all bedsheets serve the purpose or justify the price tag.

Breathe easy, as Duniakagyan is here to help. Our experienced team of editors reviewed umpteen bedsheet brands in India to handpick the best bedsheet brands in India. They factored in everything that makes a trustworthy brand, from quality and prices to variety and more. Though the reviewing process took considerable time and labor, our hard work will help you choose wisely.

10 Best Bedsheet Brand In India

1. D’Decor


  • Since: 1999
  • Founder: Sanjay Arora
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
  • Current Market Value: INR 1500 Crores
  • Official Website: https://www.ddecor.com/

When it comes to the best bedsheet brand, D’Decor is a worthy contender. After all, it’s the market leader in the soft furnishing fabric segment, rolling out 120,000 square meters of superior fabrics, daily. Since 1999, D’Decor has been offering top-notch bedsheets to grace all decors across India and 65 countries, making it a ‘globally local’ brand. In fact, a significant part of its revenue comes from international markets, including the US, Europe, and Gulf countries.

D’Decor has built a strong reputation for quality, innovation, and prices, which is why we ranked it ahead of many top Indian bedsheet brands. You can vouch for D’Decor bedsheets for their striking look and feel, lasting performance, classy designs, and stunning variety. From floral to abstract and everything in between, you can easily find a bedsheet suiting your décor, in your budget at that.

The brand is also credited with unleashing innovative products, including fabrics that resist stains, spills, water and even fire. Over the years, D’Decor has grown into a full-fledged home furnishing company associated with rugs, curtains, blinds, cushions, masks, towels, and wallpapers.

  • Where To Buy: D’Decor sells through Ddecor.com, Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, Myntra.com, and other online vendors, alongside exclusive D’Decor stores & multi-brand outlets.

Why D’Decor is one of the best bedsheet brands?

  • A global brand with a presence in 65 countries
  • One of the widest selections of bedsheets across all price points
  • Blends sophisticated designs and great fabrics to deliver quality
  • Global market leader in the soft furnishing fabric segment
  • The tradition of unleashing innovative products
  • Endorsed by Shahrukh Khan and his wife, Gauri Khan
  • Collaborations with global brands like Marvel & Disney

Product Highlights

  • Price Range: INR 500 – 6499
  • Fabrics: Cotton, PolyCotton, Satin, and more
  • Sizes: Double Queen, Double king, Single, Queen & King

2. Bombay-Dyeing

Bombay Dyeing

  • Since: 23 August 1879
  • Revenue: 12000 Crores (2021)
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
  • Founder: Nowrosjee Wadia
  • Chairman: Nusli Wadia
  • Parent organization: Wadia Group
  • Subsidiaries: Bombay Realty,
  • Customer Service: 1800 267 2626
  • Official website: https://bombaydyeing.com/

Who else but Bombay Dyeing!

Bombay Dyeing isn’t just the best bedsheet brand but is also synonymous with bedsheets in India. For close to 150 years, Indians have used, loved, and aspired for Bombay Dyeing bedsheets and the romance doesn’t seem to die down any sooner. Bombay Dyeing has been around since 1879, making it one of India’s oldest brands with a huge, loyal clientele in the country’s every nook and cranny.

A vision of Nowrosjee Wadia, Bombay Dyeing had an unassuming start in 1879 as an Indian spun cotton yarn but went on to emerge as a trusted brand in years to come. Initially, its target audience was the affluent class but with time, the brand catered to all ends of the socio-economic spectrum. An epic quality focus and the ability to reinvent itself time and again keep the brand significant.

Bombay Dyeing has a reputation for crafting bedsheets featuring great finishes, stunning textures, trendy designs, and lasting quality. The Bombay Dyeing bedsheets feature the finest fabrics, tight weave structure, and high tread count, which makes them soft, hypoallergic, and skin-friendly. So, if you aspire for something that looks good, performs well, and lasts long, Bombay Dyeing is the brand to trust. With prices ranging from INR 350 to 5000, every budget is well covered.

Why Bombay Dyeing is one of the best bedsheet brands? 

  • The oldest and most reputable brand with revenues exceeding INR 120,000 Crores
  • Associated with top-quality bedsheets with trendy designs
  • Besides textiles, the brand has ventured into real estate and investments
  • A thriving nationwide network of distributors and dealers

Products Highlights:

  • Price Range: Rs.350-5000
  • Fabric: Cotton, MicroFiber, Polycotton & Polyester
  • Size: Double, Single, Double King & Double Queen

Where To Buy: You can buy a Bombay Dyeing bedsheet online at Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Myntra.com, Limeroad.com & Snapdeal.com.

3. Spaces


Spaces is an Indian bed sheet company known for its innovative and attractive patterns. This company is also noted for its color preservation technology and ease of washing. Not only that, but this best bedsheet brand in India has ever seen has antiviral and antibacterial properties, which are essential in today’s world given the pandemic and other epidemics affecting the country. Their bamboo charcoal antimicrobial bed sheets have rapid absorbency and anti-odor properties that set them apart from the competition.

