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10 Best Dermatologists in the World

What comes to mind when thoughts turn to your favorite celebrity? Perhaps, gorgeous skin and hourglass figures they flaunt. But if you think their money is the only reason they look so beautiful, it’s time to broaden your horizon. Though money is important, it isn’t the only thing. You require a healthy skincare routine and diet, and the best dermatologists to achieve flawless skin and ageless beauty.

When you step out of a spa parlor, you feel so confident and lively because you know you look glamorous. High-tech beauty products use various types of formulas created by dermatologists to help you keep your hair, nails, and skin healthy. Any best dermatologist worth his or her salt uses brains and skills to help you achieve your beauty goals, quickly and safely. The skin doctor knows how to create solutions for all skin types and hair textures.

Has this piqued your curiosity? If yes, then join us. We are going to talk about the 10 best dermatologists in the World. Some of them are even available on Instagram to share their skincare and healthcare tips with you. Check them out:

10 Best Dermatologists in the World

1. Dr. David Colbert

Dr. David ColbertDr. Colbert has what it takes to be the best skin doctor in the world. The New York Dermatology Clinic is his foundation. You can find his skincare range at which focuses on delivering a fresh, radiant look. The best dermatologist claims to help you accept your aging process rather than making you look younger. He has ways to make your skin glowing and fresh no matter how old you are.

The dermatologist uses advanced formulations in his products to release active nutrients into your skin, helping your skin stay wrinkle-free. Dr. Colbert has his special 30-minute facial treatment named “The Triad Facial”, featuring exfoliation, lasers, and a chemical peel. You can also try his Intensify Facial Discs available on his website. This disc is somewhat like the facial exfoliation process he uses in The Triad for instant skin illumination.

2. Dr. Harold Lancer

Dr. Harold LancerDr. Harold Lancer is an American dermatologist based in Los Angeles, California. He specializes in improving the texture of your skin. If you ask Dr. Harold Lancer what is the key to getting flawless skin, he will say that eat healthily and stay physically fit. He also suggests that reducing your sugar intake helps better your skin’s glow. Two huge celebrity fans of Dr. Harold Lancer are Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham. This proves how fascinating Harlod’s skincare products can be. If you want to try Harold’s Lancer Lift Serum Intense, just head over to and buy it for £230. This serum contains medical-grade peptides, gold, marine and grape stem cells, etc. that improve the firmness of your skin.

3. Dr. DorisDay

Dr. Doris DayDr. DorisDay is an Instagram dermatologist who shares her skincare and hair care tips with her fans and followers regularly. She has an MD in Dermatology based in New York. The skin doctor has created her Instagram account to share her experience, passion, and knowledge about skincare through photos, stories, and mini-blogs. Dr. Doris says that her Instagram quotes are unique and perfectly show how she takes care of her skin and health every day. If you want to get her informative and inspirational skincare tips, follow her on Instagram now.

4. Dr. Howard Murad

Dr. Howard Murad

Think of him as the best skin doctor in the world and the ‘Father of Internal Skincare’. He is credited with discovering The Science of Cellular Water™. The discovery identifies the aging process of your skin cells and any disease that causes water loss and makes your skin dehydrated. Dr. Howard uses well-identified skincare formulas to achieve anti-aging treatments without expensive and complicated surgeries. Just visit Dr. Murad’s website to know about his journey in medicine and more.

5. Dr. Tamsin Hayward

Dr. Tamsin HaywardDr. Tamsin Hayward is an experienced and highly qualified Cosmetic Doctor and General Practitioner. Tamsin excels in wrinkle-reducing injections and created “The Wrinkle Dr in Fulham Dermal” filler. So as you can see, she is interested in cosmetic procedures to help you change your appearance or certain body parts that you are not so fond of. Her cosmetic treatment is mostly pain-free and provides comfort as well as a local anesthetic cream prior to the procedures.

If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon and are also anxious about getting the right treatment, you can connect with Dr. Tamsin Hayward. Even though cosmetic injectables are made of advanced technologies, you can expect the most natural results imaginably. She even provides eyelash growth treatments that give you 100% natural, real, and thick eyelashes that would attract anyone!

6. Dr. Jonathan Christopher

Dr. Jonathan Christopher

Dr. Jonathan Christopher is a world-class dermatologist who provides both affordable and expensive cosmetic treatments. He is the best in the business when it comes to providing patients with natural looks and confidence in their appearance. You won’t hear about any Croydon facelift stuff from Jonathan’s treatments and Hollywood celebrities trust him for his skills. Nicky Hambleton Jones likes his anti-wrinkle treatments and vitamin injections. Dr. Jonathan is also experienced in facial rejuvenation and non-surgical procedures, such as fillers, micro-fillers, etc. These treatments reduce the pore size of the face and wrinkles.

7. Mariwalla Dermatology

Mariwalla Dermatology

In @MariwallDermatology’s Instagram account, you will find various skincare tips and tricks to look like a model every day. No matter whether you consult the best dermatologist or not, you need Mariwall’s skincare tips on how to safely walk in the sun, and everyday skincare routine, and how to manage acne, wrinkles, aging, and more. You will find product recommendations for various skin types and skin conditions on her Instagram page. A list of affordable products is also available. And, if you need help, just ask her for the same.

8. Papri Sarkar

Papri is a top-rated dermatologist who lives in New England and is the president of the New England Dermatologist Society. In her Instagram account, you will find various tips and tricks about her daily skincare routine. You can even ask her for your specific type of skin condition and she will be happy to help. She also likes to share tips regarding cosmetic procedures, such as facial rejuvenation, using face fillers, treating acne scars, and more. She also shares pictures of spending time with her family every now and then.

9. Dr. Patricia Wexler

Dr. Patricia WexlerThe New York Magazine has featured Dr. Patricia Wexler as one of the leading skin doctors many times. Patricia is the first dermatologist who used wrinkle-reducing treatments that did not look artificial at all. Patricia also specializes in tumescent liposuction and fat transplantation. Ellen Barkin, Donna Karan, and many other celebrities love working with her. Visit her website to know more about her services.

10. Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

Dr. Yannis AlexandridesDr. Yannis Alexandrides believes that cosmetic surgery should be the last option. He uses non-surgical procedures to boost the self-esteem of his worldwide clients. He even regularly communicates with space scientists who have helped him create 111SKIN, which is an advanced anti-aging treatment range. It consists of Yannis’s knowledge about anti-aging practices and saving your skin from pollution and environmental damage. If that’s a criterion, he is the best dermatologist in the world.


These are the 10 best Dermatologists in the World. Since your skin and hair health is important and should be taken seriously, you might as well only take tips from world-class experts. You might also like to know about @DrHeidiWaldorf and @DrDendy who shares daily skincare inspirations on their Instagram. And also Dr. Phillip Levy, Dr. Aamer Khan, Dr. Pauline Hill, etc. are celebrity dermatologists who inspire the world to be more comfortable and feel sexy in their own skin.

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