This company is known for constantly pushing the boundaries of style and fashion. You can choose from a variety of exclusive looks that have been carefully curated to complement and even accentuate the aesthetics of your bedroom. They’re must-haves, with high thread counts, gorgeous designs, and relaxing colors. Space is a brand to invest in if you desire 100% cotton bed sheets.

  • Price Range: Rs.500 – 5999/-
  • Fabric: Cotton, Poly Cotton, Satin, Linen & Denim
  • Size: Double, Full, King, Queen, Single & Double King
  • Where To Buy: Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, Myntra.Com, Tatacliq.Com, Snapdeal.com & Paytm.com
  • Official website: Spaces

4. Jaipur Fabric


Bed sheets from JaipurFabric, as the names imply, represent the rich Rajasthani artistry and colors that will fill your heart with joy and enthusiasm! If you want to style your room in a bohemian style, this brand’s printed cotton bed sheets are a great pick. JaipurFabric helps you explore folk art with its soft, high-quality cotton fabric and culturally rich designs.

On their official website, you can get great bed sheets. You may now easily get your order delivered to your home with only a few clicks. Thousands of handmade block-printed bed linens, pillow coverings, blankets, and other items are available. Sleep better in king-size, queen-size, or single bed sheets since JaipurFabric has built a reputation for being more like family to its consumers than just a business.

When you choose bed sheets from JaipurFabric, you can be assured of their quality because they offer 100% secure payments and a simple return policy. In addition, you can also choose from a variety of designs like floral, abstract, stripes, geometrical, checks, and rectangles to customize the design.

  • Price Range: Rs.300 – 5000/-
  • Fabric: Cotton, Satin
  • Size:- Single, Double, Full, King & Queen
  • Websites To Buy: Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, Snapdeal.com & Jaipurfabric.com
  • Official website- JaipurFabric

5. Raymond


Raymond has been a pioneer in the textile industry since 1925, making it one of the market’s oldest bedsheet companies. Their bed linens are an excellent value for money because of their modest thread count and durable fabric. Raymond sheets are what you and your beds should be dressed in if sophistication is your goal. This brand is all about age-old elegance and class in the simplest ways, focusing more on English colors and accents for prints and designs. Prices are very inexpensive, making them accessible to everyone. The name of this bed sheet brand evokes images of high-quality fabric.

This well-known textile brand offers classic and contemporary bed linens of outstanding quality, making it a household favorite in India. With so many color options, you can simply pick the shade that best suits the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. You may get their bed sheets delivered to your doorstep in a few days through third-party distributors like AJIO, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Pepperfry, and other e-commerce websites.

  • Price Range: Rs.600 – 3999/-
  • Fabric: Cotton, Polycotton
  • Size: Double, Full & Single
  • Websites To Buy: Flipkart.com, Amazon. in Myntra.com, Snapdeal.com & Paytm.com
  • Official website- Raymond

6. Trident


Trident is a well-known brand that has made a mark for itself in the home linen sector. This brand has set an international footprint in everything from towels to bed sheets. When it came to gifting bed linen at significant festivals or housewarming celebrations, Trident Aroma was an instant hit with buyers. At Trident, you can choose from a wide range of fibers and weaves in vibrant color palettes to find the perfect combination of style and comfort. The numerous textile options of this famous bed sheet brand will leave you overwhelmed with choices, whether plain or jacquard.

The modern bed sheet with pleasing designs is ideal for keeping your bedroom attractive and gratifying your senses. You can find their gorgeous luxury, premium, home essentials, and gift selection on their website given below.

  • Price Range: Rs.349 – 2499/-
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Size: Double, Single, Double King, Queen, One Size & Double Queen
  • Websites To Buy: Myntra.com, Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, Limeroad.com, Snapdeal.com
  • Official website- mytrident.com

7. Divine Casa

Divine Casa

Divine Casa is a rapidly growing home furnishings company that has successfully battled with the market’s major players. Their cotton bed sheets are incredibly comfortable and luscious. While embracing the silky comfort of Divine Casa’s cotton bed sheets, let your sheets glow in gorgeous colors and appealing designs. This brand is ideal for daily bed sheet demands. Its products are desired because of their running designs and vibrant hues. Bed sheets and other household linens from Divine Casa are inexpensive and high quality, so you may buy them with confidence.

With its skin-friendly products, which appear easy on the eye and budget, this pure cotton bed sheet brand may help you indulge in comfort around the clock. Divine Casa can thus be entrusted to meet your home furnishing requirements, especially if you are on a tight budget.

  • Price Range: Rs.299 – 2100/-
  • Fabric: Cotton, Polycotton, Satin, Cotton Blend, Linen & Polyester
  • Size: Double, Single, king, Queen, Double King & Double XL
  • Websites To Buy: Myntra.com, Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, Limeroad.com, Paytm.com & Homeshop18.com
  • Official website- https://divinecasa.com/

8. Story@Home


Story@Home’s lovely cotton bed sheets offer a superb blend of color and designs to liven up your bedroom. It makes it possible to turn all of your home décor dreams into reality and has assured to meet all of your home’s requirements. Whether you’re trying to decorate your room or your children’s room, you’ll find a lovely choice of prints, colors, quality, brightness, and other elements required to make your beds appear pretty and presentable.

Your regular household linens will last a long time and provide you with some much-needed beauty sleep, with thread counts ranging from 180TC to 300TC. Story@Home products are available for purchase at reasonable prices on their website and other e-commerce sites. You can also choose from various ranges, including Pearl, Nirvana Gold, Candy Gold, Chevron, Fantasy, Flora, and many others.

  • Price Range: Rs.600 – 5000/-
  • Fabric: Cotton, Polycotton, Satin & Polyester
  • Size: Double, Double king, Single, Twin, Full, King, Queen & Double XL
  • Websites To Buy: Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, Myntra.com, Paytm.com
  • Official website- https://storyathome.com/

9. Swayam


Swayam is an Indian home furnishing and fabric brand specializing in Indian-style bed sheets with ethnic designs. The dynamic culture of India and its rich legacy are reflected in their tranquil collections. This low-cost bed sheet brand is already famous in Indian homes since it offers some of the most attractive ways to brighten up your sleeping area. Due to its lovely linen sheets, it has progressively earned much recognition. It has collaborated with businesses like Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons, Hypercity, and others to expand its reach. You may simply find your favorite bed sheets online or with the listed retailers.

Choose from the Magical Linea, Zinnia Bedding, Sonata, Dohars – Valley of Flower, Sparkle, Veda, Shades of Paradise, Caramel, Ananda, Celebration, and other collections. The Swayam Magic Linea Double Bedsheet comprises 100 thread count pure cotton fabric. The bed sheet’s two-tone vertical print has a contemporary feel, including two pillow coverings to complete the set.

  • Price Range: Rs.2000 – 3000/-
  • Fabric: Cotton, Polycotton, Satin & Polyester
  • Size: Double, Double king, Single, Twin, Full, King, Queen & Double XL
  • Websites To Buy: Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, Myntra.com
  • Official website- https://www.swayamindia.com/

10. Solimo

SolimoSolimo is Amazon’s brand that offers a diverse and colorful selection of distinctively printed bed sheets at affordable costs to meet your varied requirements. This elegantly designed bed linen set will bring a splash of color to your bedroom. The rich color and lovely pattern offer your room a new outlook on life. It invites a warm atmosphere to transform your bedroom into the place you desire. It will seamlessly blend in with the majority of your room furnishings. Add this lovely piece to your collection today and live in style all of the time! Solimo-produced sheets using azo-free, skin-friendly colors to account for environmental and health risks.

  • Price Range: Rs.459-899/-
  • Fabric: Cotton, Polycotton & Polyester
  • Size: Double, Double king, Single, Twin, Full, King, Queen & Double XL
  • Websites To Buy: Amazon.in, Myntra.com
  • Official website- Amazon.in

What Factors to look after while choosing a bed sheet?

1. First, check the fibre content.

Cotton is normally a good choice because it is both soft and reasonable.

Polycotton combines the advantages of cotton with polyester. It is more breathable than polyester and more resistant to tearing and wrinkles than cotton.

2. Dimensions.

Before you go outside and buy bedding, make sure you have the correct dimensions. It will be much more difficult to return the sheets to the retailer once you have ripped them from the box, so be careful what you buy.

3. Colour and design.

The color and style of your linens and bedding are important to your bedroom’s overall decor. Make sure you choose a style that you enjoy because modifying your look frequently might be costly.


So, that was our take on the best bedsheet brand in India. High-quality bed sheets can be coupled with premium pillows, a fantastic mattress, and comforters to create a unique and inviting setting that promotes decent sleep. Invest as much money as you can on the most excellent mattress, sheets, and bedding you can afford. Choose materials, textures, and colors that you find appealing and relaxing. Take into account the fabric of your sheets, pillowcases, and comforter.

Thanks to meticulous attention to detail, a luxurious bedding collection will be cherished for years to come. So, have a look at the recommendations to ensure a great night’s sleep for yourself and your loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which bedsheet quality is best?

Cotton is the most favored fabric for bedsheets since it is not only soft, comfy, and long-lasting, but it is also hypoallergenic and ecologically sustainable. Cotton is the most durable fabric on the market.

Is 100 percent cotton sheets good?

Due to the tenacity of the cotton fibers included in their product, 100 percent cotton bed sheets are also incredibly durable. Any trustworthy retailer of 100 percent cotton bedding will provide buyers with a long-term guarantee on their bed linens.

Which TC is good for bedsheets?

The best outcomes can usually be found by looking for sheets with an appropriate thread count. The optimal thread count range is 200-600 TC. Make sure to adjust your expectations based on the material utilized.

What kind of sheets do 5-star hotels use?

Percale weave is preferred by hotels over sateen because it reflects the cool, crisp feel of a premium hotel suite. A percale weave is also naturally longer-lasting because it is a tighter weave by nature.

Is 144 TC bedsheet good?

A greater thread count usually implies a higher cloth that is softer and has a smoother texture. Higher thread counts come at a higher price. Bed sheets with a thread count of 120-200 are regarded to be of good quality and long-lasting.

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